Monday, June 13, 2011

McMahon 101's Special Interview

McMahon 101 is sitting down in a dark wood chair. Across from him is Paul Heyman who is sitting in an exact same type of chair. The camera is zoomed out on their side so both Paul and 101 are in the same shot. Paul begins to speak.

Paul: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with the TFC chairman, owner, and founder…….McMahon 101.”

101: “Thank you for the introduction.”

Paul: “101, it has been almost one year since TFC has perished. I, and I am sure everyone else, remembers that historic and memorable show. It was OWC’s Persecution. It was Sunday, August 15th 2010! That was the last TFC show ever! And on that show, you sat down in an interview to announce that TFC was ending. Asking you the questions was…..well…..none other than me! Little bit of a Déjà vu.” Paul gets in a serious tone. “101, you posted on Twitter Saturday, June 11th, “Finishing making a flyer. Will write a blog about it soon.” Now after you made the flyer, you posted another tweet where you wrote, “The reason behind the flyer:” and then gave a link to your blog page. TFC people flocked to that page and read the news they have been waiting for! The next day, you tweeted, “So, post one blog on my page today and got over 60 views already. Love it!” It looks like the TFC hype is coming out in everyone. You then wrote on your Twitter that you want people to send in their questions and you will answer them in a special interview. Well, here we are now in the special interview.”

101: “Paul, long time no see! While TFC saw its last days back in August of last year, a lot of people were out of something that they loved. I have been asked throughout that year absence about TFC and if it will ever return. I went back and forth in my mind like some type of insane mentalist that should be institutionalized. At times, I didn’t want to bring it back. Other times I did. Well I made my decision and here we are! And by the way, that flyer I posted and said it got over 60 views……well it not is over 130 and counting!”

Paul: “McMahon 101, let’s get this interview started. The first question is: Where are the forums going to be for the TFC stars?”

101: “I am glad this question is first. There will be a TFC forum for the Reunion Show. The forum will be at: As soon as this interview is over, people can go right on the site and start cutting promos like old time.”

Paul: “That’s awesome. It will be just like the good ‘ol days. Next question: Will the TFC rebirth be just a reunion show or is everything coming back?”

101: “As much as I love running a business/company, and even though this is a fantasy base type, I certainly cannot take it on full time. While people start to jump guns already and ask if it’s coming back for good……people, well that person who asked that question, should appreciate TFC coming back for one night. I didn’t have to do this. I wanted to though. I want this to succeed and I want this to be huge.”

Paul: “I agree exactly 101. Next, what day will the TFC Reunion Show be?”

101: “Well with the airing of this interview, the forums being open long enough so people can cut promos, the official line-up being announced……the Reunion Show will be around the end of the month. Let me say, this is not just a one night event. It’s going to be weeks event. Ever since I posted the flyer, the TFC maniacs are going wild. With this interview, the forum being open, the line-up coming out… is not just one night……it’s all here, baby!”

Paul: “101, love it. Simply love it. We got a different type of question here. Someone asked: Do you think the most breath taking, eye raising , bull taming performer, Cody Christopher former superstar of TFC, will be able to show off that he's ready to have a match against one of the greatest, or as he thinks, one of the overrated, Bryant?”

101: “Ah…….” 101 leans back in his chair. “Egos are flaring and jealousy is already running rampant throughout TFC. Next question!” 101 leans forward.

Paul: “Well 101, to further emphasis on that question, when will the official line-up be announced?”

101: “Well the line-up will be announced a few days after the forums are open, which is a few days after this interview. I need to get all of the stars and decide, with my creative mind, the very top matches for the Reunion Show. The line-up will focus on matches that have never happened before. Not only that, the matches will go back in time and reflect on past feuds and rivalries. It’s an event that no one can miss!”

Paul: “101, I certainly cannot wait. It’s going to be a spectacular. This is like Wrestlemania 3!”

101: “Well, it is like TFC’s Anniversary pay-per-view. The PPV that represents everything of TFC……Apocalypse!”

Paul: “So true. TFC has so much history, it’s amazing. 101, you shot down the other question, but maybe not this one. Someone wrote in: What do you really think about the War GM and wrestler CBM?” 101 leans back in his chair again.

101: “Well I wonder who sent in this question. Ah…..CBM! Well CBM, I got four words for you……Thank You For Everything!”

Paul: "Okay 101, I got one more question. Someone wrote in: I know lots of your superstars have been begging, but other than that, Any other particular reason you chose to bring back TFC?"

101: "While there were many people begging it to come back, there isn't really a reason. One major factor that it is coming back now is because of the time of year......summer! As some may know, we had the summer schedule in TFC, which meant TFC blew up in the summer time from the interactive standpoint to the shows standpoint. No one is going to forget TFC, so why not bring it back for one more event?!"

Paul: “Alright. McMahon 101, it has been an honor to interview again. Interviewing you on the last show and now almost a year later, we are sitting across from each other again. Do you have anything else to say?”

101: “TFC’s Reunion Show will be one of the biggest and best events in the history of the company. You will never forget it. It will bring people from all around the world. It will bring people you never thought you would hear from again. TFC is not just a company…’s a family. It’s the sticks that hold the bird nest together. People will come forward and meet once again. TFC, The Fan’s Company, the biggest and best online fantasy wrestling company on the web, that that is for a fact. No one had accomplished more than TFC. It’s back and never forget it! Believe the hype!”


  1. I didnt send a question in. WTF?

  2. You saying I'm not appreciating it? xD

  3. I can't wait to get xtreme again and show people why I'm still one of the best in the TFC! This show will be..... thrilling....!!!