Sunday, April 4, 2010

TFC's Wrestlemania 2!!!!!!!!!

It’s time….it’s finally here……it’s Wrestlemania 2!!!!! As soon as the PPV airs, fireworks from above the ring and on the entrance stage. It’s a magical show!

Vince: “Ladies and Gentlemen…..welcome to the BIGGEST show of the year! This is Wrestlemania 2!!!!!! We have been waiting for this since last April. It’s now here and we have the top matches from the stop stars. We are going to have an excellent show……an amazing show…..a HISTORIC show! This is Wrestlemania 2…..and it starts now!”

Jim: “That’s right Vince. I am not even going to be upset with you tonight, even though you do annoy me. We have commentators from all 3 shows here tonight, OWC, Smackdown, and War. We will hear from them all throughout the night. Let’s stop talking and let’s……get to some action!”

1. The Crippler, JD, Tyler Hopkins, Homicide, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Ani, Steph (Champ), Rose, and Kelly Kelly Fan in the Ultimate X Match for the X Division Title

(The camera changes to the ring to see the wires above the ring for the Ultimate X match. We see the X Divison title in the middle of the X. We see wrestlers in the ring. We see The Crippler, JD, Tyler Hopkins, Homicide, Rey Mysterio, and AJ Styles in the ring. Then we hear The Beautiful People's intro music. The fans boo loud as we see Ani, Steph, Rose, Kelly Kelly Fan walk out. They are holding hands as they walk to the ring ignoring the fans.)

Tony Chimel: “This is the Ultimate X Match for the X Division title introducing next is Ani, Kelly Kelly Fan, Rose, and the X Division Champion Steph.”

Tazz: “Steph has had a great reign as X Division Champion but the odds are against her in this match. Even her friends could end up with the belt.”

(Everybody is in the ring now arguing at each other. They are all looking up at the title in the middle. The ref then calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: Everybody is looking around at each other. Then Ani, Kelly, and Steph run at JD punching on him. Hopkins come from behind and hits Ani, then Kelly, then to Rose over the head with the chair Steph turns around to Hopkins to hit her with the chair but she ducks it. But she runs right into a head scissors from Mysterio sending her to the middle rope. Mysterio runs at hits the 619 on Steph.

Tazz: “Oh what a 619. But what is Styles doing?”

Match: Styles is on the top turnbuckle and jumps off hitting a 450 Splash on Steph. Steph holds her mid section as she rolls out of the ring. Styles gets up to a JD kick from JD sending him through the ropes. Hopkins goes to hit Rose with the chair but she blocks it with his hands then kicks him in the mid section making him drop the chair. Rose picks the chair up and hits Hopkins over the head with it. Rose rolls out of the ring. Mysterio grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes. Hopkins bounces off the ropes and Mysterio jumps to his shoulders for a head scissors. But he stays up and powerbombs Mysterio hard. He turns around to a flying back kick from Styles. Styles brings him up by his head and hooks him for the Styles Clash. But he stands up sending Styles over his head. Styles gets back up and JD runs at him for a clothesline. But Styles bends over sending JD over the top rope to the outside mat. JD grabs Styles by the head punching him. But Styles blocks a punch and elbows him in the face. Styles runs to the corner, jumps to the middle rope, then hits a flying roundhouse kick to JD's face sending him flying on top of Ani, Steph, and Kelly. Styles goes to the corner and climbs up. He grabs the ropes above and swings himself up on top of the wires. He looks at the title then back down at JD, Kelly, Ani, and Steph getting up. Styles then positions himself and waits for them to stand up. Then he jumps off the top of the ropes hitting a shooting star press on top of JD, Steph, Kelly, and Ani. We see Mysterio is waiting for the others to stand up. Styles and Steph does then Mysterio runs across the ring bouncing off the ropes. But he runs right into a flying clothesline from Homicide. He brings Mysterio up, hooks him, and hits the Gringo Killer.

Jerry Lawler: “Man Mysterio is out. What a Gringo Killer.”

Match: Mysterio is down as Homicide goes to the corner. He climbs up and grabs the ropes above him. But we see Kelly climbing up the corner. She grabs the ropes and climbs towards the belt to. They meet in the middle and both kicking each other. Finally Kelly pulls herself up wrapping her legs around Homicide's head. Then she lets go hitting a hurricarana on Homicide off the top. Kelly holds her head as she gets up. She is met by Hopkins kicking her in the mid section then hits a DDT on her. He goes to the corner and climbs to the top. But Steph is on the ring mat and pushes him off on top of the barricade. Hopkins hits face first then falls to the mat. Steph gets on the top turnbuckle. But we see JD run and jumps to the top turnbuckle, grabs Steph by the head, and hits a snap suplex off the top on Steph. Everybody is down except for Crippler. He climbs to the top turnbuckle. He jumps off hitting a flying headbutt on JD. Styles runs bouncing off the ropes then hits a moonsault on JD. Styles gets up and goes to the corner. He makes his way to the title as we see JD and Ani get up. They grab his legs trying to pull him off. Styles holds on. But finally Styles falls down on top of Ani and JD's shoudlers and they hit a double electric chair on him. JD turns around to a kick to the mid section from Ani then a Pedigree. Ani goes over to the corner and climbs up. But before she can grabs the ropes Hopkins sweeps her feet out from under her. From behind Rose hits him on the back with a chair. Hopkins holds his back as Rose unfolds the chair. She picks Hopkins' up and side slams him onto the chair bending it. We see Kelly on the mat. She jumps to the top rope then bounces off grabbing the middle of the X. She is grabbing at the belt but JD grabs her legs. He is trying to pull her down as she is kicking him. He finally pulls her down hitting a powerbomb on top of Rose. JD goes to the corner but is stoped by Mysterio kicking him. He whips JD into the ropes. JD bounces off the ropes buts stopped himself by holding onto the ropes. Mysterio runs at him but JD tosses Mysterio over the top rope to the outside mat. Mysterio jumps to the top rope and goes for a body splash on JD. But JD hits the JD kick on Mysterio in mid air. Mysterio is down holding his face. JD gets up to Homicide kicking him in the mid section and hooks him for the Gringo Killer. But JD slides of his back and hits the JD kick on him. JD runs to the corner jumping to the top turnbuckle then making his way across to the belt. But Steph gets in and grabs his legs. He is trying to grabs the belt but Steph is pulling on him. Finally from behind Homicide hits Steph across the back of the head with a flap jack knocking her out. JD is still holding onto the ropes then grabs the belt ripping it down. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.

Tony Chimel: "Here is your winner and NEW X Division Champion JD."

Tazz: “What a match. Showing that the X Division is the best highflyers in TFC.”

(Homicide goes to attack JD but he rolls out of the ring. Homicide yells at him telling him to get back in. JD smiles as he holds up his title. We see Ani, Rose, and Kelly checking on Steph who is still down. We see the other wrestlers outside the ring holding themselves in pain.)

(We go to the back to see Leticia Cline)

Leticia Cline: “I am being joined by one of the wrestlers in the King of the Mountain Match. Time Was Now.”

(We see Time Was Now and Ivan Koloff come into camera range.)

Leticia Cline: “Tonight you will go into the King of the Mountain Match to try to capture the Universal title.”

Time Was Now: “Tonight at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania, I will make history as becoming the first winner of the King of the Mountain Match. The man that went through 4 other wrestlers to walk out as Universal Champion….the first man to represent the USSR that have held the Universal title…..the man that will go out there and make every other wrestler, in the ring, with me, just look at themselves then at me then just quit. Because they will never get to the level I am. I am the best WAR has to offer. I am the Slammy Winner for the Future Main Eventer. And that future starts right after I hook the Universal title on the little hook and become the Universal Champion.”

(Now goes to walk away but we see Zack Bowring with the Universal and Intercontinental title on his shoulders smiling.)

Zack Bowring: “You are going to beat me? I don't think so. I'm going out there like I do every time when my title is on the line. Give it my all and beat you and everybody else in there with me. Tonight I will make sure you never even get near the belt.”

(Now and Bowring look ready to fight there but over comes Mattattack with the WAR Tag Team Title on his shoulder.)

Mattattack: “You two are going to win? Don't make me laugh. I have been here before at Wrestlemania. This is you two's first. After the night is done and over with, I will be Universal Champion again. It took a miracle for the Universal title to get off of me but tonight nothing is standing in my way to get back that title. So both of you can argue back and forth on who is going to pin who, but I'm telling you right now that I'm either going to hook that title onto the hook. Or if I go down I'm taking everyone with me.”

