Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TFC's Reunion Show

It has been almost a year.....almost a year since TFC had a show! Now, it's back for one more show......the show to celebrate the legacy of the history's TFC's Reunion Show!!!!

The show starts out with a video. The video has McMahon 101 talking about a vision he had. That vision is TFC. It then goes to the hiring of the GMs. One of the first ones to come to TFC is Skitzo! As McMahon 101 got TFC bigger and bigger, it exploded in 2009 when he announced a brand new and revolutionary show to TFC! That would be OWC! OWC became the biggest show in the company with the likes of CBM, King of the Dead, Bryant, and Skitzo. The next couple of months, the company would see its BIGGEST event ever.....Wrestlemania 1! it showcased the top talent and the top matches! It showed CBM becoming OWC Champion! As that event ended, TFC continued to grow. New stars came and old stars left. Historic and classic rivalries and feuds took place. 2010 came along and it was probably the most controversial year in TFC history! As the months went by, TFC started to fade away. While it was still strong......McMahon 101 cut the rope! He ended TFC on August 15th, 2010. It has almost been a year since that faithful day. TFC is back though.....for one more time! July 29th, 2011 will be the day that lives in infamy. TFC stars came back. Some of the biggest names in TFC history came back for one more show! Quite possibly the most emotional, intense, and biggest show in TFC's TFC's Reunion Show!

The video ends and the camera turns on to show the arena! It's filled with over 30,000 people in attendence. As the camera zooms out to show the entire arena, fireworks begin to explode from the entrance stage. They shoot up in the air and explode as smoke is left behind. Fireworks then go off above the ring and finally they shoot up from the ring posts!

Jim: "Everyone, welcome to the show everyone has been waiting for! It's been almost a year in the making. It's TFC's Reunion show! I am Jim Cornette and with me is Tazz!"

Taz: "Thank you Jim. That's right; War and OWC are joining up for this spectacular show! Jim being OWC commentator while I am representing War. Jim, we got so much to get to tonight! We have to get started with our first match!"

1. Alex Law vs. A-Rob (Champ) vs. Cody vs. Chris "The Curse" for the Intercontinental and Showdown Title in a Steel Cage Match

The first person to come to the ring is Alex Law. He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring through the cage door. Second, Cody comes on the stage and he makes his way to the ring. He gets in through the cage door. Thirdly, Chris "The Curse" makes his way to the ring. He walks through the cage door and now everyone waits for the champion! Lastly, A-Rob comes on stage and he gets the loudest ovation. The audience stands on their feet, clap, and cheer his name, "A-Rob, A-Rob, A-Rob"! He has the Showdown Title around his waist and the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder. He makes his way down the ramp as the fans continue to cheer.

Jim: "Here's the story! When Smackdown was cancelled, A-Rob was the last Showdown Champion. The title was vanished. He showed up on War and became Intercontinental Champion. When TFC died, he was the last to hold that title. McMahon 101 wants to recognize the past and since A-Rob had a title when Smackdown got cancelled and one title when TFC died, he is going to bring both of them back and is putting both of them on the line. Whoever wins this match will be getting both titles. With that being said, the person winning will be the only star to hold two titles when TFC ends!"

Tazz: "I can't wait Jim! This should be a great match!"

A-Rob grabs both titles and lays them on the ring floor. Just then, he goes up to the cage and stares at it. He puts his hands up and starts climbing it! There he goes! Up and up, he climbs to the top! The whole crowd is on their feet! Alex, Cody, and Chris come together and look up as they have no idea what Rob is doing. JUST THEN.......GOOD GOD.......Rob jumps.....15 feet high......ON ALL THREE MEN! They all fall as Rob lands on them! The bell rings and the whole place is roaring! Rob gets up and everyone is cheering for him.

Tazz: "Remember, the only way to win is by pinfall, submission, or escape the cage from either the top or the cage door!"

Rob walks over to the cage door and the referee opens it. It looks like an easy win for Rob! As he puts his one leg through the second rope, Cody gets on his hands and knees and jumps forward to grab on the leg that is still in the ring. Rob tries to lift that leg but he can't with Cody on it. Rob brings his other leg back in the ring and stomps right on the head of Cody and that makes him release the hold. The referee closes the door. Rob turns around and sees the door is closed but he wants to go out again. As the referee is opening it, Chris runs to Rob, grabs his head and SMASHES it right in in the cage to the right of the door! Rob bounces back, but Chris grabs his head again and SMASHES it in the cage one more time. Rob falls to his knees. Just then, Alex gets up and runs to Rob.......running full force......he lifts his knee and.....OH MY.....RAMS his knee right in the head of Rob....making Rob's head snap back.....which goes right into the cage! Rob slowly falls down until he is lying on his stomach on the mat. The crowd is astonished on how fast the tide has turned. Alex raises his arms from that destructive move, but no one seems too impressed with it. Chris grabs Alex from behind and hits a back suplex. As Chris gets up, Cody kicks Chris right in the gut and goes for a DDT.....but Chris spins out of it and whips Cody in the ropes. As Cody comes back, Chris lifts him up for a flapjack......BUT, BUT, BUT.....Chris walks backwards and flapjacks Cody FACE FIRST into the cage! Cody bounces back and falls right to his back. He is flopping like a fish from the impact. Chris grabs Alex as he is getting back on his feet and he whips him in the corner. Chris runs to him, BUT Alex lifts his feet and kicks Chris right in the face! Chris stumbles backwards to the center of the ring. Alex runs to him and......BOOM.....hits him with a thunderous closeline that turns Chris inside out! Alex sees an opening and he capitalizes! He starts climbing the side of the cage! As he reaches the top rope with his foot, Rob gets back up and goes to Alex. He grabs the foot of Alex. Alex tries to climb more but he can't because of Rob. He tries to kick off Rob....but that isn't working. Rob then smirks and pulls the leg out from under Alex! Alex falls and......GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY......he falls right on the ropes where the sun doesn't shine! He straddles the rope in pain. As he does, Rob jumps up and hits a dropkick right on Alex, which sends his whole body into the cage! He is even in more pain now! Rob gets up and he sees Cody running toward him. As Cody gets near Rob, Rob bends down, lifts Cody up and.....WOW.....Cody is back body dropped right onto Alex, which sends Alex even harder into the cage! Cody falls down on the mat right on his head and neck! He holds that area in pain!

Rob sees his work almost done. As he walks forward, Chris suddenly pops up, runs, and SPEARS Rob down! He then does multiple punches to Rob's face! Chris gets up and he is gaining momentum. He gets Rob up and whips him in the ropes. Chris goes for a big boot, but Rob ducks. Both turn around to each other and Rob hits Chris with a HUGE right hand. Chris stumbles. Rob hits Chris again and this time Chris falls down. Chris quickly gets back up though, but Rob hits him with another right. He gets up though and Rob goes to hit another punch, but Chris blocks, knees Rob in the gut, and then knees him right in the head as he was bending over. Rob bounces up. Chris grabs A-Rob and......brings him forward and......FACE first into the cage. Rob walks backward as he isn't down yet. Chris goes to Rob again.....BUT, BUT, BUT.....enziguri right to Chris! Chris falls right down. He then turns to lay on his back. Rob gets up and sees the perfect opportunity. He runs and jumps on the second rope, but......OUT OF NOWHERE Cody jumps to the second rope and pushes it down.......GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.....Rob goes feet first into the cage!!!! His legs bend which also makes him go knee first. He falls back on his back, neck, and head right on the mat!

Jim: "Well that just stopped the lionsault very easily."

Cody goes to the other side of the cage and starts to climb it. As he climbs, Alex finally gets up from the damage he took earlier. As for Alex, he is going right to the door. The door opens and Alex puts one leg through the ropes already. As he puts his other leg through, Chris gets up, jumps over, and pounds Alex right on the back. Alex stops his motion. Chris brings his leg back in and hits Alex's head right off the top turnbuckle. The referee closes the door. As Chris beats up Alex in the corner, NO ONE IS WATCHING CODY! Cody has his hands touching the top of the cage. As he anchors himself, he jumps up and......has his whole body on the top of the cage now!


As Cody sits on the top, Rob, suddenly, pops up and runs to that side of the cage, even though his knees are killing him. He climbs it with all his might. Cody is too busy looking around at the fans in the arena as he thinks he has this won. Suddenly, Rob is already reaching the top. He uses his upper body strength and lifts himself up. He is not on top of the cage. Cody can't believe it as he has a frightened look on his face. Rob, without hesitation, does a huge right hand to Cody. Cody becomes dazed. Rob does another right hand and Cody leans back, but then comes forward. Rob grabs his head and.....BOOM.....brings it forward and hits it right off the steel cage part that they are sitting on. He lifts his head up and then....POUNDS it into the steel again. Cody's body is becoming useless. Rob pushes him to the side as Cody easily leans that direction. His body is leaning into the ring.

Jim: "No, he can't push him off.....that's 15 feet in the air!!!!"

Cody is coming too, but not for long as Rob does a headbut......BAM.....sending Cody leaning even more. Rob adds a little push and.....OH NO, OH MY, GOOD GOD.....Cody leans all the way and FALLS.....FALLS DOWN.....15 the ring! He lands right on his back, but from the impact, he rolls to his stomach and then to his back. The crowd is going crazy. Alex and Chris stop fighting as they are even shocked. Rob gets to his feet on top of the cage. He looks around at the fans as they are cheering like crazy. Rob then turns his body around, having his body face the ring. Just then.....OHHHHHHH.......MOONSAULT.......FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE.....ROB LANDS RIGHT ON CODY!!!!!!! You can hear the smack, the bang, from the high flying move! As he lands right on Cody, the referee gets down and starts counting: 1-2-OH......Chris and Alex both run over, lift Rob off of Cody and......BAM.....throw him head first into the cage! They throw him through the middle rope. With the added force, Rob goes through the ropes as well and is between the ropes and cage. Alex and Chris stare at each other now. BUT NOT FOR LONG! They exchange rights and lefts....back and forth.....back and forth.....BUT......Chris does a knee to the gut of Alex and then whips him in the ropes. Alex comes back and ducks a closeline. Chris turns around.....but Alex lifts him up on his shoulders and hits.....The Law (Attitude Adjustment)! Alex pins Chris: 1-2-HOW IN THE WORLD......Cody broke the hold!

Tazz: "How is Cody moving from what he has been through?"

