Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exclusive OWC Match

Jim: “Hi everyone, this is a special match exclusive to TFC. I am Jim Cornette. Vince Russo, who is usually alongside me on OWC, is not here right now, but I doubt you are sad about that. We are here in the TFC headquarters, with a ring set up, as we try to find out who is going to take the last spot for OWC in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. We will find out….right now!”

1. TVP vs. Rey vs. The True King of Kings vs. Brock Lesnar

Jim: “No Way???!!! It’s Brock Lesnar. He is back in TFC…..he’s RIGHT HERE ON OWC! Can he be going to Money in the Bank?”

All of the 4 participants come out to the ring. With all of them in it, the bell rings and the match begins.

Each star is in a corner as each looks around at their opponents one by one. After looking……TVP, Rey, and King move out of their corner and go directly to Brock. He is still in his corner and is wondering what is happening. JUST THEN……WOW…..all 3 attack Brock! They kick, stomp, punch, bite, headbut him…....so much that he falls to the mat, still leaning in the corner, but they all step back. TVP gets Brock up and sets a suplex up. He lifts him…..BUT OH….King catches his feet when he was about to come down. TVP and King hold Brock’s body in the air as Rey climbs the corner. He jumps….GOOD GOD….A FROG SPLASH right on Brock! True SMASHES him down for a powerbomb…..while TVP does a neckbreaker!


Brock holds his stomach and neck at the same time as he rolls to the edge of the ring. Rey gets to his feet….runs in the ropes….he comes back and….baseball slide…..OH….right in Brock…..pushing him to the floor outside. Rey gets to his feet…..BUT OH…..TVP comes and smashes on his back. He then sets it up……back suplex…..but before he can fall backwards…..Rey….WOW….twists around and….HURRICAANRONA on TVP…..making him go over the top rope…..DOWN TO THE FLOOR! He lands right on the back of Brock. Rey gets to his feet…..King runs to him….BAM….drop toe hold….and King lands head first into the second ropes. Rey signals and runs…..he comes back to the side…..goes for 219…..BUT TVP jumped up on the apron…..grabbed Rey’s legs as he was swinging through the ropes……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!......he literally THROWS Rey to the outside of the ring…..BOOM, BASH, SMASH, BAM……BACK FIRST…..he goes right into the barricade back first!

Jim: “With this being an exclusive match, we don’t have our normal barricades. We have those steel bar ones and Rey just went BACK FIRST into them. He was 5 or more feet away! He could be hurt right now!”

TVP gets King off the ropes, goes to the center of the ring and…….Remote Attack (Wheel barrel Driver)…..1-2-3! Winner: TVP

Jim: “OH, oh, oh…..TVP wins! TVP is going to Wrestlemania 2! What a match…..now the Money in the Bank Ladder match is filled up! Thanks everyone!”

Monday, March 22, 2010

AAA Arrested

TFC has just got word that....Sunday morning, the stars of Homicide, Hernadez, Konnan, Batista, and CBM have been arrested. No word on why they were. But they were released on bond. Again, TFC just got word of this so we don't know the details. To try to figure it out, check out War tonight.