(Mattattack walks off leaving Bowring and Now still looking mad at each other)

2. 4evercmpunk vs. Dead Silence (Champ) in the King of the Ring Tournament Finals

First to the ring is 4evercmpunk. She comes alone, but that doesn’t stop the fans by booing. The whole crowd of 75,000+ people in the arena are booing her as she makes her way down the long aisle to the ring. Once she is in the ring, Dead Silence comes through the curtain and people cheer him. Some boo though. She makes his way down the aisle with the TFC 24/7 Title around his waist. As she gets to the ring, she takes off the title, slides in the ring, stands up…..and the bell rings.

As soon as she stands, 4ever goes right after him with right fists to his head. Fist after fist….more and more. But….Silence blocks one of her punches…..knees 4ever in the gut….and then pounds on her back with a forearm. She drops down to her hands and knees. Dead…..WHAM…..does a punt like kick right to her gut. 4ever screams in pain as she flops around the ring from that kick. She uses the ropes to get up. Dead throws her in the opposite ropes…..she comes back…..OH…..Dead does a closeline, but 4ever ducks. She stops in her tracks. Dead turns around…..GOOD GOD….roundhouse kick right to the side of Dead’s head! She stumbles and then….falls to the mat. 4ever covers him: 1-2-OH! 4ever thought that kick right to the head would end it. She gets Silence up…..grabs her head and…..BASHES it in the turnbuckle. She puts Dead in the corner and does a right punch….then a left punch…..a right fist again…..and then….OH….a spinning right fist. 4ever picks up Silence and puts her on the top rope. 4ever climbs…..sets up a superplex…..BUT WAIT…..Dead elbows her in the gut…..pushes her head down….jumps over her….locks onto her waist…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!......Sunset Flip Powerbomb pin: 1-2-NOOOOO!

Vince: “That was so close, that was unbelievable!”

Dead gets 4ever up……but 4ever pushes Dead back…..tries for a closeline….but Dead ducks it….turns around….grabs 4ever…..and Killswitch…..but OH…..4ever pushes Dead into the ropes from behind. She comes back and 4ever picks her up on her shoulders…..GTS! 4ever covers her: 1-2-OHHHH! No way….4ever thought she won it. She gets up furious, climbs the corner…..jumps…..SWANTON BOMB……BUT OH….Silence moved at the last possible second and CRASHSED AND BURNED went 4ever! She holds her back as she gets to her feet. Dead comes behind her and….KILLSWITCH…..but NO AGAIN….4ever pushes herfrom behind…..she goes off the ropes…..Dead comes back and….tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from 4ever!!! The whole crowd is wrapped around this match. 4ever rolls to the outside….and grabs the TFC 24/7 Title…..and gets in the ring. She is eyeing Dead as she gets to her feet. Dead turns around….4ever goes to hit her….BUT LOOK….the ref grabs the title out of her hand. 4ever looks shocked and yells at the ref. The ref doesn’t care as he puts it outside of the ring. JUST THEN….Dead grabs 4ever from behind……KILLSWITCH…..BUT AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN…..4ever tries to throw Dead in the ropes…..but she holds Dead’s head…..bends her torso back……GOOD GOD….a backbreaker right on her knee! Dead bounces up in pain….4ever picks her up on her shoulders……GTS! Dead is motionless! 4ever does the “cut throat” sign…..then quickly climbs the corner….jumps…..IT CONNECTS….Swanton Bomb! Cover: 1-2-3! Winner and King of the Ring Winner: 4evercmpunk

Vince: “Can you believe it? Undefeated Streak vs. Undefeated Streak….and only one undefeated streak continues and that is 4evercmpunk. She is the King of the Ring!”

The ref goes out of the ring and grabs the trophy for 4evercmpunk. He brings it in the ring for her. As she gets handed it….she raises it above her head. The whole arena boos as they see this all. She kisses and hugs it like no tomorrow. She handles it like it’s her own child. She goes outside of the ring and walks up the ramp. The camera follows her. As she finally gets to the top of the ramp, CM Punk comes out on stage. He hugs her to congratulate her. He then kisses the trophy himself. He puts one hand on it, 4ever puts one hand on it…..they both rise it up as it is right in the middle of them. They smirk as the camera goes to the back.

(We go to the back to see Batista jumping around. He looks ready to go fight. Then CBM comes in.)

CBM: “Batista tonight is your night…..the night when you become the New Universal Champion and bring the belt over to AAA. Not only do I want you to take the belt from Bowring but I want you to take his career from him. I want you to destroy anybody that gets in your way.”

Batista: “Don't worry. They don't call me the Animal for nothing. Tonight I will get that belt. And I'll also end not only Bowring's career but everybody else in that ring.”

(Batista and CBM smile and shake hands. Then CBM leaves leaving Batista to walk down a hallway by himself. CBM is in the locker room….all of a sudden, Ultimate Warrior comes in.)

Warrior: “CBM, this is your second Wrestlemania. You have been here last year and you won. But you aren’t the only one who has been here… Skitzo and King of the Dead have been here last year too. What are your thoughts about this Wrestlemania than last year’s?”

CBM: “You know what…..I am in a good mood today. You see, Batista is going to KILL Bowring, AAA will prevail…..and I will certainly be OWC Champion. You see, last year I faced worthless stars. I faced Joker and Hitman619. Both of them are washed up now. I destroyed them…..making me a 2X OWC Champion. I went on to become a 3X and a 1X TFC Champion. I have done it all here. As for King of the Dead, he has done nothing….in fact, he doesn’t even have a winning record at Wrestlemania. Now Skitzo does, but he is a quitter. He quits, but I am left standing. No one is like me. No one can do what I can do. With that being said, I am going to do what people can’t do….and that’s become OWC Champion for the 4th time…..and to remain undefeated at Wrestlemania because I am the Best Wrestler of All-time!” CBM walks away.

(We come back to the ring to see the Barbwire Cage around the ring. The fans are cheering as we look at it. Then we hear DJ Dev's intro music. The fans boo loud then after a while we see Dev walk out. He is walking punching himself in the side of the face as he walks to the ring.)
3. The Champ (Champ) vs. Jacob Chaos vs. DJ Dev vs. Journeywolf in a Barbwire Cage Match for the FTW Title

Tony Chimel: “This is a Barbed wire Cage match for the FTW Title. Introducing first is DJ Dev.”

(Dev is in the ring holding his head in a corner as we hear Jacob Chaos' intro music. The fans cheer loud as we see Chaos on top of the titantron. He points to the crowd then jumps off gliding to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next is Jacob Chaos.”

(Chaos lands outside the ring and unhooks himself. He taunts the crowd as he gets in the cage. Chaos looks at Dev in the corner holding his head as we hear Journeywolf's intro music. The fans boo loud as we see Journey walk out. He ignores the crowd as he walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next is Journeywolf.”

(Journey gets in the ring and looks at the cage as we hear Champ's intro music. The fans boo then after a while we see Champ walk out with the FTW Title around his waist. The fans throw stuff at him as he walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next he is the FTW Champion. The Champ.”

(Champ gets in the ring and holds up his title in the middle of the ring. He hands it to the ref and the ref holds it up showing to everybody then he gets out of the cage through the door. He locks it and all the men are looking at each other. The ref finally gets it locked then calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: As soon as the bell rings everybody rushes each other fighting. Dev and Chaos are throwing punches as is Champ and Journey. Dev grabs Chaos' arm and whips him across the ring. Chaos bounces off the ropes and Dev picks him up on his shoulder. He runs at the cage wall and throws Chaos head first into the cage like a dart. Chaos rolls on the mat holding his face. Journey has Champ in the corner stomping on him. Champ sits in the corner as Journey pushes his face against the cage wall. From behind Dev grabs Journey's waist and hits a german suplex on him. Journey lands on the top of his head. Journey rolls around the ring holding his neck. Dev smiles as he gets up but Champ runs over and hits a drop kick to him. Dev is down trying to get up as Champ runs over and hits a punt to Dev's face. Dev looks knocked out as Champ looks around. He goes to the door and the refs open it. Champ tries to get out the door but Journey grabs Champ by the tights and clubbing on his back. He brings Champ back in and hits a back body slam on him. Journey gets up and brings Chaos up. He hooks Chaos for a Sky Bomb. He picks him up but Chaos wraps his legs around Journey's head and hits a hurricarana on him sending him face first into the cage wall. Journey holds his face as he falls to the mat. Chaos runs to the corner climbing up. He gets to the top and jumps off hitting a double foot stamp to Journey's chest. Journey holds his chest as Chaos turns around to a kick to the mid section then a Stunner from Champ.