Alex gets up and he gets Cody to his feet. Just then, Alex lifts him up on his shoulders and goes for The Law.....but Cody slides behind him. Alex turns around and he sees Cody running into the ropes. Cody runs to Alex......BAM....he hits him square on with the Christo Spear!!!! Cody covers: 1-2-ROB BREAKS IT! Rob now gets Cody up, hooks his arm around Cody's upper chest and hits........WHAM.....C-5 (flip side slam). Rob pins Cody: 1-2-Alex breaks the hold. Alex grabs Rob and is about to throw him in the cage head first again, but Rob twists around, grabs Alex from behind and......OH MY......tosses him face first into the cage. Alex bounces back, but Rob grabs Alex's head and PUSHES it right against the cage and starts scraping his head against the steel! Back and forth! He lifts Alex's head off of the cage and you can see the damage as Alex has blood coming down from his forehead. He lets Alex go and he falls right down. Rob climbs the corner nearest to him. As he does, Chris is up and runs to the corner. He jumps and lands right on the top rope! WHAT A MOVE! Chris jabs Rob in the gut a few times and then does a huge fist to Rob's head. He turns himself around and grabs Rob's head. He is going for.......OH NO.....The Skull Crushing Finale......BUT....Rob brings his arm around to the front and hits Chris right in the gut. Chris turns himself around to face Rob again, but, BAD MOVE! Rob grab's Chris' head and.......just SMASHES it into the cage! Chris wobbles on top of the corner. Rob does it one more time! Chris falls down and lands right beside Alex. Rob quickly gains his composure and......Falling From The Future (Shooting Star Press). As he lands......the camera shows Cody already on top of the cage and on his way down!


Just then, Rob covers both men as Cody is climbing down!!! Cover: 1 (Cody takes one more step)- 2 (Cody takes another step down)- 3 (Cody jumps!) Cody lands right as the bell rings! The referee grabs both titles. As Cody thinks he won.....the referee passes him and goes to the cage door. The other unlocks it and the one referee goes in. He goes right up to Rob!

Jim: "If Cody didn't take that one more step, if he would have jumped right there, he would be the winner. That step cost him.....the match.....the titles!"

Rob grabs both titles, one in each hand, and raises them above his head! Cody can't believe it. He stands there astonished. Rob puts the titles on his shoulders as he goes to climb the side of the cage. He gets to the top and stands there. He raises the titles high as he will be the only person in TFC that will hold two titles when TFC ends!

Tazz: "What a match! Honestly, that was a great match! Loved the back and forth, high flying, high risk moves! We are going to see that all night long because we have more action for everyone!"

Jim: "That's right! As these men go to the back and the cage lifts, let's get ready for our next contest, but first, let's go backstage to OWC's own interviewer, Ultimate Warrior!"

Warrior: "Yes, it's Warrior with you for an ultimate interview with non-other than the War tag team champions, Mattattack and Zack Bowring! Now you two will be facing against JD and JYP later tonight in a TLC Match as those titles will be on the line. Now they aren't an experienced tag team, but they do have the extreme factor as JYP is compared to a high flying dare devil. If you forgot, on the very last OWC show, JYP jumped down from a ledge that was around 10 feet high. He is not afraid."

Mattattack: "Are we ever afraid? No. Are we an experienced tag team? Yes. Are they an experienced tag team? No. While they might not be afraid, neither are we. While they aren't experienced, we are. We are nost just as good as them, we are better as them. We will fight for these titles.....we will fight to keep these no matter what it takes....tables, ladders, chairs, ring steps, a mop, a broom, a television, a suitcase, a doesn't matter. We will eat them, punish them, and still have some time to eat our homemade pies. If they aren't down with that....we got two words for them.....WE WIN!" Matt and Zack laugh as they walk out of the camera shot. The camera changes to show the ring for the next match.

2. Jerichoholic vs. Bryant vs. The Champ (Champ) in a Triple Threat Match for the FTW Championship and the Briefcase with a Title Opportunity

The first challenger hits and its Jerichoholic. He comes down the ring as the fans cheer. He gets in the ring.

Bryant, the other challenger, makes his way on stage and then down the ramp as he is carrying his briefcase. The audience is split between cheers and boos. He stands by the ring and then jumps on the apron. Fireworks explode up from the steel ring posts. It's just like the old days in OWC. He gets in the ring.

Finally, The Champ comes on stage as he has the FTW Title around his waist. The entire crowd is booing him.

Tazz: "The reason why there is a tremendous amount of boos is because The Champ alligned himself with Skitzo as he joined The Skitzo Family Cult. He became a member as Skitzo is the leader and their main campaign is to watch TFC burn to the ground during this show, which will happen in Skitzo's match later tonight. We are having this match though, so let's get back on track."

The Champ gets in the ring and hands his title to the referee. Bryant then lets the referee have the briefcase. As the referee turns his back, Champ runs right to Bryant and starts attacking him with fists of fury. The referee turns around and calls for the bell.
Champ attacks Bryant as Bryant is trying to push Champ away. Champ pounds on the back of Bryant with fists and elbows. He backs Bryant up in the corner continuing the offensive attacks. Champs backs up, but then kicks Bryant in the gut a couple times. He grabs Bryant and brings him to the center of the ring. He talks to Bryant, "You're going to see why you are the loser of this company and why you never deserve anything!" Champ knees Bryant in the gut.....BUT....OUT OF NOWHERE....Jerichoholic does a running enziguri right to the back of the head of Champ. Champ lets go of Bryant. Bryant falls forward as Champ falls forward from the impact. Jerichoholic gets up and sees both lying on their stomach, but facing opposite ways next to each other. Jerichoholic turns, jumps on the second rope.....lionsault!!!! He turns Champ around and covers: 1-2-OH! He turns Bryant over and covers: 1-2-NO! He gets Bryant up, knees him in the gut and then throws him through the second rope down to the floor. Champ is on his hands and knees as Jerichoholic turns to him. He winds up and.....BAM.....does a huge kick to the gut of Champ. Champ rolls over, holds his gut, and screams in pain. OH, what a kick! Jerichoholic gets Champ up and whips him in the corner. Jerichoholic goes to him and does a huge knife edge chop to the chest.....but Champ grabs Jericho and puts him in the same corner. Champ does some huge right hands right to the face of Jericho. One after another. He then lifts Jericho up to the top turnbuckle. Champ now gets on the second rope and is setting up for a superplex!!! As Champ sets it up, Bryant slides back in the ring, runs up to Champ, grabs him by the legs.....GOOD GOD.....a powerbomb superplex!!!!!!!! Jericho hits the mat first and flops around as Bryant has Champ still in a powerbomb setting as his shoulders are down. The referee runs over and counts: 1-2-NOOOO!

Bryant lets Champ go and walks over to Jericho. He gets Jericho up and then puts him to his side. Bryant walks around as he holds Jericho with one arm....then drops him down....OH....a backbreaker!!!! Bryant then gets Jerichoholic up and DROPS him down again. He then gets up one more time and.....DROPS Jericho on his knee one more time. Jericho holds his back in pain as he is dropped to the mat. Bryant covers: 1-2-NO! Bryant gets Jericho up, but Champ gets behind Bryant, lifts him up for a back suplex. As Bryant is up on his shoulders, he pushes his legs off......AH.....which connects right in the face of Jericho. Jericho goes back, through the middle rope, and lands on the floor.
Meanwhile, Champ drops Bryant down with that back suplex. Champ climbs the corner and gets to the top rope. He waits for Bryant to get up. Bryant is taking longer than Champ thought. Champ continues to wait.....UH OH.....Jerichoholic runs and jumps on the apron that is full clearance of the corner Champ is at. Jericho runs the apron, jumps up to the top, grabs Champ's head.....flies in the ring......BOOM.....a bulldog from the top rope!!!!!

Jim: "I don't think we ever seen that before!! So clever! Wow!!!!"

Jericho goes to cover Champ, but Bryant gets Jericho on his feet, kicks him in the gut....sets up and......SNIPERBOMB (Jacknife Powerbomb)!!!!! Bryant gets down to his knees and covers: 1-2-CHAMP BREAKS THE PIN! Champ starts pounding on the back of Bryant again. He pounds with both fists and both elbows as he rotates each time. Bryant gets to his feet and pushes Champ back into the ropes. He comes back and closelines Bryant.....BUT WAIT....Bryant doesn't go down. Champ runs back into the ropes, comes forward and tries for another closeline, but Bryant is like a brick wall. Champ tries one more time, but this time, Bryant does a big boot......but Champ ducks. Bryant turns around......OH MAN.....CKO (RKO)!!!!! Champ hooks the leg: 1-2-NOOOOO! Champ can't believe it. Champ gets to his feet, but Jerichoholic is right behind him. He turns Champ around, kicks him in the gut, lifts him up for....The Falcon Arrow....but Champ slides out of it. Jericho turns to face Champ, but Champ knees him in the gut and.....DDT!!!! Champ then gets up and climbs the corner again. He is at the very top. He jumps for a jumping leg drop.....BUT, BUT, BUT....Bryant pops up, goes to where Champ is, grabs him out of the air and.....GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.....Sniperbomb in mid-air!!!!!!! Champ is down and out!!!! Bryant turns around, grabs Jericho and.....RAMS him shoulder first into the steel post. He then quickly covers Champ: 1-2-3!!!! Winner and NEW FTW Champion and Still Briefcase Holder: Bryant!

Jim: "Bryant has made the most out of it this time! He won the title and keeps his briefcase!"

Tazz: "The night is not over yet! Who knows what he might do!"

Bryant gets out of the ring and grabs the title and briefcase. As he walks around the ring, Ultimate Warrior comes from the back as he comes to someone sitting in the front row at ringside. He has a microphone in his hand.

Warrior: "Everyone, I am here with the last Universal Champion in TFC, Jaz! Jaz, it's upsetting that you aren't part of the show, but we appreciate you showing up and watching the show."

Jaz: "Thanks Warrior. I actually think watching the show is better than competing. I mean you can actually see people get hurt or injured and you know it's not yourself in there." Just then, Bryant walks up to Warrior and stares at Jaz. He then drops the FTW Title. He then looks down at the briefcase. He quickly brings it up and......WHAM....hits it right in the head of Jaz. Jaz's head whips back, but Bryant drops the case, grabs Jaz by the head and pulls her over the barricade. He grabs Warrior's hand with the mic and yells:
Bryant: "I am cashing this briefcase in.....RING THE BELL!" The bell can't be rung until both stars are in the ring. Bryant drags Jaz by the hair, then grabs her arm, and whips her right into the steel steps!!!!! You can hear the SMACK! Bryant gets Jaz up and brings her with him as he walks up the ramp. She tries to fight back, but he knees her in the gut and then.....OH MY.....DDT right on the steel ramp!!!! Jaz's head bounces up and then she becomes flat like a pancake. Bryant gets up and stares down at the motionless Jaz. He then grabs her by the hair and brings her up to her feet. He brings her to the top of the ramp as they are now on stage. Bryant kicks her in the gut and then lifts her up on his shoulders......BUT.....she slides behind him. Bryant turns around.....WHAM....a huge big boot out of nowhere right on Bryant. Bryant stumbles backwards. Jaz walks to him and adds a huge right hand to the assault. He stumbles back more. She walks to him, grabs his head and hits a huge headbutt. She then.....WOW....does a low blow! She pulls him close as he is bending over. She then lifts him up......OH!!!.....lifts him right up for a powerbomb!!!!

Jim: "What....a powerbomb on the stage????"

