Thursday, June 16, 2011

TFC Reunion Show Line-up

They thought TFC would live forever........but it died!
They thought TFC would never come back.......but it did!

TFC is back for one more more show......TFC's Reunion Show!

It was announced that TFC was back on July 11, 2011! "It is not just a one show event," said the owner of TFC, McMahon 101. It's an event that will last for weeks! From flyers to special interviews......everyone is getting excited for the TFC Reunion Show! There is even a forum open for the special show! While the forum is open for weeks, TFC's Reunion Show is only one show....but it will showcase the best and the top stars in TFC history! Matches that never happened before are up against matches that did happen before! There is no other place other than TFC! Believe the hype!

Skitzo made his return to TFC in a huge way! He revealed that he turned on his friends, the fans, and the company! It's all about him now! He came back for one reason and one reason watch TFC die! He came back to see the last ever TFC show! He loathes TFC and all it stands for. As for McMahon 101.....he's the one who grew up with TFC. He made TFC. TFC is in his blood. He is fighting for TFC.....fighting for what's right! Skitzo wants TFC and everything it has to offer to burn......burn to ashes! Possibly, the most emotional feud in TFC History will be competed Inferno Match! Someone will burn.....something will turn to ash!

It was the last match in TFC History! OWC's Persecution was main evented by Casey and 4evercmpunk as they tore down the house! People stated it was the best match they have ever witnessed! While they ended TFC's show.....the rivalry is not over! 4ever still has revenge in her eyes! Casey, not only broke 4ever's record setting undefeated streak, but she also took 4ever's TFC Title. 4ever is not going out with another lose! She wants a "W" by her name and wants a title around her waist! She will put her pure lifestyle on the line!

While Poison won the OWC Title at the last ever TFC show, it doesn't mean he has to fight in the same match again. This time the challenge is harder! Can he keep the title? He will be facing against 3 top men who were former champions! It's Poison vs. Kevin vs. CBM vs. Wrestlemaniac! Who will walk out with the gold and the top star in OWC?!

A battle that tore the house up on War! Jerichoholic, The Champ, and Bryant will battle it out for the FTW Title. The Champ held the title for almost a year. He is now ready to put it on the line! He is ready for the challenge....but is Bryant and Jerichoholic ready.....are the up for the fight? Who will walk out champion?

Three stars......two titles.....who's going to get them? A-Rob puts both of his titles on the line as he faces Alex Law and Chris "The Curse" in a Steel Cage Match! The only way to win is by pinfall, submission, or escape the cage! Will A-Rob go down in history and be the only person to hold two championships as TFC ends.....or will someone take advantage of the opportunity and make their own history?

The War Tag Team Titles will be on the line as Mattattack and Zack Bowring take on JYP and JD! The experience tag team, Matt and Zack, may have the advantage, but never count out JYP and JD. Will they have some chemistry they never thought they had? Will they be able to take the win and the titles? Something magical might happen! The match will be contested in a TLC Match. Just what tag team has the chemistry, the stardom, the power and the extreme to win gold at TFC's Reunion Show?!

All of those matches will happen at TFC's Reunioin Show! The show will be the night of June 29, 2011! Do not miss it! Do not forget it! This show is a year in the making! It's what everyone has been waiting for! TFC is back for one more event....and that event is now!


  1. I'm glad you put me where I deserve! I'm going to beat all of those men... why? Because I am Straight Edge and Straight Edge Means better than YOU and EVERYONE else!

  2. Ohohohho. Sounds like it's going to be interesting.