Tazz: “Oh there's a Stunner. If this was any other match he could get a pinfall right here.”

Match: Everybody is down now. After a while we see All the men trying to get up. They all get up at the same time. Journey and Champ runs at Chaos and Dev. But both Dev and Chaos grabs Journey and Champ by the head sending them into the cage wall. Journey and Champ hold their heads as Dev kicks Journey in the mid section and hooks him for the Tiger Bomb. Chaos kicks Champ in the mid section and hooks him for the Falcon's Arrow. Then at the same time Dev and Chaos hit their finishers on Journey and Champ. Dev and Chaos get up. But Dev kicks Chaos in the mid section and whips him into the corner. Dev runs at Chaos but Chaos jumps to the top turnbuckle, jumps over Dev, then kicks Dev into the corner. Dev holds his chest as Chaos grabs his head from behind and hits a inverted DDT on him. Chaos gets up and climbs the cage wall. Chaos get up top but can't get buy the barbwire.

Jerry Lawler: “What is he thinking? There's no way to get by the barbwire up there.”

Match: He tries to push it aside but it cuts his hands. Then we see Journey, Dev, and Champ getting up. Chaos looks back at the ring then jumps off hitting a body splash on all of them. Everybody is down again. The fans are going crazy chanting THIS IS AWESOME over and over. Chaos gets up and brings Dev up. He elbows Dev in the face then runs to the ropes. Chaos bounces off the ropes then goes for a drop kick but Dev catches his legs. Dev holds onto his legs then starts to spend around and around. He is spinning towards the wall then finally throws Chaos' head into the cage wall hard. Chaos holds his head as Journey gets up and clubs the back of Dev. He turns Dev around and hits a vicious snap DDT on him. Journey gets up and runs bouncing off the ropes then hits a knee drop to Dev's face. Journey gets up to Champ running at him. But Journey kicks Champ in the mid section, hooks him, and picks him up for the Sky Bomb. But he turns around throwing Champ onto Dev. Dev holds his mid section as Journey starts to climb up the cage. But Chaos grabs Journey by the legs and trips him making him fall split around the top rope. Journey holds himself as Chaos runs across the ring bouncing off the ropes then hitting a drop kick to Journey sending him hard into the cage wall. Journey falls to the mat holding himself as Chaos grabs the top rope then jumps up and then back down driving both feet into Journey's mid section. Journey holds his mid section as Chaos turns around to Dev picking him up hitting a inverted atomic drop on him. Chaos holds himself as Dev grabs his arm whipping him into the corner. Dev goes over and climbs on top of him. He smiles at the crowd in an evil way then head butts Chaos over and over.

Tazz: “We haven't seen that move since he was the Joker. Is this the Joker in the ring now?”

Match: He keeps doing it until Chaos is busted open. Dev is laughing but we see Champ get under Dev and picks him up on his shoulders. He goes to the middle of the ring and we see Journey on the top turnbuckle. He jumps off hitting a flying clothesline to Dev's throat sending him crashing to the mat. Champ gets up to Journey bouncing off the ropes hitting a running knee to the face. Champ holds his face as Journey picks him up hitting a shoulder slam on him. Journey goes to the cage door and it opens. He gets his head out but we see Jerichoholic1 run down the ramp, grabs the cage door, and slams it shut on Journey's head. Journey falls backwards holding his head. Jerichoholic1 goes over and grabs a chair. He throws it over the top of the cage into the ring. Champ picks up the chair as Chaos is getting up then hits it across his head with us hearing a loud CRACK. Chaos falls to the mat knocked out. Journey gets up to a kick to the mid section then a DDT on top of the chair from Champ. He grabs the chair and looks at Dev getting up. He swings the chair but Dev ducks it. Champ turns around to Dev hitting a running boot to the chair into Champ's face. Champ is down holding his face. Dev goes to the door to get out but Jerichoholic1 pushes the ref away holding the door shut. Dev yells at him then pulls something out from his boot.

Jerry Lawler: “Wait what is that he got out of his boot? It's WIRE CUTTERS.”

Match: He climbs the side of the cage and gets to the top. He starts clipping the barbed wire apart. He gets enough clipped so he can climb on top. He looks down at the ring then to the outside. He laughs a little then throws the clippers down outside. He grabs the barbwire and starts to wrap it around himself. In the ring we see Chaos, Dev, and Champ getting up attacking each other. Dev stands up on top of the cage and jumps off landing on the men in the ring. Everybody is rolling around holding themselves. We see Journey is cut on his chest from the barbwire. The fans are going crazy cheering. Dev gets up and tries to unwrap the barbwire. We see Jerichoholic1 hand Champ something. It's 2 pairs of handcuffs. Champ gets up and Dev runs at him. But Champ hits Dev across the face with the handcuffs. Dev is next to the cage wall as we see Jerichoholic1 climb on the side of the cage reaching inside grabbing Dev's arms. Champ comes over and handcuffs Dev's hands on the cage. Dev is yelling at Champ as his arms are spread handcuffed to the cage. Champ grabs the chair and holds it up. He runs hitting Dev across the head hard making a CRACK being heard across the arena. Champ launches but from behind Chaos drop kicks Champ into the cage making him hit Jerichoholic off the cage wall. Champ turns around to Chaos hooking him for a Falcon's Arrow. But Champ pushes him away face first into the cage. Champ runs at Chaos next to the cage and hits a spear to Chaos' mid section. But we see the cage wall fall down making Chaos fall out to the outside mat. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.

Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner and NEW FTW Champion Jacob Chaos.”

(Chaos rolls away as the ref hands him the belt. Champ holds his head yelling at Chaos as Chaos is a bloody mess going up the ramp. He holds the belt up. We see ref's get in the ring and unhooks Dev from the cage. Journey is down holding his chest and head. Champ is looking mad and kicks the cage wall in anger. We see Chaos barely standing up holding up his belt)

The camera goes back to Ultimate Warrior who is walking backstage. Just then….4evercmpunk and CM Punk come in the camera shot. She is holding her trophy.

4ever: “Wow Warrior, I am surprised that you showed up here on account of what happened to you on OWC two days ago. I mean that kick….WOW…..I did a pretty hard one to ya, huh?”

Warrior: “4ever, I don’t want to cause anything between us. You go your way….I go mine.” Warrior starts to leave….but 4ever puts her hand on his shoulder and stops him.

4ever: “No Warrior…..I am OWC’s King of the Ring… listen to me now! I can do whatever I want around here. I don’t need to listen to you; you need to listen to me!” Warrior doesn’t turn around at all. She gets upset and……GOOD GOD….lifts the trophy up and HITS him in the back of the head! He falls down instantly and is motionless. 4ever and CM Punk laugh.

4. Ssj5vin vs. DJ the Icon vs. TVP vs. Jerichoholic1 vs. Shadow vs. Blazin Snake vs. Cody Christopher vs. A-Rob vs. Tara in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

J.R.: "Ladies and gentleman. We are just moments away from the opportunity of a lifetime that is Money In The Bank!!!!!!!! One of these 9 TFC superstars will reach up and pull down a briefcase with a contract inside that allows them a shot at ANY World title ANY time ANY place!!!! We have waited for this very moment and it is here!!!! MONEY IN THE BANK!!Are you ready!?"