Jaz then turns to the left, takes a step, jumps......GOOD GOD.....GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY......Jaz does a powerbomb from the stage.....THROUGH tables.....about 7 feet high!!!!!!! Jaz is lying on her back as Bryant is scrunched up. Both are motionless.....both are out!!!!

Tazz: "They are going to need some help right now. This is not good at all." The crowd is hushed as everyone is worried about their condition. Medics come out from backstage as they bring two stretchers from beside the stage. They go to Jaz and Bryant and check on their condition. As the medics put them on stretchers, the camera switches to backstage.
The camera backstage shows Vince Russo backstage with a mic with Eric Bischoff at his side.

Vince: “Yes, everyone, I am back! I mean, I wouldn’t miss TFC’s Reunion Show if it was the last day on Earth……well for some people… is! While I was on the announcing team on OWC, I am in the back tonight and with me is Eric Bischoff who has been part of TFC for quite some time and has made history doing so.”

Eric: “Thank you Vince. Of course, I am history. Do you know all of the stuff that I have been involved in while I was here?”

Vince: “Well I know it’s a lot. Eric, I got a question for you. As I said, this may be the end of the world for some people. I am referring to the McMahon 101 vs. Skitzo match. Now what are your thoughts of that match because you have been on both sides in your career?”

Eric: “You are right. I have been on both sides. I have been with Skitzo in 2008 with the NWO on Smackdown and I have been with McMahon 101 during 2010 on OWC with the NWO. I know in my last weeks of OWC, I was NOT on 101’s side. But, that is beside the point. You see, I know these two will tear each other up. I have no idea what Skitzo is doing as he is fried in the head, but tonight, someone will be burned. If TFC is going to burn tonight, I am glad to be with it during its last hours.” Just then, Vickie Guerrero walks into the camera shot.

Vickie: “EXCUSE ME! I am glad that no one has interviewed me yet…..NOT! Listen, I have been with TFC for quite some time. In fact, I was on here since OWC was born. I was even on OWC when it ended. When it was born and ended…..sounds like Skitzo’s career. It will end tonight, no doubt about that.

Eric: “Vickie, oh Vickie, I see you still have the same voice.”

Vickie: “EXCUSE ME! Who do you think you are?”

Eric: “I very well know who I am and I am Eric Bischoff. Now Vickie, I don’t want to get into anything on TFC’s last show……” Vickie interrupts.

Vickie: “Well I may!” Just then, Dixie Carter walks into the shot.

Dixie: “Well, hello everyone.”

Vickie: “EXUCSE ME! You are just going to walk in right in the middle of my time?”

Eric: “Your time? I was here before any of you.”

Vickie: “I… not…!” Vickie turns to Dixie. “OH Dixie, it’s so nice to see you. Really, it is. You know, I been holding this in way too long. Dixie…..I BLAME YOU for the demise of TFC.”

Dixie: “Wait, what? You blame me….but….but why?”

Vickie: “Don’t act stupid, Dixie. You know very well why. When you tried to take over TFC, McMahon 101 called you a virus. He called you the cancer in TFC and in order to remove the cancer….you have to cut it off…..or, well, let the organism die. He did that….he let TFC die in order to kill off the cancer….in order to kill you out of TFC.”

Dixie: “Vickie…..Vickie….you are still believing 101, huh?! Well go ahead and believe whatever he believed in the past, but the fact is, he doesn’t care about me anymore. He is too focused with Skitzo. BUT, I did not try to take over TFC. He exaggerated as I tried to help it.”

Eric: “While we were at war with 101 and Vickie….I did get to be Creative Director under Dixie’s power.”

Vickie: “Eric, SHUT THE HELL UP!” Just then, Paul Heyman walks in the shot.

Paul: “Well, what is going on here.”

Eric: “Just look who it is. Wow, look at the history in this one segment. We got Paul, myself, Vickie, Dixie.....all of us having history.”

Vince: “Don’t forget about me.”

Vickie: “SHUT UP!” Vickie slaps Vince right in the face.

Dixie: “Whoa, Vickie, calm down.”

Vickie: “NO one is going to tell me what to do you self-absorbed slob!”

Dixie: “What?”

Vickie: “You heard me.”

Eric: “Vickie, I suggest you leave right now.”

Vickie: “I suggest that I do this…..” BAM, she slaps Eric right in the face.”

Dixie: “Vickie, that is enough!”

Vickie: “It will be enough….WHEN I SAY IT IS ENOUGH!” Vickie then slaps Dixie right in the face. Dixie holds her face in her hand from the pain.

Dixie: “That’s it!” Just then, Dixie lunges at Vickie and….OH MAN….an all out cat fight!!!! Vickie and Dixie are pushing each other. They grab each other’s hair and start tugging it. Paul grabs a hold of Vickie so she let’s go of Dixie….but Vickie turns around and a LOW BLOW kick!!!!! Paul falls to his knees and then to his side as he lies on the concrete floor. Vickie goes right back to Dixie…..but Eric grabs Dixie and pulls her away. Dixie and Eric run away from the scene as Vickie is fuming.

Vince: “Well, you never know what’s going to happen.” Vickie turns around to Vince and…..BAM….a low block kick to him. Vince falls instantly. Vickie turns around, looks right in the camera and yells:

Vickie: “EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!” The camera fades and it goes to ringside.

3. New Age DX (Mattattack and Zack Bowring) (Champs) vs. JD and JYP for the War Tag Team Titles in a TLC Match

The challengers, JD and JYP, come on stage first. The crowd boos them incredibly as they walk down the ramp.

Jim: “This is not an experienced tag team, but that doesn’t mean they are going to do bad….that doesn’t mean they are going to lose. They just might come out on top. Never say never in this company. We know they are extreme and dangerous and that certainly will help them in this match.”

As they are in the ring, Mattattack and Zack’s music hits and here comes the New DX. Their entrance plays throughout the entire arena as these two come down the ramp. The crowd is going crazy. Their tag titles are already hanging above the ring.

They get in the ring and all four men look up and see the gold….hanging there…..looks easy…..just to reach up and get it….but it’s 10 feet high. They then look down and look across from each other. JD looks at Zack and Matt looks at JYP. The bell rings and…..THE FIGHT IS ON!

Zack and JD run to each other and start punching back and forth. Matt and JYP run toward each other and start punching back and forth too. All four men are just beating the hell out of each person to try to wear them down before any weapons get involved. Matt knees JYP in the gut and that opens it up. He whips JYP in the corner, but JYP runs up the corner….whisper in the wind!!! He falls right on Matt. Zack gets a huge uppercut from JD. Zack turns away as he holds his face. JD turns him around and kicks him in the gut. He grabs him by the head and tosses him over the ropes. Zack lands hard on the floor. JD and JYP meet up in the middle of the ring as they plan something. JD then gets down on his hands and knees by the side that he threw Zack over. JYP runs into the ropes, comes back, jumps on JD’s back and…..HE SAILS OVER THE ROPES. He goes right to Zack…..BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT…..GOOD GOD…..Zack grabs a chair from the floor and…..BOOM, BANG, BASH…..he strikes JD right in the chest and arm with it. JD falls to the floor in serious pain. The chair has a huge dent in it. JD gets up to his feet, but Matt is right behind him. Matt turns JD around and pushes him right into the corner. He then does multiple shoulder blocks in the corner. As he does that, Zack grabs a table from ringside and slides it in the ring. After that, he sets up a table on the outside……and another table on top of that by the ring. He gets JYP up and goes for a DDT……but JYP twists out of it. He kicks Zack right in the gut……grabs his head……OH MY…..Twist of Fate right on the chair!!!!!! Zack goes face first!!!! JYP gets up and then slides in the ring to help out his partner. He jumps to Matt and elbows him right in the back. JYP turns Matt around and throws him in the ropes. Matt comes back and JYP goes for a closeline, but Matt ducks. Both turn around to face each other and…..BAM….a huge big boot to JYP. JYP falls down and flips and flops on the mat. Matt goes to the table that Zack slid in and sets it up in the corner. He grabs JYP and gets him on his feet. He lifts him up and does a body slam. Just then, JD runs to Matt and…..WHOA….kicks Matt right down with a closeline. JD and JYP get Matt up and do a double team suplex. JYP tells JD to stay there as he goes outside. JYP leaves the ring and throws in two chairs. He then lifts a ladder up and puts it on the apron. JUST THEN….Zack slides in the ring, runs, and baseball slides…..right in the ladder….OH….right in the face of JYP. JYP flings back and goes back first into the guard rail. Zack gets up, but JD kicks him in the gut. He grabs a chair and WHACKS him over the back with it. Zack falls in pain. Matt is now up and waits for JD to turn around. He does, and Matt lifts him up….SPINEBUSTER!!!! Matt grabs the two chairs and sets them up to face each other. He then gets JD up and knees him in the gut. He lifts him up on his shoulders…….WAIT…..OH KNOW…..OH KNOW…….POWERBOMB RIGHT ON THE CHAIRS!!!!!

Tazz: “OH, OH……that could have broken his ribs…..that may have broken his ribs!!!! Look at the chairs, they are bent beyond using. What is Matt thinking?”

JD holds his ribs in pain… major pain. He slowly rolls to the edge of the ring. Zack is on the outside as he leans the ladder against the guard rail. He gets JYP up…..whips him….but JYP reverses it and…..ZACK goes sailing right into the ladder!!!! Zack bounces it off, but JYP runs to him, dropkicks him from behind and…..FACE FIRST goes Zack!!! Zack then leans against the ladder and then slowly slides down it until he is lying on the floor. JYP looks under the ring and finds…..OH…..finds a bigger and longer ladder. It’s about 15 feet high!!!! He keeps pulling it out and out. He lifts it up and slides it in the ring. Matt pushes the chairs to the side and moves the ladder over. Matt sticks his head and arms through the middle rope to grab JYP, but JYP grabs a chair from ringside and BASHES it over the head of Matt. Matt instantly goes back and falls to the mat as he holds his head. JYP throws the chair in the ring. JYP gets Zack up and slides him in the ring. JYP gets in and stomps on Matt. He then grabs Zack and hiptosses him across the ring. JYP goes to him as they are right in front of the table leaning against the corner. JYP grabs Zack’s legs and…..legdrop right between them. Zack is agonizing in pain. JYP gets up as Matt tries to get to his feet. JYP gets Zack up and has him lean against the ropes. Matt turns around and sees a clear target. HE RUNS…..runs right to JYP……for a spear, spear, spear, spear……but JYP side steps and pushes Zack where he was…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……Matt spears Zack right through the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim: “He just speared his own partner!!!!!!!!!”

Matt gets up and looks at the damage he has done. He turns to JYP, and JYP kicks him in the gut, slides the chair from in the ring under his body and…..Twist of Fate on the chair!!!! JYP quickly gets up and goes to the big ladder. Just then, JD gets in the ring and helps JYP put the ladder right in the middle of the ring.

Tazz: “Look at this….both are out….JD and JYP have a great opening! They can win this….I think they will!”

JYP climbs the ladder….step by step….going higher and higher….he’s half way there. He keeps climbing…..BUT as he does….Zack gets to his feet. JD turns to him…..BAM….Sweet Chin Music!!!! JD did not see it coming at all! JD falls flat on his back. JD then falls from the huge amount of pain he is in. JYP is just about there…..he’s reaching for the titles……AS HE DOES, Matt gets to his feet. He takes a step, but then trips……right into the ladder……WAIT, WAIT….NO, NO……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY….JYP goes down, down, down……RIGHT THROUGH THE TWO STACKED TABLES!!!!!! Crashed and burn!!!! JYP is motionless!!! Matt puts the ladder up again. Matt then slides out of the ring, looks under it and…..pulls out a barbwire bat. Matt then yells: “YOU WANT EXTREME…..I got two words for ya: HAVE EXTREME!” Matt slides back in the ring with the bat. JD is trying to get up. He uses the ropes to do so. He turns to face Matt. Matt grips the bat and…..SMACKS it right in the gut of JD! OH, barbwire meeting flesh. Matt then puts the bat down. He sets JD up and……PEDIGREE RIGHT ON THE BAT!!!!!!! JD is stuck to the barbwire. He isn’t moving. Zack gets to his feet and goes to one side of the ladder. Matt goes to the other and they climb the same time. They are half way there………they are all the way there. Both reach for the belts. JYP reaches the ring apron and slides it…..TOO LATE! Zack and Matt grab the titles and pull them down! DING, DING, DING! Winners and Still War Tag Team Champs: Mattattack and Zack Bowring

Jim: “Violent, physical and extreme…..that is what it was all about!!!! Great match between two teams.”

Tazz: “I got to say, even though JD and JYP aren’t an experience tag team, they did quite well. I was impressed, but The New Age DX finished them off, as they do to everyone, and are still tag champs! This show has been amazing. It has been off the charts. Let’s take it you backstage now.”

Warrior: “I am here with former OWC and TFC Champion…..a former Undisputed Champion….The King of Defiance, CBM!” The crowd boos. “CBM, your match is next and it’s three of the top rivals you had in TFC, give or take. What is going through your mind?”

CBM: “Winning……winning is on my mind…..winning! Why? Because I am going to win my match…..and I am going to win the OWC Title. Winning….that’s what I am going to do. Just call me Charlie Sheen. I am winning, bi-winning, super-winning, pro-winning…..I am winning! Besides that, it’s time for me to make something out of this. You see, TFC’s last show almost a year ago…..well I wasn’t involved in it. OH, no I wasn’t. I was left out of the PPV and look, I thought I could never redeem myself. Now it’s this show….TFC’s Reunion Show….and I am going to redeem myself. I am going to make an impact. I am going to show everyone who I really am…..and show why I am really here. I said on the forums, the old CBM is back. That old CBM is the violent, physical, could care less about anyone…’s all about me CBM. That is going to make a huge difference from the winners and losers. Like I said….me….winning…..the others…..Losing! The King of Defiance is back…..back on top….back as OWC Champion…..and will forever make my presence known in the fantasy wrestling world… for Kevin, he will be gone as I will make him retire….and Poison and Wrestlemaniac will just be a thought….as they have done nothing to prove themselves. This show makes or breaks stars… will make me….and break the rest! I had help throughout my career….with McMahon 101 and the NWO……but tonight, I am not going to have help…..tonight, I do not need help. IT WILL BE…..ALL ABOUT ME!!!!” CBM walks away.
The camera changes to another part backstage where we see Wrestlemaniac stretching before the match. It then changes to another part backstage where we see Kevin throwing air punches as he gets ready for the match. Lastly, another camera is showing a dark atmosphere as you can barely see what is around. In the distance, you see a figure walking. You can see gold through the darkness. It’s Poison. He paces back and forth as his title defense is moments away. The camera then switches to a former OWC Champion backstage.

J.R: “Hello everyone, good ‘ol J.R. here and I am with the former OWC Champion…..Sami! Sami, it is great to have you here for TFC’s Reunion Show.”

Sami: “Thank you for having me. I know I wasn’t part of the participation of TFC’s Reunion Show on the TFC forums, but I am glad to be on the show. You see, I was the first-ever woman to win the OWC Title. I was the one who broke all the barriers between the women and the men in this business. Before me, no one thought a woman would ever make it big time. They kept thinking, oh, the women are for the Queen Ring Title. NOPE! That changed! There I was, OWC Champion, putting on amazing matches against everyone. I proved myself.”

J.R: “What did the OWC Title mean to you?”

Sami: “It meant everything. I was astonished to actually be champion. I was happy that I broke the barriers for future women. In fact, you are welcome Casey and 4evercmpunk! You know, because of me, Casey and 4ever headlined TFC’s last show. Because of me, they are battling it out for the TFC Title. It is amazing how I revolutionized the women’s role in TFC. As for tonight, the OWC Title will be on the line. I can tell you, the participants in that match are nervous. I can tell you, all of them want the title. Only one is going to get it though and whoever does get it, it will be the biggest prize they could receive. TFC’s last show and being OWC Champion…..well it can’t get any bigger than that!” The camera goes to the ring.

Jim: "What a huge show this has turned out to be and we aren't even done yet. We have our biggest matches still ahead....and one of them is coming up next! It's the four way match for one of the biggest prices in TFC history.....the OWC Title! Four men.....four of the top stars in our company are going at it! These are the ones that are loyal....these are the ones who have all been champion on some show in their career. Some accomplished more than others....but that doesn't matter tonight. The only thing that matters tonight is the winner.....the winner of the last ever OWC Title match! Just who is it going to be?" A video package shows the careers of the four stars. It first talks about Wrestlemaniac and how he came to TFC as he was on OWC. He became the unstoppable force as he went against CBM for the title. He then battled with McMahon 101. As he left OWC, he went to War where he became that show's top asset. The video talks about Kevin now and his extensive career. It shows him on OWC and how he rose up in the rankings. He then went to Smackdown and became World Champion on that show. When Smackdown died, he came back to OWC where he would continue to face big talent. The video then goes to Poison and his short but historic career. It shows him rising through the rankings on OWC. It talks about some of his best and biggest matches like his matches with 101, 4ever, and CBM. It then explains how CBM never defeated Poison and how Poison was crowned the last ever OWC Champion. Finally the video talks about CBM: King of Defiance! It shows his very first match on the very first OWC episode. It then shows him becoming the very first OWC Champion. He went on to be undefeated before McMahon 101 cost him his title and undefeated streak as he would be fired. CBM came back and then started a war with the NWO at his side. He was the cause of the biggest and best feuds in TFC history. Not only did he beat stars, but he was also the stepping stone for others to rise up. The video then concludes that this could be Kevin's or CBM's last ever time that they are ever involved in fantasy wrestling as if either loose the match, they would QUIT fantasy wrestling forever! The video fades.

Music hits and here comes the first challenger to the ring. Wrestlemaniac's entrance plays as he comes out on stage. He walks down to the ring.

Tazz: "I have watched this guy all the time on War. He is one of the hardest hitting and ground and pound action kind of guy you will ever meet. He is not called Wrestlemaniac for nothing!

As he waits in the ring, Kevin's theme hits and here comes the former TFC Champion. He comes down the ramp as the crowd cheers him on. This could be his last ever match in history!

As Kevin is in the ring, one of the most recognizable themes in TFC history plays. The King of Defiance, CBM, comes on stage. As he gets on the ramp, he raises his arms like he already won. Behind him, fireworks fire up and explode in the air. He lowers his arms and continues to walk. The entire arena is booing him. They can't stand him. They don't even want to see him. CBM has this cocky and arrogant look on his face as he gets in the ring.

Jim: "Now I have watched this guy on OWC for quite awhile. I know he wasn't at his peak when TFC ended almost a year ago, but now he is more focused than ever. His promos on the forums said it all. He said that the old CBM is back. We will just see if that truly is the case!"

Finally, the lights fade to pitch darkness. Thunder is then heard throughout the arena. A spotlight is shining from the rafters down to the middle of the ring. Just then, the OWC Champion, Poison, with black cape and black baseball bat, he sails down from the rafters to the middle of the ring. He unhooks the hook, takes off his coat and reveals the OWC Title around his waist. He gets his bat up and points to each member he is fighting as they are standing at different corners. Poison takes off the title and hands it to the referee. The referee raises it in the air as he pivots to face each side of the arena. He then walks over to hand it over to the time keeper. Meanwhile, Poison is still standing in the middle of the ring. The referee signals for the bell.

4. Wrestlemaniac vs.Kevin vs. Poison (Champ) vs. CBM in a Fatal Four Way Match for the OWC Title; If CBM or Kevin loose the match, they will QUIT fantasy wrestling

As soon as the bell rings, Wrestlemaniac, Kevin, and CBM go toward Poison. But Poison is on his feet....Poison is ready for action. He grabs his bat with both hands and....WAILS it right into the gut of Maniac. He bends over and Poison hits it right over his back. Maniac falls flat on his chest and face. He turns to Kevin who is running toward him. Poison points the top of the bat out and it goes right into Kevin's gut. Kevin backs up in pain and leans against the corner he as at as he holds his gut. Poison turns to CBM who is running right toward him. Poison grips the bat like a baseball player, lifts it up, brings it down....GOOD GOD.....he CRACKS it right over the head of CBM! CBM stops right in his tracks, stands there for a couple seconds and then falls back onto the mat.

Jim: "Did you hear that? Did you see that? I bet you could feel that!"

The crowd is going absolutely crazy!!! Maniac gets up to his feet now. Poison grabs the bat with each hand on different sides of the bat. He goes toward Maniac and puts the bat up right against the throat of Maniac. He then pushes Maniac back right into the corner. He continues to choke Maniac. Just then, Poison turns around and runs to the opposing corner. He turns to face Maniac and then runs toward him for the splash.....BUT, BUT, BUT.....Kevin runs right in front of Poison, lifts him up, and hits a back body drop. The bat is out of Poison's hands!!!! Kevin quickly goes to the bat. He grabs it and waits for Poison to get up. As Poison gets to his feet, he turns around to face Kevin. As Kevin grips the bat and is about to hit Poison.....OH.....Maniac comes out of the corner and hits a SUPER kick right to the chin of Kevin! The bat flies in the air as Kevin goes back, over the top rope, and down to the floor. Maniac grabs the bat as it comes down. As he does, he kicks Poison in the gut and he is bending over. Maniac goes to pound the bat into his back.....BUT....CBM gets up, runs and.....OH, OH, OH, OH.....SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!!!! Maniac is down and out as he holds his gut. CBM grabs the bat....the bloody CBM!

Tazz: "These stars are playing hot potato with this bat, but none of them want to give it up, but they are from the impactful moves that makes them release it! By the way, look at CBM! That shot he took with the bat earlier busted him wide open. OH, it looks sick!"