All nine TFC superstars come out and there are ladders EVERYWHERE! Each superstar looks out to the huge crowd and looks up to the briefcase hanging above the ring.
Bell rings and we're off!!!
DJ The Icon goes to the outside and grabs a ladder. TVP does the same thing on the other side of the ring! OHH!!!BAM!!!
Jerichoholic runs and takes out TVP before he gets in the ring!
Jerichoholic goes to pick up the ladder but BAM!!!! BLAZIN SNAKE FLIES Under the bottom rope and baseball slide kicks Jerichoholic into the barricade!!!!!Inside the ring A-Rob and Tara are brawling all over the place!!! Cody and Ssj5vin are trading right hands back and forth but Cody blocks one and OH MAN!!! CHOKESLAM!!!! HUGE CHOKELSAM FROM CODY!!
CODY TURNS AND BAM!!!!! DJ the Icon bashes his ladder into Cody and Cody goes down to the mat!!!! DJ starts to climb!!!
Shadow grabs him by the tights and tries pulling him down off the ladder!!!DJ won’t come down off the ladder. Shadow climbs up behind him and starts bashing him in the back of the head with forearm shots! DJ starts to lose his grip on the ladder.
Shadow grabs his head and OHH!!!!!! FLASHBACK OFF THE LADDER DOWN TO THE MAT!!!!! WHAT A MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow gets up and OHH!!!!!! C-5!!!!!C-5!!!!C-5!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow gets hit with the C-5 by A-Rob!!! A-Rob see's Blazin snake coming at him and they lock up!!!! OHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christo-Spear to A-Rob and a Codebreaker from Jerichoholic to Blazin snake!! Jerichoholic gets up and OHH!!!!! HUGE Left footed big boot to Holics head from TVP and Holics head goes into the side of the ladder and he goes down!!!!! Christopher starts climbing up the ladder!!!! TVP starts climbing up the other side!!!!! They meet at the top and trade rights and lefts!
Tara is sliding into the ring with a ladder and she sets it up side by side with the other ladder in the ring!!! She starts to climb but DJ is right there hitting her with right hands!!!!
What’s this? Gut wrench Powerbomb from DJ? NO!!!! Tara high kicks him in the head and he stumbles back!!! Tara bounces off the ropes and charges back at him and OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!

TARANTULA!!!!! Tara nails DJ with a tarantula and he goes down!!!! Tara gets up and uh oh here comes Shadown charging her!!!!!! OHH!!!!!! SHE JUMPS UP AND NAILS SHADOWN WITH A TARANTULA!!!!!! Tara gets up again and This time A-Rob grabs her and lifts her on his shoulders!!!!
UH-OH!!!! GOOD GOOD GOD C-5!!!! NO!!!!!! Tara lands behind A-Rob and goes with the momentum into the ropes. She comes back at A-Rob and BAM!!!!! ANOTHER TARANTULA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tara starts to climb up the ladder!!!! She see's TVP trading shots with Cody and she is trying to kick TVP off of his ladder!!!
TVP busts Cody in the head with a huge left and Cody almost falls off!!!!! TVP Swings again at Cody and CODY BLOCKS!!!!!

Cody is reaching up to grab the briefcase!!!!!! TARA Jumps from her ladder to his and BAM!!!!! Kick to his head!!! Cody is about to fall off the ladder!!!!! NOO!!!!!! He falls but grabs onto the other ladder and hangs on!!!!! Tara reaches up and has the briefcase in her hands!!!!! Tara has the case but cant unlatch it!!! A-Rob sees her and OH NO!! A-Rob pushes the ladder and it falls from under Tara and she is now hanging from the briefcase with no ladder under her!!!! Cody is on the other ladder looking at her!!!!!! Cody leaps off his ladder and OH GOD!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!! CHRISTO=SPEAR OFF THE LADDER AND INTO TARA!!!!! They both go tumbling down from 15 feet in the air!!!!!! They are broken!!!! A-Rob starts to set up the ladder under the case. BAM!!!! Kick to his gut from Ssj5vin!

He tries to DDT A-Rob but ohh!!!! BAM!!!!!! C-5!! C-5!!!!!!!!!
A-Rob gets up and OH MAN!!!!! Blazin snake nails him with a speedy running big boot and then BAM!!! DJ the Icon nails him with a running STO!!!! DJ the icon starts climbing up the ladder but Shadow is right there on the other side climbing up! DJ is at the top before Shadow gets there and he starts banging Shadows head across the top step!!! OOOOOOH!!!!

SHADOWN IS FALLING BACK BUT REACHES TOWARDS DJ AND OH MY GOD!!!! RKO from the top!!!!!!! Both DJ and Shadow are down on the mat!!!!! Jerichoholic starts to climb up the ladder now!!!! WHAT’S THIS? Ssj5vin places the other ladder up against the standing ladder like a slide!!!! Ssj5vin backs up like he’s about to run up that ladder. Jerichoholic is at the top!
He's about to pull down the case!!!!! Ssj5Vin is about to run up the steps but Tara grabs him!!!! He hits Tara and then lifts her on his shoulders!!!! TKO!!!!!! TKO!!!!!!TKO!!!!!!!!TKO!!!!!

Tara is down!!!!! Ssj5Vin gets up and OHH!!!! Closeline from TVP! TVP runs up the ladder and leaps off towards Jerichoholic who is reaching for the case and my god!!!!! Flying roundhouse kick off the ladder to the other ladder taking Jerichoholic down along with himself!!!!!! They crashed down so hard!!!!!!! A-Rob is getting up and sees Shadow right in front of him! BAM!!!!! Huge running knee shot to his head!!!!

A-Rob starts climbing up!!!! Cody is back up and positions the other ladder right by A-Robs! Blazin Snake is climbing up the other side of A-Robs!!!!! Cody is climbing up his!!!!!! They are all at the top of the ladders! A-Rob and Blazin Snake are trying to push each other off while Cody hits both of them from His ladder! Ssj5Vin is getting up and starts climbing up Cody’s ladder. Ssj5Vin meets him at the top and they exchange right hands!!!!! Ssj5vin tries to lift Cody on his shoulders for a TKO off the ladder but OH GOD!!!!! NO!!!!!! Ssj5Vin goes down to the mat after a thunderous uppercut from Cody!!! TVP, Tara and Shadow are trying to get up. TVP turns around to the ladders and tried to climb up but BAM!!!!! RUNNING STO!!!!!
DJ nails him with a running STO and he starts climbing up Cody’s ladder!!!!!!! Tara and her brother exchange right hands but Shadow nails her with a right hand that knocks her out! He grabs Cody’s and DJ's ladder and OH GOD HE TRIES TO SPILL THEM OFF FROM THE TOP!!!!!!! THERE THEY GO!!!!!!!!

DJ goes flying over the top rope and down to the hard floor and he is out!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! Cody catches himself on A-Rob and Blazin Snakes ladder!!!!!! A-Rob has Blazin Snake on his shoulers on the top!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!! A-ROB THROWS HIM OFF HIS SHOULDERS WITH A MODIFIED C-5 OFF THE LADDER!!! Blazin Snake lands on top of Shadow!!!! OMG!!!!!!

A-Rob reaches up!!!! He doesn’t know Cody is right under him!
A-Rob has the briefcase in his hands!!!!!HE'S GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!
NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!! CHOKESLAM!!!!! CHOKESLAM!
Cody Chokeslams A-Rob off the top!!!!!!! Cody climbs up one step and He reaches up!!!!!! He almost has it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the other superstars look up at Cody and try to get up!



Christopher stays at the top of the ladder holding up the Money in the Bank briefcase as Fireworks explode around the ring!!!!!!! The fans cheer Christopher as he put his body through hell tonight!!!!! Christopher did it!! He is MR.MONEY IN THE BANK!!!!!!!!!

Vince: “Well everyone….Wrestlemania 2 is such an AMAZING event so far. With that being said….let’s have a Wrestlemania 2 video package of the BIGGEST TFC event….EVER!” The video plays.

The video ends and we……take a look back at a video package of MR.F-U and JYP's rivalry:

Both men taking down the Fired briefcase.

The classic last man standing match, Loser is fired. Nobody is left standing at the end of the match

JYP brutally attacks F-U and shows a new side to himself that we haven’t seen

NOW TONIGHT! One more match!!! For the National Championship! Loser is FIRED from SmackDown!!!!!!

JYP's music hits and the fans boo him.JYP looks out to the crowd with a heartless look on his face. He doesn’t care! JYP smiles a evil smile then throws his hands in the air as the Pyro explodes behind him!!!

F-U's music hits next and the fans are jumping out of their seats..
Did anybody notice the roof just came off this place!!!!!
F-U doesn’t come out. A whole fleet of F-U look-alikes come out to the ramp and make a path. HERE COMES MR.F-U!!!!!!!!

F-U comes out to the stage with the Pyro exploding all around him and the fans have absolutely lost it!!!!!