CBM grabs the bat at his side and grips it with two hands. Poison is now standing straight up. CBM twists around as he brings the bat up like a baseball player does when he is batting. He brings it down and.......GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.....he POUNDS it into the head of Poison! Poison falls instantly!!!! Poison then rolls to get to the edge of the ring and then rolls out of the ring.

Jim: "That was a home run!!!"

CBM is the only man standing in the ring and the crowd is just impressed with that they witnessed already! Kevin is on the outside now as he looks under the ring. He finds a chair and brings it in with him. As he brings the chair up for a chairshot to the head of CBM, CBM swings the bat and.....OH MY.....the chair gets a huge dent right in the center of it. CBM then swings it again and the chair flies out of Kevin's hands. The chair is demolished. Kevin has a worried look on his face, but then he easily kicks CBM in the gut. He grabs his head.....BAM.....impaler DDT! The bat slips out of his hands and rolls to the outside. Kevin gets up and Maniac is now on his feet. Kevin whips Maniac in the ropes, but Maniac reverses it. Kevin comes back and.....Maniac lifts him up and hits the samoan drop. Maniac gets up as CBM is standing again. He kicks CBM in the gut, picks him up and rests him on his shoulder. Maniac runs for a running powerslam, but CBM slides behind him.....pushes him forward and Maniac goes sternum first into the corner. Maniac bounces back, CBM grabs him by the shoulders.....CBM-O-Matic (Edge-O-Matic). CBM grabs the legs of Maniac for a cover: 1-2-OH! CBM flips back and gets to his feet. Kevin runs to CBM, but CBM knees Kevin in the gut and then does a right hand. Kevin moves back. CBM does another right hand and Kevin goes into the corner. CBM grabs him and whips him in the opposing corner. CBM runs to Kevin.....BUT OH.....Kevin puts his foot up and hits CBM right in the face. CBM stumbles back. Kevin climbs the corner and is on the top. He is about to jump, but.....OUT OF NOWHERE.....CBM runs to him, pushes him off.....GOOD GOD......BAM....Kevin goes face first into the guard rail!!!!!! He bounces off it and lies flat on the outside. Maniac is now getting to his feet and CBM focuses on him now. He whips Maniac in the ropes. Maniac comes back and CBM goes for a big boot, but Maniac ducks. Both turn around to face each other.....WHAM.....Maniac hits a huge uppercut hand shot to CBM. CBM head whips back. Maniac then kicks CBM in the gut, sets up and......DELIVERS a piledriver! CBM's body sticks straight up in the air from the impact, but then falls down on his back. Maniac hooks the leg: 1-2-NO!

Maniac gets up, but doesn't stay up for long as he plants a leg drop on CBM. He gets up again and drops en elbow to his heard. He gets up another time and drops another leg drop on CBM. He covers: 1-2-NO! On the outside, Poison is now moving. The camera shows his head and it's pouring out blood. Blood is going right down his chest. Kevin is up on his feet and pulls out a table from under the ring. He is now doing some house moving. He moves the steps over to the open area. He leans the table down on it so it acts like a ramp. He goes to Poison and tosses him by the table. Poison's body rolls across the floor. Kevin then bends down and waits. As he is waiting, Maniac has CBM in the corner as he does multiple offensive moves like kicks, punches, knife edge chops, and knees. Poison gets to his feet and slowly turns around. Kevin runs......OH NO.....NO, NO, NO.....GOOD GOD.....SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR......TO POISON......THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! Poison goes right through the table! AMAZING! The crowd is going nuts! Kevin gets up, raises his arms, and the crowd loves it! Maniac stops what he is doing and shakes his head. Kevin leans against the apron as he watches the fan's reaction. Maniac goes to that side of the ring, grabs Kevin's hair with one hand and....PULLS HIM UP! Kevin stands right on the ring apron as he is facing Maniac. Maniac now grips his hand around the throat of Kevin.

Tazz: "What is he thinking of here? You better watch out. This guy is dangerous!"

As Kevin is fading from the choke......CBM comes out of the corner....runs.....SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!! Maniac releases the choke as he falls right down to the mat. CBM gets up and now grabs Kevin. He flips Kevin over the rope and he lands right on his back. Kevin slowly gets up. CBM goes to him with a huge right hand. Kevin shakes it off.....and suddenly......lifts CBM right up on his shoulders.......The Devil's Whisper (GTS)......but CBM slides out and lands in front of Kevin. He pokes the eyes of Kevin and he walks away as he holds his face. Kevin turns around and looks up and......CBM is running full force at him. As soon as he reaches Kevin, he bends down, lifts CBM up and......OH MAN.....CBM gets back body dropped over the top rope and.....down to the floor. Kevin now exits the side of the ring that is next to them. He goes to the announcer's table and rips it apart.

Jim: "Wait, what are you doing? Come on! We need this!"

Kevin doesn't listen. He strips it and then goes over and gets CBM up. He brings CBM to the table as he knees him in the gut. He then smashes CBM's head on the table and makes him lean on it. Kevin climbs on top of it and then brings CBM up. He kicks CBM in the gut and.....sets up a piledriver! OH NO.....NOT FROM THERE......WAIT....CBM bends his knees, brings his arm up and LOW BLOWS Kevin! OH, Kevin falls to his knees. CBM gets off the table and lies on the floor as he escapes disaster. Kevin slowly gets off the table as he is in pain. As he slowly walks forward......FROM BEHIND.....Wrestlemaniac turns Kevin around, grabs him.....spins him.....OH NO....OH MY......spinning side slam......GOOD GOD......THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE! The table breaks on impact! Kevin is motionless!!!!!! Maniac gets up, lets out a roar and the crowd is loving every second!!!! CBM jumps to his feet, runs to Maniac for a closeline.....but Maniac ducks. CBM continues. JUST THEN....popping out from the other side of the POISON! He is moving forward perpendicular to CBM....hitting.....HITTING.....The Poison Knife (Pump Kick) right to the head of CBM! CBM gets side swipped. He flies to the side and over the barricade he goes! Maniac turns around and Poison is now up....standing....a bloody mess! Maniac runs to him, but Poison kicks him in the gut and then does a right hand. He kicks him in the gut again and swipes his hand right across the head of Maniac. He then does a knife edge chop and then a kick.....then a swipe.....then a kick....swipe....chop.....kick.....chop....kick....chop....kick....chop. Maniac is dazed as he can barely stand. Poison grabs Maniac by the head......whips him forward and.....FACE first into the steel ring post!

Tazz: "I think when Maniac put Kevin through the table was the energy he needed to be unstoppable. I mean look, he isn't even going down!"

Maniac's head bounces off the post. He stumbles. Poison grabs him and rolls him in the ring. Poison walks around the ring to where the ramp is.....which is exactly where his baseball bat landed. He grabs it, stares at it, and quickly slides in the ring. Maniac gets to his feet. Poison grips the bat and SLAMS it right into Maniac's gut. Maniac bends over as he holds his gut, but then is back up. Poison slowly shakes his head. He then.....CRACKS the bat over his head.....BUT, BUT, BUT.....Maniac grabs the bat before Poison could hit him. He PULLS it out of his hands and tosses it to the side. He grabs Poison....spins him around for the spinning side slam.....BUT.....Poison lands on his feet behind Maniac. He pushes Maniac into the corner. Poison runs and......big splash right in the corner. He brings Maniac out from the corner.....drops down.....The Poison Shadow (Anaconda Vise)!!!! He has it locked it.....has it fully locked in! Maniac lifts his arm up.....ABOUT TO TAP.....HE'S GOING TO TAP......JUST THEN....CBM gets in the ring and GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN.......punts Poison right in the head. He quickly releases the hold and becomes motionless as he lies on the mat. CBM kicks Maniac as he is down and it makes Maniac roll over. He continues kicking until Maniac gets to the apron. CBM uses his foot to knock Maniac out of the ring. CBM goes to Poison....the lifeless body of Poison....and brings him to the corner. CBM climbs up first and then brings Poison up. CBM is on the top turnbuckle as Poison is on the second one. He has it set up as a piledriver. CBM jumps off.....GOOD GOD......Suicide Driver (Canadian Destroyer from the top rope)!!!!

Jim: "WHAT A MOVE! What a deadly, dangerous finishing move from CBM! He does it successfully! He's going to win now!"

CBM gets over Poison, hooks the leg, and covers: 1-2-KEVIN BREAKS THE PIN! Kevin lifts CBM on his shoulders.....drops him down.....The Devil's Whisper!!!!! Kevin now covers CBM: 1-2-MANIAC BREAKS THE COVER! Maniac gets Kevin up on his feet, grabs him in front, spins him......OHHHH......spinning side slam! He covers Kevin: 1-2-NOOOO! Kevin kicked out! Maniac gets to his feet.......but so does CBM! CBM runs right to him.....SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! CBM covers Maniac: 1-(Poison comes to)-2-(Poison crawls over)-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winner and NEW OWC Champion: CBM!!!!!

Tazz: "We got a winner.....we got a new champion! What a match.....OH, I loved this match! Simply amazing!"

Jim: "Yeah, but you know what that means?! CBM won, so he will not be quiting fantasy wrestling! As for Kevin, well this is his last time in fantasy wrestling. He lost and he is has to quit."

Tazz: "Kevin had a historic career in TFC. He became one of the most successful stars in TFC history. He has lost though; therefore, he will be saying farewell to fantasy wrestling. Besides that, CBM is champion, OWC Champion, on the last ever TFC show!"

Jim: "While he pinned Maniac, he still can't beat Poison.....he still can't pin Poison."

The referee grabs the title and hands it to CBM. CBM rips the title out of his hands and holds it up high as he is on his knees! He then gets to his feet as the title is still raised high. He then puts the title over his shoulder as he looks at the damage done to all stars. The blood is now dry on CBM's face, but the result is still there. He drops down on the mat, rolls out of the ring, and slowly walks up the ramp as he shows off being champioin one last time! "Maniac rolls out of the ring as he goes to the back. Poison is still at ringside as Kevin gets to his feet. He looks around at the fans from the ring and then waves his hand. He mouths "thank you" to all of the fans as this is his last time. He faces the crowd. As he does, Poison slides in the ring and goes right behind Poison. He grabs him from behind......scorpion death drop......RIGHT ON KEVIN! Poison gets up looks around at the fans. They are astonished that he actually did that. The lights then fade as pitch darkness fills the arena. The lights come back on and Poison is nowhere to be seen. Kevin is still lying in the ring.

Tazz: "WOW! Poison, out of nowhere, just attacked Kevin and leaves mysterious as he always does. Well everyone, we have to switch gears now as are going into one of our most personal feuds in TFC history. Well, probably the most personal feud. This match is full of emotion. This match is filled with personal grudges. This actually has been building up since TFC was born over 3 years ago. It's time to set up the match that has so much behind it! It's McMahon 101 vs. Skitzo in an Inferno Match! These two have history with each other....let's take you back on how ALL of this has unfolded!

A video plays showcasing the McMahon 101 and Skitzo feud. The video goes all the way back in 2008 when 101 announced Skitzo was the Smackdown GM. Skitzo became GM, but the show was already suffering with low ratings. 101 helped Skitzo and the ratings took off. When Skitzo was GM of Smackdown, he brought in NWO. McMahon 101 would then become part of the storyline as he was with Skitzo…..but then turned on him. At Survivor Series, it was 101’s team vs. Skitzo’s team. Skitzo’s team won, which meant Skitzo could stay as GM. In 2009, 101 brought his own invention to TFC and that was OWC. It was a brand new, innovative show that no one has ever seen before. 101 became a success, so did OWC, as Skitzo and Smackdown was declining. 101 became the manager of CBM and those two ran Skitzo out of TFC as Skitzo QUIT! He left Smackdown as he just asked Sharona to marry him. 101 and TFC still had success while Skitzo was gone. Smackdown was declining, but that doesn’t matter as it declined anyway and declined before Skitzo left. In 2010, Skitzo made his epic return. He won the Royal Rumble and became OWC Champion. He was on top once again. He then took over Smackdown to give it hope….to give it life. It didn’t work. Skitzo disappeared while he tried to make it work. He lost the OWC Title and Smackdown saw its demise. TFC ended in August and no one has ever heard or saw Skitzo since….until June of 2011. June 2011 was when 101 announced that TFC is coming back for a reunion show. It will be one show….but weeks of events with the forums being open. As the forum opened, Skitzo came back and came back for one reason only… watch TFC die one last time. He came to see the last and final show TFC will ever produce. He wants to see TFC go up in flames. 101 has a different side though. 101 knows this is TFC’s last show, but he also knows that it will live on in everyone’s mind and it will be part of everyone who has let TFC in their lives. Skitzo can’t stand TFC and wanted it gone long time ago….along with 101. The TFC’s Reunion Show line-up came out and it was official…..101 vs. Skitzo in an Inferno Match! It’s the first time ever that these two will battle one on one! It’s not in any regular match. Someone is going to get burned. Someone will be on fire. Who….just who? Will TFC live in the minds and hearts of everyone……or will TFC burn to ash and no one will ever know about it again… the leader will fall with the company… 101 will go down with his creation. It’s good vs. evil……the most personal and emotional feud that was built ever since TFC started! McMahon 101 vs. Skitzo!

The video ends and the camera goes backstage to Warrior.

Warrior: “I am here with former War GM, Ecie. Now Ecie, you have been with TFC for awhile. You are called a veteran. You know both 101 and Skitzo. What are your thoughts about this upcoming match?”

Ecie: “Well this match is certainly going to be brutal. These two do not like to loose. These two do not like to be defeated. They are going to give it their all….and they are going to leave it out there. Someone is really going to get burnt tonight. After seeing the forums, I do not know who has the upper hand. McMahon 101 proved the facts, but Skitzo has his followers…..he has his cult….it’s all going to come down to this!” Just then, Skitzo walks into the camera shot. “Oh Skitzo, it’s so nice to see you.”

Skitzo: “Ecie…..the lady who I competed against at one time when I was GM. The Ecie that I fought against at Wrestlemania 1. Ecie…..the very Ecie.”

Ecie: “Yes, the same Ecie. Funny, you brought up something I wanted to talk about. We heard from Sami earlier tonight. She said how she revolutionized the women’s role in this business. Let me make one thing clear…..she can’t take one step in my shoes. Why? Because without me, she wouldn’t be a former OWC Champion. I was the first woman GM in TFC history. I proved how no one should mess with me. I had the ratings…..I ran the entire roster. I was the first woman to be involved in TFC. I never became OWC Champion…..but I led the women into this business. Do not forget that.”

Skitzo: “Time ticks….seconds pass, minutes pass….and soon an hour will pass. From this moment to the next moment in an hour….exactly 60 minutes from know…..the entire TFC company will change. This business will crumble. This business will burn… ash….fall down….and be nothing. Only the select few will get away from the ash….get away from the fire that will burn TFC. The select few is the ones who accepted me….the ones who believe me…..the ones who listen to me… Casey, Sharona, JYP, Champ…..those ones will be saved. What about you Ecie….do you want to be saved and life…..or do you want to burn with 101, the others, and the entire TFC company?”

Ecie: “Skitzo… know, I don’t pick sides when it comes to this. It’s not that I don’t want to be with you, but it’s because I don’t want to go against TFC.”

Skitzo: “So your with TFC and 101?”

Ecie: “No, I never said that. I just don’t want to make anyone mad.”

Skitzo: “Ecie, you are the created… aren’t the creator. You need to pick….pick a side. 101 or Skitzo….TFC or me……The Dead or The Alive? Pick a side…..which is it?”


Skitzo: “Ecie, I expected better from you. You see, when people say, “I don’t Know”, well…..that means one thing. You can’t spell Yes with the letters N and O. But…..BUT….in the phrase, “I don’t know”, there are the letters N and O…..and that spells NO…….so when asked if you are with me… say No…..SO GO TO HELL!!!” Skitzo slaps Ecie right across the face. She falls down to her knees as she holds her face. Skitzo looks down at her. “Be prepared to burn as the 60 minutes wind down.” Skitzo walks away.

The camera changes to Vince Russo.

Vince: “I am here with the chairman, owner, and founder of TFC……McMahon 101. 101, you are moments away from facing Skitzo in a deadly and dangerous Inferno Match. Do you have any last words?”

101: “Well we just saw Skitzo, so we know he is here. I also know that Sharona and King of the Dead are here as they will walk with him to the ring. We know this is TFC’s last show…..that is a fact……but it all depends about how it will live on. Will it burn…..or will it be in the memories? Skitzo, I have been obsessed with you since TFC started back up. You and your hippie language… and your family cult… has been bugging me. I said you are today’s Charles Manson……I still stand behind that and I do not regret it. You compared me to a box and how everyone who is involved with TFC and not on your side are in the box. I called you a drunken druggie who can’t do anything yourself, who can’t do a simple job like run a show and get ratings. I SAID YOU MISSED TFC WHEN YOU LEFT. I SAID YOU NEED MY HELP TO SUCCEED IN TFC. I SAID YOU LIKE TO QUIT. I SAID YOU ARE JUST IN TFC FOR FAME AND FORTUNE. I SAID YOU SHOT DOWN AND KILLED THE ANIMAL CALLED SMACKDOWN. I SAID YOU NEEDED TFC MORE THAN TFC NEEDED YOU. I let everything out. Everyone will be exposed. After you burn, Skitzo, this place will be rockin in the free world, just like that Neil Young song. Once you burn, the whole world will be free. Skitzo, when you burn, there will be no ne to put you out. You know why…..because I ordered the officials around the ring to not come out with the fire extinguishers. You know, that is for me too. Whoever burns…..will not be put out. I hope you like a hot climate…’re going to be surrounded by it!!!! Believe the hype!!!!” 101 walks away.

Tazz: "WOW! Poison, out of nowhere, just attacked Kevin and leaves mysterious as he always does. Well everyone, we have to switch gears now as are going into one of our most personal feuds in TFC history. Well, probably the most personal feud. This match is full of emotion. This match is filled with personal grudges. This actually has been building up since TFC was born over 3 years ago. It's time to set up the match that has so much behind it! It's McMahon 101 vs. Skitzo in an Inferno Match! These two have history with each other....let's take you back on how ALL of this has unfolded!

A video plays showcasing the McMahon 101 and Skitzo feud. The video goes all the way back in 2008 when 101 announced Skitzo was the Smackdown GM. Skitzo became GM, but the show was already suffering with low ratings. 101 helped Skitzo and the ratings took off. When Skitzo was GM of Smackdown, he brought in NWO. McMahon 101 would then become part of the storyline as he was with Skitzo…..but then turned on him. At Survivor Series, it was 101’s team vs. Skitzo’s team. Skitzo’s team won, which meant Skitzo could stay as GM. In 2009, 101 brought his own invention to TFC and that was OWC. It was a brand new, innovative show that no one has ever seen before. 101 became a success, so did OWC, as Skitzo and Smackdown was declining. 101 became the manager of CBM and those two ran Skitzo out of TFC as Skitzo QUIT! He left Smackdown as he just asked Sharona to marry him. 101 and TFC still had success while Skitzo was gone. Smackdown was declining, but that doesn’t matter as it declined anyway and declined before Skitzo left. In 2010, Skitzo made his epic return. He won the Royal Rumble and became OWC Champion. He was on top once again. He then took over Smackdown to give it hope….to give it life. It didn’t work. Skitzo disappeared while he tried to make it work. He lost the OWC Title and Smackdown saw its demise. TFC ended in August and no one has ever heard or saw Skitzo since….until June of 2011. June 2011 was when 101 announced that TFC is coming back for a reunion show. It will be one show….but weeks of events with the forums being open. As the forum opened, Skitzo came back and came back for one reason only… watch TFC die one last time. He came to see the last and final show TFC will ever produce. He wants to see TFC go up in flames. 101 has a different side though. 101 knows this is TFC’s last show, but he also knows that it will live on in everyone’s mind and it will be part of everyone who has let TFC in their lives. Skitzo can’t stand TFC and wanted it gone long time ago….along with 101. The TFC’s Reunion Show line-up came out and it was official…..101 vs. Skitzo in an Inferno Match! It’s the first time ever that these two will battle one on one! It’s not in any regular match. Someone is going to get burned. Someone will be on fire. Who….just who? Will TFC live in the minds and hearts of everyone……or will TFC burn to ash and no one will ever know about it again… the leader will fall with the company… 101 will go down with his creation. It’s good vs. evil……the most personal and emotional feud that was built ever since TFC started! McMahon 101 vs. Skitzo!

The camera goes to the arena. It zooms out to show the entire audience, the ring, and the stage.

Jim: “Everyone, before we get to this match….let’s see another video showcasing this event….showcasing TFC’s Reunion Show!” The video plays.

As the video ends, Skitzo comes out on stage. Sharona is on his right side and King of the Dead is on the left. They all walk in unison down the ramp as the entire arena is booing him and them. They get to the end of the ramp and stand right by the ring apron. All three continue to look forward. All three just look at the ring.

Jim: “There it is! Skitzo talks about a box….well there is the box. The ring will have 101 in it… he states, he will burn……and will turn to ash. I am just stating what Skitzo says. Creepy though!”

Skitzo then looks at Sharona. She looks at him. He points in her direction. She turns around and walks away from Skitzo to another side of the ring. Skitzo then looks at King and points in his direction.

He walks around to another side of the ring. Skitzo turns and walks up the ring steps. He gets to the apron and slowly gets in the ring through the middle rope. He walks around the ring as he looks up at the audience. You can see him mumble, “This is it….this is it!”