F-U comes out with his National title and he holds it high in the air! He looks at JYP from the ramp and charges towards the ring full steam through the F-U Look-a-likes!!!!!!

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!

5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~National Championship~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~Loser is FIRED~~~~~~~


MR.F-U ~~~~~~~~Vs~~~~~~~~~ JYP
Bell rings and we are finally off!!!!!
JYP locks up with F-U and F-U pushes JYP down to the mat!
F-U flexes his muscles at JYP and yells at him-
"I'm too strong for you!!!!" JYP looks at F-U and shakes his head. JYP quickly gets up and Tries locking up with F-U one more time!!!! AGAIN!!!!!! F-U pushes JYP down to the mat.
JYP is furious as F-U just laughs at him.JYP gets up and charges F-U BAM!!!!!! F-U moves and grabs JYP's head sending him into the turnbuckle shoulder first!!!! JYP holds his shoulder and comes out if the corner. F-U charges and BAM!!!
Shoulder block takedown!!!!! F-U Gets up and UH-OH!!!!!!!!!!!
F-U slams his hand down across JYP's head and then quickly covers him. 1...................2........NO!!! JYP kicks out and F-U gets up! F-U picks JYP up by his head and UH-OH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here comes the HERO ATTACK (Rock Bottom)!!!NO!!!!!!NO!!!
JYP elbows F-U in the side of the head over and over!!!!!!!
F-U lets go and JYP falls back and lands on the ropes....JYP springs himself off and BAM!!!!! Big time drop kick from JYP!!!
F-U doesn’t fall but stumbles back in the ropes...F-U gets off the ropes while JYP charges at him.JYP leaps out at him for a flying CLOSELINE!!!!! BAM!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
JYP and F-U both go for a closline and they both connect!!!!!!!
DOUBLE CLOSELINE!!!!!!! Both men are down and slowly trying to get up. F-U is up first as JYP is barely getting off his knees. F-U flies into the ropes and then charges back at JYP!
F-U comes at JYP with another flying Shoulder block!!!!! NO!!
BAM!!!!! OHHHH!!!!! Spinning heel kick surprises F-U right in the face!!! RIGHT IN THE FACE!!!!! F-U is down!! JYP runs up the turnbuckle and OHHH!BME!!BME!BEST MOONSAULT EVER!!!!!!
JYP lands across F-Us back and connects the BME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was awkward!!!!! JYP tries to pick F-U up....JYP has F-U in DDT position!!!! NO!!! He is going to give him a twist of fate!!!
OHHH!!!! F-U counters and BAM!!!!! SUPLEX!!!!!!SUPLEX!!!!!!
Big Suplex from Mr. F-U!!!! JYP's body tenses up as soon as he hits the mat! F-U gets up and the crowd goes wild as he goes to the top of the turnbuckle!! WHATS HE GONNA DO!>?!!?!?!

JYP is down and F-U covers!!!!1....................2....................OH!!
JYP barely…..BARELY kicks out!!! F-U says this is it and picks JYP up!!!!! F-U and JYP are right by the ropes and F-U lifts JYP onto his shoulders and this is it!!!!!! F-U TIME!!!!F-U!!!!!F-U!!!!!!!!!
NOOOO!!!!!!! JYP squirms off F-U's shoulders and lands over the ropes on the outside apron!!!!! JYP reaches over the ropes back in the ring and grabs F-U by the head!!!!!OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JYP jumps off the apron to the outside floor with F-U’s head and F-U's neck goes down across the top rope and he falls to his back on the mat! JYP Jumps back to the APRON!!!!OHHHH!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! 450 SPLASH!!!!450 SPLASH!!!450 SPLASH!!!
JYP jumps to the top rope and flies back into the ring connecting a 450 Splash across F-U's body!!!!!!JYP COVERS!!
1....................2................3 no 2!!!!! F-U KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F-U got out at the last second!!!!!! JYP is stunned!!He gets up.
F-U is at his knees!!!!! JYP grabs and BAM!!!! JYP EFFECT!!!!!!!
(Raven effect DDT) JYP nails F-U with a big DDT and then goes back out to the apron!!!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! 450 SPLASH!!
JYP jumps to the top rope for another 450 splash!!!He jumps!
OH!!!WAIT!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!! F-U jolts up and catches JYP mid air on his shoulders and F-U!!!!F-U!!!!!!F-U!!!!!F-U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. F-U nails JYP with the F-U and covers him!!!!! This is it!!!!!
1...................2................NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!! JYP KICKS OUT!!
F-U cannot believe it!!!!!!!! Nobody can believe it!!!!
F-U picks JYP up slowly and looks in his face. JYP looks back in F-U's face and they both snarl at each other. F-U BAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Huge right hand to JYPS head and he stumbles back.... JYP comes back at F-U and BAM!!!!!.....a Big right to F-U's head and he stumbles back. F-U does the you can’t see me sign at JYP and goes for another big right hand BUT OHHH!!!!!!! JYP BLOCKS!!
JYP nails F-U with an unexpected Diamond Cutter and covers!
1......................2...................NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F-U KICKS OUT!!!
JYP is furious but can’t show it too much as he is dead tired!!
F-U is crawling to the ropes trying to get himself up. He pulls himself up on the ropes and JYP kicks him in the gut hard!!!!
F-U nails JYP with a Hero attack from out of nowhere and covers!!!!! 1.....................2................AGAIN!!!!!! JYP kicks out!
F-U starts to get up! He picks JYP up....BAM!!!!! CHIN BREAKER!
JYP forces F-U's head over the top of his and sits down for a chin breaker!!! JYP once again goes to the apron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HERE COMES THE 450 SPLASH!!!!!! JYP Jumps to the top rope and F-U is moving...JYP COMES FLYING IN AND BAM!!!!NO!!!!!

The ref is down!!!! THE REF IS DOWN!!!!!!! F-U is down!!!!!!!!
JYP is down!!!!!!! EVERYBODY IS DOWN!!!!!!! DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
F-U is getting up and the crowd starts to go wild!!!!!!
F-U walks towards JYP and starts to pick him up!!!! F-U!!!F-U!!
BAM!!!!! Mr. F-U nails JYP with the F-U and goes to pick the ref up!!! BAM!!!!!!!!!!BAM!!!!!!!!!BAM!!!!!!!!!!BAM!!!!!!!!BAM!!!!!!!

NOOO!!!!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!WHY!?!?!?!
WHY WOULD HE DO THAT!?!?!?!WHY!!!?!?!WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Champ looks down at his brother F-U and has a sadistic look on his face. Champ lays JYP's body over F-U's and wakes the referee up. Champ exits the ring while the crowd explodes booing him. The ref slowly crawls to start the count!!!!!!!


NOO!!!!!! NO!!!!! DAMMIT NO!!!!!!!! NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!



J.R.: “I cannot believe this!!!!! That is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!
Mr.F-U's own brother The Champ just cost him his title....
That’s not it!!!! MR.F-U is now fired from SmackDown!!!!!!
This is not fair!!!!!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!”

JYP wakes up and realizes he won the match. He gets up slowly and celebrates with his hands in the air holding his newly won National title. He looks down at F-U and laughs at him. The fans boo JYP with all their might. JYP smiles and leaves.

F-U gets up and the ref tells him what happened.
F-U looks out to the crowd and buries his head down in the mat and slams his fist into it. F-U realizes his own brother stabbed him in the back and he lost his title and is now fired from SmackDown. He looks on to the fans chanting……"Please don’t go!!! Please don’t go!!!!"

F-U knows he has no choice and he waves to the fans as he slowly exits up the stage.

The camera switches to McMahon 101 in his office gearing up for his match. In walks Dixie Carter.

Dixie: “101….” 101 interrupts.

McMahon 101: “Dixie, I know what you are going to say. You are going to say not to go through with it….you are going to tell me I should risk my life, risk my career, risk my job. Let me tell you Dixie….have I ever lost any of that? NO! I may have lost matches……but I always came back after ANYTHING! I got poisoned, I came back…..I got in a car accident, I came back. I shot with a tranquilizer gun, but I came back. I keep coming and coming….and after this match, I will still be around, and it will be the same as I will never lose anything.”

Dixie: “Okay 101…..okay…..but I just wanted to come in and wish you luck!” 101 feels bad.

McMahon 101: “Oh, I am sorry Dixie. You see, nerves are running…..this is the biggest show to date! I am competing out there. I have new moves, a new finisher. I am ready. Thanks for your support. Now if you don’t mind…..I got to get mentally and physically focused on my match.” Dixie nods and closes the door on her way out.