Just then, McMahon 101’s music hits and the crowd jumps to their feet. He comes on stage. You can tell he has a purpose. You can tell he means business. His face is intense. He is more focused than ever. He struts down the ramp and gets right at ringside. He looks to the right and sees Sharona. She smirks. He looks to the left and sees King. King puts his hand up and does the slice your throat signal. 101 shakes his head. He walks over to the ring steps and gets to the ring apron. He goes through the ropes as he is finally in the ring. Skitzo is across the ring. His head is down but you can see him smiling. 101 stands there as he looks straight ahead with a glare. Just then, the pipes along the ring apron are turned on and……FIRE shoots up. The fire is turned on… it gets hotter and hotter every minute. The referee outside the ring calls for the bell.

5. Skitzo vs. McMahon 101 in an Inferno Match; Will TFC burn and die or will TFC be in the memories and live forever?

Skitzo’s head slowly lifts up. He stares directly into the eyes of 101 as he continues to smile. 101 suddenly whips his eyes and turns away as he doesn’t want to fall into the trance of Skitzo. Skitzo slowly walks forward. 101 looks up and Skitzo is getting closer and closer to him. 101 moves back, but can’t move that far as he hits the corner. Skitzo then stops where he is at. He then opens his mouth while still having the smile on his face. Just then……WHOOSH…..he runs right to 101 and grabs him by the throat. Skitzo states, “You’re going to burn!!!!” Skitzo takes 101 out of the corner……BUT 101 breaks the hold Skitzo has on him. 101 grabs Skitzo and pushes him in the corner. Here comes 101!!! He does right after right to Skitzo’s face. One strike after another. He then grabs Skitzo’s arm and whips him in the opposing corner. Skitzo comes out of the corner, 101 runs and closeline him…..WAIT….Skitzo just stands there. He doesn’t go down. 101 then hits Skitzo in the face with a fist again. Skitzo goes back into the corner. 101 then kicks Skitzo right in the gut. He brings Skitzo out of the corner, lifts him up for a back breaker…..but Skitzo doesn’t let 101 pick him up. He pushes 101 back. He almost goes into the ropes, but he stops. He goes toward Skitzo, but Skitzo kicks him in the gut….DDT! Skitzo gets up and waits for 101. 101 gets to his feet and Skitzo goes on attack. He pounds 101 on the back with his forearms. He then turns 101 around, lifts him up for a suplex…..but 101 slides out behind Skitzo and lands on his feet. 101 dropkicks Skitzo…..OH NO…..Skitzo goes into the ropes!!!! The fire is a few inches away from the ropes though. Skitzo bounces off the ropes. 101 gets up and tries for a hiptoss, but Skitzo doesn’t let it happen. He goes for a closeline, but 101 ducks. He grabs Skitzo, spins him around and….neckbreaker! 101 gets to his feet, jumps up, and drops a knee right to the face of Skitzo. He gets up again and drops another knee. 101 then grabs Skitzo and applies a headlock.

Skitzo gets to his feet and elbows 101 in the gut to break the lock. Skitzo then punches 101 in the face and he backs up. Skitzo grabs 101 and throws him in the ropes. He comes back and Skitzo back body drops him. 101 holds his back in pain as he gets back to his feet. Skitzo picks him up and hits a body slam. 101 holds his back but still gets up. Skitzo grabs him at his side and….BACKBREAKER! 101’s back goes right to the knee of Skitzo. 101 screams in pain. Skitzo has 101 to his feet and….turns it into a side Russian leg sweep. Skitzo gets up, raises his arms, and Sharona and King clap, but the entire arena boo. Skitzo goes to the corner and hops up to the second rope. As he waits for 101 to get to his feet……a HUGE flame shoots up by the corner!!! WHOA!!!! Skitzo falls off the corner and he lies on the mat covering his face.

Jim: “I don’t know if that flame caught Skitzo, but it came close and the heat probably caught him off guard.”

101 gets to his feet. He gets Skitzo up, grabs him……and OH MY…..pushes him into the ropes……but pushes him more and more…..closer and closer to the fire……BUT….Skitzo…..GOOD GOD…..kicks back and low blows 101. Skitzo goes around 101, grabs him from behind…..HE HIT IT….HE HIT IT……SkitzoFrenik (Killswitch). Skitzo gets to his feet and 101 is motionless. King and Sharona jump up and down as they know the end is near. They know TFC will burn!!! Skitzo gets 101 up……goes behind him……UH-OH…..Scorpion Death Drop!!!!! Skitzo then goes to the legs of 101 and….Scorpion Death Lock!!!! He has it locked in. 101 is screaming. 101 is in agony. Skitzo pulls harder and harder…..and then finally let’s go. 101 is like a pancake. He is finished. Skitzo gets 101 up….the lifeless body of 101….the dead weight of 101. Skitzo drags him to the side of the ring. He grabs his waist and pushes him against the ropes……he then pushes his back through the middle rope!


Skitzo puts 101’s back to the fire……HIS BACK TOUCHES THE FIRE…..WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..101 isn’t catching on fire! WHAT IS GOING ON? Skitzo brings 101 out of the fire and tosses him to the center of the ring. Skitzo is shocked. He is dumbfounded. He stares down at 101 as 101 gets to his knees. 101 looks up at Skitzo and says, “These clothes……FLAME RESISTANT!!!!!!” Skitzo’s mouth opens wide. He can’t believe it. He then charges at 101….but 101…..LOW BLOWS Skitzo!!!! 101 gets to his feet, lifts Skitzo up and…..PILEDRIVER!!!!! He gets to his feet and rests in the corner. It’s as hot around the ring as it is in the ring. It’s like they are in hell! Skitzo slowly gets to his feet. 101 walks up to Skitzo….but Skitzo punches 101 in the gut. He then grabs 101 and throws him in the ropes. 101 drops down to his knees as he rests on the ropes. Skitzo goes to 101…..WAIT….101 grabs the belt of Skitzo…..pulls him toward him…..NO, NO, NO, NO…..GOOD GOD…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN…..Skitzo goes through the second rope……HEAD FIRST INTO THE FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skitzo’s body goes completely through the flames as he lands on the outside of the ring. Skitzo’s hole body is on fire….he whole body is being burnt!!!!
No one is coming to put the fire out. Skitzo starts to roll around on the floor. Sharona and King run up to Skitzo and try to spit on him just to get the fire out. 101 gets up and watches from the ring. Skitzo then gets to his feet and he is a walking torch. He runs up the ramp on fire. As he is on the stage, he falls down from the pain. Finally people come out and extinguish the fire that is attached to Skitzo. Sharona and King run up to Skitzo. The flame stop at ringside as McMahon 101 stands on his feet. Winner: McMahon 101

Jim: “There is no words to describe what we just witnessed! Skitzo is burnt to a crisp as 101 threw him in the fire.”

Tazz: “101, being the smart genius that built TFC, knew what match he was going in and put on flame resistant clothes. TFC is not going to burn…..101 is not going to turn into ash. TFC will live in the memories of everyone as TFC will live forever.” A stretcher comes out from the entrance stage as they put Skitzo on it. “I am being told that they are going to take Skitzo to a nearby hospital. He could have 2nd or 3rd degree burns easily. It’s a very serious situation. Skitzo may never be the same.” The show shows a replay of the time 101 was put into the fire and then when Skitzo was thrown through the fire. It then shows the whole scene of when he was outside the ring.

Jim: "Well everyone, it's time for the main event.....the very last match in TFC history! That is.....for the TFC Championship. I remember almost a year ago, TFC's last show, it was OWC's Persecution. The last match of the night was Casey vs. 4ever for the TFC Title. Everyone thought that would be the last ever match and event in TFC history! Well they were half wrong! It wasn't the last event, but it is the last match. Not that match that night.....but this night....where, almost one year later, it happens again."

Tazz: "Some say they are stronger. Some say they are tougher, but it's what we know. We know they are more experienced. We know they both have ring rust as they haven't fought in almost a year. We also know that 4ever is beatable. She lost her first ever match that night, so she is not a machine. It happened before, but will it happen again?"

Jim: "Well 4ever stated on the TFC forums that if she did lose this match, she will give up her life style. That lifestyle is the straight edge lifestyle where it's all about being clean and pure. If Casey wins, not only will she have the title, but she will take the lifestyle of 4ever. 4ever will never be the same again."

Tazz: "She will turn into one of of The Skitzo Family Cult members. Doubt Skitzo will ever be part of that again, but she will be one of wise! Enough talking....let's get to it!!!!"

6. 4evercmpunk vs. Casey (Champ) for the TFC Title; If 4ever loses, she will give up her straight-edge lifestyle

As the lights dim, the challenger's entrance theme plays. 4ever comes on the stage and the crowd, interestingly cheers for her, but there are some boos, but the majority are cheers. She comes down the ramp and gets into the ring as she waits for combat.

When 4ever's theme stops, Casey's theme hits. Here comes the champion on stage......BUT wait....where is the champion? Where is Casey? As her theme plays, she isn't seen around anywhere. Her theme stops. It then plays again, but Casey doesn't show. It stops. 4ever goes up to the referee and DEMANDS him to ring the bell. The referee tells 4ever that Casey isn't even here for the match to start. Then 4ever demands the referee to demand her to be the winner. The referee can't argue with that since Casey isn't showing. He walks over to the side where the announcer's table and time keeper is facing. As the time keeper gets up.....JUST THEN.....Casey's theme music hits and.....YES, YES......Casey comes out on stage with the TFC Title!

As she is walking down the ramp, you can easily tell that she is stumbling. She can barely walk in a straight line. She holds the TFC Title in her hand, but she is flipping and flopping it all around. She gets to the end of the ramp and looks around at the crowd as they are trying to boo her out of the building. She shrugs it off and then laughs about it.
She slowly gets to the ring steps as she continues to laugh. She lifts one foot up to step on the first step, but she doesn't lift her foot all the way up. She falls forward and lands right on the steps. She starts to laugh even harder. She slowly gets up on her feet on the first step. She then gets up each step and gets to the ring apron. 4ever looks at Casey like she is a complete joke. The referee has a worried look on his face. Casey brings her first leg into the ring through the second rope, but as she brings her second foot in, it gets caught and she falls sideways. She lands on her back in the ring. She gets to her hands and knees and then gets to her feet as the title is going everywhere. Michael Buffer gets in the middle of the ring. As he does, the referee goes over to Casey and tries to get the title off of her. Casey has it in a death lock. The referee is telling her to let it go as he is pulling it. She finally lets it go and he flies backward, but still is on his feet.

Buffer: "This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the TFC Championship! If the challenger looses, she will give up her straight-edge lifestyle! Introducing first, the challenger.....she has the longest reigning undefeated streak in TFC history, the OWC King of the Ring Winner, and she headlined the last ever match in TFC History.......4evercmpunk!!!!!!!!" The crowd does a huge pop! "Introducing her opponent......she is the TFC Champion, the last ever TFC Champion when TFC ended last year, headlined the last ever TFC match and show, and ended 4ever's undefeated streak.......Casey!!!!!!!!!" The crowd boos her incredibly. The referee raises the TFC Title above his head and faces each side of the ring. He lowers it and gives it to Buffer as he exits the ring. 4ever is in one corner of the ring as she stares down her opponent. Casey, in the opposing corner, is swaying her head back and forth like she has a song stuck in her head. She is in her own little world. The referee calls for the bell and brings his arms forward for them both to start! Ding, ding, ding!