(We come back to the ring and we see the camera sweeping over the crowd. Then we go to the stage to see a big black glass hanging there with 3:16 on it. The fans cheer loud then we see the glass fall and hear glass break. We see Stone Cold walks out and the fans are going nuts. He walks to the ring looking ready to fight.)
6. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker

Tony Chimel: “This is a one on one match. Introducing first is the Co-GM Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

Tazz: “I can't wait to see this match. It is one for the history books. It is two of the biggest Icons in wrestling. This should be a match that nobody will forget for a long time.”

(We see Stone Cold on the top turnbuckle giving the double middle fingers in the air. The fans are still cheering loud still as Austin walks around going to the corners posing for the crowd. He gets down and walks around. His music stops and all we hear is people chanting AUSTIN over and over. Stone Cold is walking around the ring then the lights go off. The fans cheer loud then we hear some kind of chanting. We see Stone Cold looking at the stage then we see pyro going off on the stage. Then we see one by one druids walking out with torches. They all line up on the stage then after a while we hear Undertaker's intro music. The fans cheer loud. Undertaker's music plays then after a while we see Undertaker walk out. He looks at Stone Cold in the ring as he slowly walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next is The Undertaker.”

Jerry Lawler: “Do you feel the goosebumps Tazz? Some say Undertaker is on top of his game during Wrestlemania. But the same could be said about Stone Cold. Both have played mind games with each other as of late on WAR. But only one can win this match here tonight.”

(Undertaker slowly walks up the steps and stops. He raises his arms making the lights come back on. Undertaker gets in the ring and he stares at Stone Cold. He takes off his coat then his hat. He hands them out of the ring and both men look ready to fight. Both walk to the middle of the ring looking at each other. The fans are split for both men. Then the ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: Undertaker and Stone Cold are still in the middle of the ring. Stone Cold is arguing at Undertaker. The fans are still louder than ever cheering for both men. Then we see Stone Cold punch Undertaker. Then Undertaker punches Stone Cold. They go back and forth exchanging punches. But Undertaker blocks a punch and punches Stone Cold over and over. He backs Stone Cold against the ropes and grabs Stone Cold's arm to whip him across the ring. But Stone Cold reverses it sending Undertaker into the ropes. Undertaker bounces off the ropes and Stone Cold jumps onto Undertaker. But Undertaker runs over and drives Stone Cold into the corner. Undertaker punches Stone Cold in the mid section over and over. But Stone Cold grabs Undertaker by the head and throws him into the corner. Stone Cold chops Undertaker across the chest over and over. Stone Cold grabs Undertaker by the arm and whips him across the ring to another corner. Stone Cold runs over and gets a big boot to the jaw from Undertaker in the corner. Stone Cold holds his jaw in pain as Undertaker runs out the corner and hits a flying clothesline to Stone Cold. Undertaker holds up his arm calling for a choke slam. Stone Cold takes his time getting up then Undertaker grabs Stone Cold by the throat for a choke slam. But Stone Cold kicks Undertaker in the mid section and goes for a Stunner. But Undertaker pushes Stone Cold away. Stone Cold turns around to a big boot to Stone Cold's face sending him over the top rope to the outside. Stone Cold gets up off the mat as Undertaker gets out of the ring. Undertaker grabs Stone Cold by the head and goes to hit him on the steel steps. But Stone Cold blocks it and slams Undertaker's face into the steps. Undertaker holds his head as Stone Cold is leading him to the announce table. Stone Cold hits Undertaker's head against the announce table. The ref is counting out both men as Stone Cold hits him again across the table. Stone Cold gives Undertaker a middle finger then goes to hit him again on the table. But Undertaker blocks it. He elbows Stone Cold in the mid section then grabs Stone Cold hitting him across the table. Stone Cold holds his head as Undertaker rolls him half way in the ring with his head on the mat. Undertaker climbs up onto the ring mat then run hitting a leg drop across Stone Cold's throat.

Tazz: “He just took Stone Cold's head off. Oh that is old school Undertaker.”

Match: Stone Cold rolls around inside holding his throat as Undertaker gets in. He covers Stone Cold. 1,2...........Stone Cold kicks out. Undertaker gets up and brings Stone Cold up by his head. But Stone Cold punches Undertaker in the mid section. He tries to whip Undertaker across the ring but Undertaker reverses it sending Austin into the ropes. Austin bounces off and jumps up, but Undertaker catches him then drops Austin on the top rope throat first. Undertaker covers Austin: 1, 2..........Stone Cold kicks out. Undertaker brings Austin up and punches him in the back. Austin backs up into the corner. Undertaker stomps on Austin several times then whips Austin hard into another corner so hard it makes Austin fall to the mat. Austin rolls out of the ring holding his back. Undertaker reaches over the top rope for Austin. But Austin grabs Undertaker's legs tripping him. He holds onto Undertaker's legs and goes over the corner post. He gets Undertaker's legs on both sides of the post. Austin argues at Undertaker and grabs Undertaker's leg and swings it into the post. Undertaker yells in pain as Austin goes to do it again. But Undertaker pulls his legs to him making Austin hit head first with the ring post. Austin is leaning on the corner post holding his head. The fans are cheering for both men. Both men are down but finally Stone Cold rolls in the ring. He holds his head and Undertaker gets up holding his knee. Taker then uppercuts Stone Cold's throat. Stone Cold holds his throat as Undertaker grabs his arm to whip him into the ropes. But he reverses it sending Undertaker into the ropes. Undertaker bounces off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline to Stone Cold. Both men are down again. The fans are still cheering but Undertaker rolls over and grabs Stone Cold by the throat choking him. The ref argues at him to let up until Undertaker lets go. Undertaker grabs Stone Cold's arm twisting it around while bringing him up. Undertaker yanks on the arm then goes to the corner. He climbs up still holding onto Stone Cold's arm and walks across the top rope. Undertaker jumps off for a Old School. But Stone Cold is able to kick Undertaker on his way down then hits the Stunner on him.

Tazz: “If Stone Cold can roll over he will get the win. There is no way Taker can kick out from that Stunner.”

Match: Both men are down as the fans are cheering for Stone Cold. The ref checks on both men as they lay on the mat. He starts to count both men out. The ref gets to 6 and Stone Cold is up. But as soon as he gets up Undertaker sits up. But Stone Cold runs over and stomps on the head of Undertaker sending him back down. Stone Cold stomps on Undertaker's knee he wrapped around the ring post. Stone Cold rolls out of the ring and grabs Undertaker's leg and hits it across the side of the ring mat. Undertaker yells in pain as he rolls around the ring and gets up. Stone Cold climbs up to the ring mat on the outside but Undertaker runs to Stone Cold and grabs him by the throat. He lifts Stone Cold up and brings him back into the ring and hits a choke slam on him. Both men are down again. The ref checks on them and starts to count them out. The ref gets up to 4 as Undertaker gets up barely. Then Stone Cold gets up and hits a clothesline on Undertaker sending him over the top rope to the floor. But Undertaker lands on his feet and his knee buckles. Undertaker holds his knee as Stone Cold gets out. Stone Cold grabs Undertaker by the head and punches him. Austin leads Undertaker onto the ramp and punches him several times. Austin picks Undertaker up and throws him into the crowd. Stone Cold taunts the fans with middle fingers then fallows Undertaker. And for some reason the ref is fallowing them.

Tazz: “It looks like the ref is going to let this happen. He wants to see a non-count out win just like the rest of us.”