4ever comes out of her corner quickly and gets in the middle of the ring. Casey shakes her head as she hears the bell ring. She then stares forward and sees 4ever standing closer than before. Casey then moves forward, but she stumbles to get there.
Jim: "This could be a very bad situation. We know that Casey is part of The Skitzo Family Cult, and we know what they are all about."

Tazz: "I don't know why she came out. She is not in the right condition to fight. She can't compete. This is going to get ugly!"

Casey gets to the center of the ring and meets eye to eye with 4ever. 4ever shakes her head. Just then.....Casey shakes her head. 4ever tilts her head with confusion. Casey then smiles. 4ever is dumbfounded. Just then.....WHOA.....Casey headbutts 4ever right to her head. 4ever's head whips back. It comes forward and she shakes it off.

Jim: "Where did that come from?"

4ever's eyes become wide and her face becomes serious. She goes for a right hand, but Casey blocks it. Casey knees 4ever right in the gut, grabs her and hits......YES, YES, YES.....the Pepsi Twist. Casey covers: 1-2-OH!!!!

Jim: "Casey just tried to end it early!"

Tazz: "Yeah, but that's not the main story here. The main story is that Casey was faking the entire time. She wasn't drunk or high or anything. She can fight, she can compete, and she is ready for action. I don't know if 4ever was ready for this!"

Casey gets 4ever up and backs her in the corner. She does a knife edge chop right to her chest. She then does another one and you can hear the crowd "WOOOOOOO". She grabs 4ever and whips her in the opposing corner. Casey runs to her.....but 4ever moves out of the corner and Caseey goes sternum first. As Casey bounces back, 4ever drops down and does a school boy: 1-2-OH! Both get up quickly and.....HERE COMES THE FIGHT! 4ever does a punch to the face of Casey and Casey does one back. 4ever does another one, and Casey follows. It's back and forth.....punch after punch.....they are going at it! 4ever then sneaks a left jab in there and it throws Casey off guard. 4ever takes advantage of the opportunity and throws a right fist in there. She then does a left fist.....spins around and BAM....does a spinning back hand. 4ever lifts her leg and does a roundhouse kick right to the side of Casey's head. She then lifts Casey.....GTS....GTS....GTS....GTS.....but Casey slides behind 4ever and pushes her in the ropes. 4ever comes back and Casey does a closeline. 4ever quickly gets up, but Casey does another closeline. 4ever gets up again. Casey lifts 4ever up and does an atomic drop. She then goes for the Devil Lock DDT.....but 4ever pushes Casey back and she bounces off the ropes. As she comes back.....WHAM....4ever hits her with the jumping heel kick! Casey falls down, but shakes it off. She gets back up as well as 4ever. 4ever grabs her and whips her in the corner. 4ever runs and.....BAM....hits the jumping knee lift. 4ever then grabs Casey's head and.....running bull dog.....but Casey pushes 4ever away before she could plant it. 4ever turns around, Casey side steps.....GOOD GOD......super kick out of nowhere!!!! 4ever falls down motionless! Casey covers: 1-2-AH! 4ever kicked out just in time! Casey gets 4ever up and just tosses her off the ropes. 4ever's back bounces off the ring apron and then lands hard on the floor.

Tazz: "You know what, I am pretty surprised on how this match is going. Casey has total control right now. She already hit one of her finishers and almost hit the other. She is impressive!!!"

Casey goes to the corner and climbs it. As 4ever gets to her feet on the outside, Casey is standing on the top corner with her back toward 4ever. Casey jumps.....GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.....moonsault from the top......BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT.....4ever moves out of the way and Casey CRASHES AND BURNS......landing chest and stomach first onto the ring mats!
Jim: "Did you just see that???? Casey could have broken ribs or something! How she just a pancake!"

4ever goes right over to Casey and gets her up. She slides Casey into the ring. Casey rolls to her stomach and then to her back. 4ever climbs the corner and gets to the top. She jumps.....BAM....a flying elbow drop right on Casey! She covers: 1-2-NO!

Tazz: "I guess I spoke too soon. Now the tides have turned with that huge move from 4ever!"

4ever has Casey sit up as she applies a headlock. As she applies the headlock, 4ever starts pounding her knee right into the back of Casey. Casey squirms around as she gets to her knees. She then gets to her feet, but the headlock is still locked in. Casey twists around to put her arm around 4ever in the back. She lifts 4ever up for a back suplex, but 4ever flips and lands right on her feet. Casey turns around and 4ever bends down, grabs Casey and RAMS her right into the corner. 4ever runs to the opposing side, runs back and....YES, hits the jumping knee lift! She then grabs Casey's head and.....running bull dog! 4ever quickly gets up and goes to the top rope! She jumps....CONNECTS.....Swanton Bomb! 4ever covers: 1-2-NOOOOO!

4ever can't believe it. She did three impactful moves and still couldn't put her away. 4ever gets Casey up, but Casey knees 4ever in the gut and sets up a piledriver. BUT, 4ever pushes Casey back and 4ever bends back up. Casey goes to 4ever, but 4ever lifts her up.....GTS.....GTS.....GTS....GTS....GTS.....YES, YES, YES.....SHE HITS IT! Casey falls flat on her back and 4ever covers: 1-2-3!!!!!

NO, NO, NO.....ONLY 2! How close!!!! 4ever can't believe it! She gets Casey up on her feet.....and then lifts her again.....for another GTS.......HITS IT! YES, SHE HITS IT! It's all over!!!! 4ever stands there as she looks around the she knows this is the last moments of the match! 4ever then bends over.....WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.....Casey grabs 4ever and.....SMALL PACKAGE: 1-2-3!!!!!!

WHAT....NO.....ONLY 2!!!! 4ever got her shoulder up at the last possible second! Both get to their feet. Casey kicks 4ever in the gut.....twists around.....and......OH.....hits the Devil Lock DDT! Casey stays down on the mat as does 4ever. Neither one are moving....both are worn out. Both have been through everything! Slowly, Casey gets to her feet. 4ever gets to her hands and knees and then uses the ropes to get up. Both turn around and face each other. As soon as they do, 4ever.....OH NO.....does a roundhouse kick.....but Casey ducks. 4ever spins around and then faces Casey again. Casey grabs 4ever's head and.....headbuts her (The move that started the match). She then brings 4ever to the corner. Casey climbs the corner first as she has 4ever in front of her. She brings 4ever up and has her bent over. She grabs her arms.....WHAT'S THIS.....OH NO.....OH MY......GOOD GOD.....Pepsi Plunge (Pedigree from the top)!!!!!! 4ever bounces up and turns over to her back as she lies motionless. Casey falls forward as she has one arm covering 4ever! COVER: 1-2-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Casey is still lying there. 4ever only has her one shoulder up, but doesn't move any longer. Casey then turns over and lies on her back. 4ever starts to move. Both slowly get up. The referee is up to the count of 7. They get to their feet at the count of 9. They turn to each other.....OUT OF NOWHERE.....4ever lifts Casey up......GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS!!!!!
Casey is down on the mat. She isn't moving. 4ever looks down....stares down at Casey, but she isn't finished. She grabs Casey by the hair and gets her up to her feet. Casey's body seems dead and lifeless! She gets Casey up on her shoulders go for GTS......but......WAIT....Casey slides behind 4ever. 4ever quickly turns and Casey is swinging her arms in front like a cat fight out of pure desperation. 4ever, with one swipe, smashes her right hand right in the face of Casey. She then does a roundhouse kick that makes Casey stumble. She lifts Casey up then......GTS, GTS, GTS.....YES....GTS!!!! 4ever pins Casey: 1-2-3!!!!! Winner and NEW TFC Champion: 4evercmpunk!!!!!

Jim: "I can't believe it.....truly, truly, truly unbelievable! That match was....without a of the best in TFC history! So much story, so much back and much high and much much fight! We waited almost a year for a rematch.....we got it and boy, what a rematch it was! This match ended TFC and it has ended TFC's Reunion Show. 4ever is the new TFC Champion. Not only that, she will keep her pure lifestyle intact! Casey, who no one thought would be able to fight, put up a huge battle.....put up a great fight....but the true immortality star came out tonight!"

Tazz: "Everyone, this was the best TFC event in its history! Quite ironic as it's the event that leads to TFC's departure! We saw past stars from each show. We saw battles fought, matches won, and championships contested and changed hands. We saw everything! While some may forget some stuff that happened in TFC, we relived it all tonight! What a night! It is historic, but now, just like everything else, it's now history. It has come to the end. Thank you everyone for reading! Thank you everyone who participated in the couple weeks event! Everyone showed why they still have passion for TFC.....everyone showed why they love TFC! TFC, The Fan's Company, is saying its last good-byes!”

Just then, TFC stars come through the curtain and come on stage. CBM comes out first and goes to the end of the stage. Mattattack, Zack Bowring, Jerichoholic, Champ, Sami, JD, JYP, King of the Dead, Sharona, Wrestlemaniac, Kevin, Eric Bischoff, Ultimate Warrior, Dixie Carter, Poison, Vickie Guerrero, Toolman, Ecie, Paul Heyman, Vince Russo, DJ the Icon, Cody, Chris “The Curse”, and Alex Law. As everyone is on stage clapping, and 4ever in the ring with the TFC Title waving at the audience, fireworks explode above the ring to end this amazing and historic show. Just then….A-Rob pushes Warrior and Dixie aside as he runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. 4ever drops her title and as soon as Rob gets to his feet….she does a roundhouse kick to his face. He stumbles. She then lifts him up……GTS….GTS…GTS…GTS!!!!! Rob falls flat on his back to the mat. Just then……WHAT’S GOING ON???? Kevin turns and runs right to Poison and starts punching him in the head. Vickie screams as she charges to Dixie and starts slapping her and pulling her hair. King of the Dead goes after Toolman. DJ tries to help Toolman, but Sharona comes and goes after DJ. Eric runs to Paul Heyman and they start fighting. JD and JYP aren’t done with The New Age DX yet as they start fighting on stage. Jerichoholic and Champ turn to each other and start punching back and forth. Ecie runs to Sami, who is right beside Champ and Jerichoholic, and she starts ripping the hair out of Sami. Cody runs after Maniac, but Maniac does a huge big boot and he falls. Chris and Alex then go after Maniac. Just then, CBM walks down the ramp while everyone is fighting on stage. He gets to the outside of the ring. He slides in with the OWC Title. He and 4ever meet face to face. They stare at each other.

Jim: “There is chaos everywhere. While everyone does say good-bye, we know that grudges and rivalries will always remain in TFC. That is what makes TFC thrive. That is what makes TFC’s wheels turn. While they fight on stage, the OWC and TFC Champions…..the last ever champions… in the ring. This is what TFC is all about. This is The Fan’s Company!” The show fades with pandemonium all around the arena.