Match: Stone Cold clubs Undertaker on the back as they walk through the crowd. We lose them in the crowd as they are up cheering. Finally we see them. Stone Cold goes for a suplex on Undertaker but Undertaker hits one of his own on him. Stone Cold takes his time getting up and gets a clothesline from Undertaker sending him back over the barricade. Undertaker climbs over with the ref. Undertaker grabs Austin's head and hits him into the ring post. Undertaker shakes his knee then rolls Austin back in the ring. But Austin is up and punches Undertaker. Stone Cold goes for a Stunner but Undertaker pushes him away. Austin turns around to Undertaker running at him but he ducks it sending Undertaker over the top rope. But Undertaker lands on his feet again. Austin gets out of the ring mat and jumps on Undertaker. But Undertaker catches him and hits a Tombstone on him on the outside ring mat. Both men are down again. The crowd is going crazy for both men. The ref yells at Undertaker to get Austin back in the ring. Undertaker brings Austin up and rolls him in. Undertaker covers Stone Cold. 1, 2..........somehow Stone Cold kicks out. Undertaker chases the ref out of the ring. Stone Cold crawls to the corner and tries to get up. Undertaker runs at him and jumps on him sending both to the mat. Stone Cold punches Undertaker over and over. Stone Cold gets up and bounces off the ropes and hits a elbows drop on him. Stone Cold rolls out of the ring and grabs the top of the announce table and takes it off. Undertaker rolls out of the ring and gets a chop to the chest. Stone Cold picks Undertaker up and drops him face first on the table. Undertaker rolls back in the ring with Stone Cold fallowing him. Stone Cold climbs to the top turnbuckle but Undertaker uppercuts him to the throat. Stone Cold is still on the top as Undertaker is on the ring mat. He grabs Stone Cold by the throat then jumps off hitting a choke slam on Stone Cold onto the announce table bouncing off. The table doesn't break but sends Austin flying to the floor. Both men are down as the ref checks on them. Undertaker is able to get up and brings Stone Cold up rolling him back in the ring. Undertaker gets back in and covers Stone Cold: 1, 2.......somehow Stone Cold kicks out at the last second. The fans cheer loud as Undertaker can't believe it. Both men are down again but Undertaker uses the ropes to get up. Stone Cold is getting up but spitting out blood. Undertaker grabs Stone Cold and whips him into the corner. Undertaker runs at him but Stone Cold gets his boot up into Undertaker's face. Stone Cold runs to the rope bouncing off then both men hit a clothesline on the other knocking each of them down. The ref is counting both men out. At 7 both men sit up and get up. They meet in the middle of the ring and both throwing punches at each other. They go back and forth then Stone Cold kicks Undertaker in the mid section going for a Stunner. But Undertaker turns him around and picks him up for a Tombstone. But Stone Cold shifts his weight and gets loose. Undertaker turns around to a Stunner from Stone Cold. Both men are down but Stone Cold crawls over covering Undertaker: 1, 2...........Undertaker kicks out. Stone Cold can’t believe it. But Undertaker sits up. Stone Cold gives him two middle fingers then kicks Undertaker in the face. But Undertaker grabs his leg and gets up. He grabs Austin and hits a Tombstone on him. Undertaker crosses Stone Cold's arms over and covers him: 1, 2...........Stone Cold kicks out. Both men are down can't get up. Then we hear pyro go off and Kane's music plays. The fans cheer as Kane comes out. But Undertaker gets up and yells at Kane to go back.

Jerry Lawler: “What is he doing? He can win this with the help of Kane.”

Match: Undertaker yells at Kane until Kane finally walks to the back. Undertaker turns around to Austin going for a Stunner. But Undertaker grabs his leg then grabs him by the throat. Undertaker rolls his eyes back but Stone Cold kicks him in the mid section and hits another Stunner on him. Stone Cold covers Undertaker: 1, 2...........Undertaker still kicks out. Stone Cold can't believe it. Stone Cold rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He gets in the ring with it but the ref snatches it away from him. Stone Cold argues with the ref but the ref gets the chair out. Stone Cold turns around to Undertaker grabbing him hitting another Tombstone on him. Undertaker gets up and looks down at Stone Cold. He grabs Stone Cold and brings him up. He picks Stone Cold up and hits another Tomb Stone on him. Undertaker covers Austin. 1, 2, 3. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.

Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner The Undertaker.”

Tazz: “Oh what a match between these two men. I have never seen two top performers take each other to these levels before.”

(Undertaker finally gets up and uses the ropes to stay up. Stone Cold holds his head as he is down. Undertaker gets down on one knee then poses for the crowd.)

The camera goes back to TY Helmsley and Eric Bischoff. They are just with a camera man somewhere backstage.

TY: “Tonight will be the last night that McMahon 101 will be known as the OWC GM. Tonight will be the last night anyone will ever see him. Tonight is the night where I bash 101’s head in….where I take his job from him…..where I take his life from him. I will not only have Eric Bischoff as a manager, I will not only have the Tough Enough Title around my waist…..but I will also run OWC. My first order of business in OWC… to make an OWC Title Match. Whoever wins it tonight…..they will face TY Helmsley….YES, ME!....they will face me with the title on the line…..and let me just say…..I will win! That’s just some of the things I am going to do as GM.”

Eric: “With TY being GM, I will also be able to take control of OWC. And my first thing… to have a little bit of fun with Paul Heyman….Jim Cornette….Vince Russo…..and all the haters in the back. You want to mock me….well think again as I will be….YOUR….BOSS!” Both walk away.

7. Kevin, Sharona vs. Captain Pwnage vs. Painkiller vs. DX Warrior vs. Saleem w/ Paul Heyman vs. Mason Taylor vs. Oracle Zero vs. CM Punk in a TFC Title Invitational Over the Top Rope Match

Vince: “It’s time for another match that is represented by OWC. Here are the rules…..the stars can only be eliminated if they are thrown over the top rope and both their feet touch the floor. Once that happens….the last star remaining will become, since there isn’t a current champion, they will become the NEW TFC Champion. Let’s get ready! Over 70,000 people here……we are going to see a new champion!”

Each star comes down the ring. First Kevin comes and the whole crowd cheers him on. His NEW entrance music plays:

The roof almost pops off. After him, Sharona comes and the reaction of the fans is the same. After her, Painkiller comes out, but the fans boo him as he makes his way in the ring. DX Warrior, from War, comes down the long ramp and in the ring. The crowd cheers for him. Another OWC star comes in the ring as Saleem makes his way. He is with Paul Heyman. Heyman is more excited than ever. Saleem gets in the ring, but Paul is at ringside. After Saleem, Manson Taylor comes to the ring, but he is booed. Another Smackdown star, Oracle Zero, comes into the match…..and then OWC star, CM Punk makes his way in.

Vince: “We had seen a lot of CM Punk tonight. He has made quite an impression at Wrestlemania 2…..let’s see if it will continue.”

The match starts with all 9 stars in the ring. As the bell rings…..all of them look around at each other…..and then everyone collides. Saleem goes after Zero…..Taylor goes after Kevin…..Sharona goes after CM Punk…..Captain goes after Killer…..but DX Warrior just stands there. He looks around and sees everyone punching back and forth. He looks around but everyone is just fighting. Saleem was going after Zero, but Zero countered and gave Saleem a few rights of his own….but Saleem pushed Zero back. Zero went back, turned around to focus on another star….BUT…..GOOD GOD…..Sweet Chin Music from DX Warrior! Zero fell right down. Saleem is leaning against the ropes in awe. Warrior runs to him….but Saleem elbows him in the chin. He goes to the center of the ring…..Saleem marches to him….but he kicks Saleem in the gut….sets up and….PEDIGREE!

Jim: “Wow, Warrior is on a role!”

Warrior gets up….but he turns around and sees Taylor and Kevin right behind him staring at him. In unison……Taylor and Kevin kick Warrior in the gut….set up and….double suplex! Kevin and Taylor get up…..BUT OH…..Kevin doesn’t team up and gives a BIG boot right to the face of Taylor and he falls straight down. CM Punk has Sharona in the corner and he is hitting her with a right fist….a left fist….a right one…..a swinging back right hand…..and then…..BOOM….a roundhouse kick…..BUT Sharona caught Punk’s leg. She still holds onto it as she gets out of the corner……she continues to hold as she goes to the center of the ring. Just then…..Kevin bounces off the ropes that are behind Sharona…..jump in the air…..his torso clear her head and…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!.......a flying closeline right to Punk and he falls down! The whole crowd LOVES it! Kevin gets up….but Sharona side steps……HEAR THE IMPACT…..Sweet Chin Music on him! He falls back against the ropes. Sharona runs……BUT WAIT…..Kevin puts his foot up and kicks her right in the jaw. She stumbles back and we see…..Killer get out of his battle with Captain……he grabs the throat of Sharona and…..lifts her up…..CHOKESLAM! Kevin falls down each rope until he is sitting on the mat. Killer turns….but sees Captain right in his face. Captain does several right shots to him….right after right. Killer goes back little by little with each punch. Captain grabs Killer and throws him in the ropes….but Killer reverses it. Captain goes into the ropes……BUT holds onto it with 1 arm so he doesn’t go back to the center of the ring where Killer is. JUST THEN…..Zero gets up and rushes to Captain and CLOSELINES him…..BUT WAIT, OH, OH, OH……Captain bends over…..lifts Zero up and…..BACK BODY DROP OVER THE TOP ROPE! Elimination: Oracle Zero.

Killer doesn’t waste any time though….as he goes right to Captain…..grabs him by the throat and….THROWS him in the corner. Killer does some body shots right to Captain. BUT LOOK…..Punk is up and is in the corner on the other side of the ring. He runs and as he runs, he screams. Killer turns around and sees Punk. Killer moves out of the way……Punk goes and…..GOOD GOD…..a knee right to Captain’s chest in the corner. Punk grabs Captain’s head and…..bulldog! Punk gets up and taunts to the crowd. They boo…..but then quickly cheer…..cheer because Warrior is right behind him. Punk turns around….Warrior kicks him……PEDIGREE…..but NO…..Punk takes the legs out from under him….sets up and….CATAPULT! Warrior flies face first into the corner. Punk gets up…..but he forgot Killer who is still on his feet. Punk looks left and right and sees no one standing. He then does impressions of the crowd by taking some pills and drinking drinks. Killer slowly goes behind Punk.

Punk continues his act. Killer TAPS Punk on the shoulder. Punk completely stops…..slowly turns his head around…..and once he sees Killer…..his eyes BULDGE out! Killer grabs Punk….picks him up……GOOD GOD…..Tombstone! Punk’s body shakes from the impact….from his head being RAMMED into the mat. Killer gets to his feet….sees Sharona is wobbly on her feet. Killer goes through the second rope….and climbs the top rope. Killer is about to jump…..BUT WAIT…..Kevin PUSHES Killer off the top and…..GOOD GOD…..he falls face first into the barricade! Killer is down!
Sharona turns around to see what happens…..BUT KEVIN RUNS…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!! Sharona is down! Saleem goes behind Kevin….turns him around…lifts him up on his shoulders…..NO, NO, NO……F-5! Saleem now gets up…..but DX Warrior quickly gets up by him……SWEET CHIN MUSIC…..Saleem GOES over the top rope…..Elimination: Saleem! Paul Heyman jumps on the ring apron in rage. He starts yelling at Warrior…..but Warrior side steps…..SWEET CHIN MUSIC on Heyman! Heyman falls and his hat comes right off his head. Warrior turns around…..OH NO…..Captain runs to him…..CLOSELINE over the top rope…..Elimination: DX Warrior. Captain turns around…..and Punk lifts him up on his shoulders……drops him down and….GTS!!!!! Punk sees Manson Taylor……Punk goes behind him…..grabs him and….TOSSES him over the top rope…..Elimination: Manson Taylor. Sharona gets up from the spear…..Kevin grabs her…..throws her over the rope…..but she lands on the apron. She moves and…..SWEET CHIN MUSIC right on him. He falls back in an instant. Just then…..Captain runs to her……OH NOOOOO……she does a shoulder block and she FALLS TO THE GROUND! Elimination: Sharona. Punk runs to Captain…..but Captain locks his hands around Punk’s waist…..belly to belly suplex over the top rope….but Punk headbutts Captian…..moves back…..GOOD GOD…..he hits a roundhouse kick to the side of his face…..Captain wobbles…..Punk pushes him over…..Elimination: Captain Pwnage. Just then…..KEVIN GETS TO HIS FEET……dropkicks Punk from behind…..ELIMINATION: CM Punk! Winner and NEW TFC Champion: KEVIN!!!!!!!

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT……CBM comes out on the entrance stage. He has a mic as he walks down to the ring.

CBM: “You know, I am War GM…..and I forgot to mention another invitational participant in this match. THAT PERSON…….IS C----B-----M!!!!!!” He drops the mic……runs in the ring. BUT WAIT…..Killer goes on the apron and gets in the ring.
Vince: “LOOK….we forgot about Painkiller. HE WAS NEVER ELIMINATED!”

CBM goes to run to Kevin….but stops right by Kevin and both of them look at Killer getting in the ring. Killer yells……and then runs to them. AS soon as he gets near…..both Kevin and CBM duck…..lift Killer up……BACK BODY DROP OVER the top rope! Elimination: Painkiller! Just then….CBM grabs Kevin’s trunks……TOSSES him over…..ELIMINATION: KEVIN……WINNER AND NEW TFC CHAMPION: CBM!!!!!!

The whole arena can’t believe it. The ref hands CBM the TFC Title….and he raises it above his head for everyone to see…..and for everyone to boo!

The camera goes back to see Earl watching it on a monitor. He smiles and laughs at the outcome. He walks away from the TV…..but then 101 walks up behind him.
McMahon 101: “Earl….why are you wearing a referee shirt?”

Earl: “I am wearing this because I am refereeing the OWC Title match tonight!”

101: “YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING! You referee tonight…..NO…..if you even go out there tonight……I will FINE you…..I will SUE you……I will FIRE you! You will not be heard from again…..I will take every last penny from you. Now I hope you enjoy Wrestlemania!” 101 walks away while Earl in furious.

8. Zack Bowring (Champ) vs. Mattattack vs. Time Was Now vs. Jaz vs. Batista in the King of the Mountain Match for the Universal Title

(We come to the ring to see a cage sitting next to the ring. We see the hook hanging above the ring with ladders outside. The fans are cheering loud. Then we hear Jaz's intro music. The fans are split as she walks out. She looks focused as she walks to the ring ignoring the crowd.)

Tony Chimel: “This is the King of the Mountain Match for the Universal Championship. The only way to win is to get a pinfall or submission from one of your opponents then hanging the title on the hook in the middle of the ring. The person that submits or gets pinned will be put in the penalty box on the outside for 2:00. Introducing first is Jaz.”

Tazz: “And here we go. The Main Event for WAR. The Universal Title has been fought in some of the most brutal matches TFC has ever had. We had Elimination Chambers, Hell in a Cells, Scramble Match, Barbwire matches. And a Total WAR match. There is more blood and tears on that belt then any title in TFC. And what an accomplishment will it be for Jaz if she could get the win and become the first woman to hold the Universal Title?”

(Jaz walks around the ring then we hear Time Was Now's intro music. The fans boo loud then after a while we see Now walk out. He is alone as he slowly walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next is Time Was Now.”

Jerry Lawler: “Here is my pick. He is hungrier for that title than any other wrestler in this match. He is the Slammy Winner for the Future Main Eventer in TFC. He's got to win it.”

(Now gets in the ring arguing with Jaz in the corner as we hear Batista's intro music. The fans boo again then after a while we see Batista walk out. He stops on the stage then points at himself making a spotlight come on him then walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next is Batista.”

Tazz: “And ever since joining the AAA Batista has been more brutal then he has ever been before in TFC. Tonight he has a good chance at becoming the Universal Champion and brings the belt to the AAA.”

(Batista gets in not even moving when Now yells at him. We hear DX music. The fans cheer loud then after a while we see Mattattack walk out. He has the WAR Tag Team Title around his waist as he taunts the fans heading to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next he is 1/2 of the WAR Tag Team Champions Mattattack.”
Jerry Lawler: “No he is my pick. He if a former multi time Universal Champion. He's got the best odds because he's faced most of these wrestlers in a match before. He's got my vote.”

(Mattattack gets in the ring and does the DX Chop at Jaz. Jaz just looks on as we hear Zack Bowring's intro music. The fans go crazy cheering. After a while we see Bowring come out with the Universal and Intercontinental title around his waist. He dances on the stage a little then walks to the ring greeting the fans.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next he is the Universal Champion Zack Bowring.”

Tazz: “And here he is. The current Universal Champion. He has fought so hard to get where he is today and now holds the Universal title. He has a lot of people doubting he can walk out with the belt but we have shown in the past he is willing to put his body on the line to get through anything.”

(Bowring gets in the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle with his title. He gets down and everybody looks ready to fight. The ref gets the belt and holds it up. He then hands it out of the ring and asks everybody if they’re ready? Then the ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: Everybody quickly runs at each other. We see Bowring and Mattattack attacking Batista. Now is punching on Jaz. Bowring and Mattattack grabs Batista's arms and whips him across the ring. Batista bounces off the ropes and hits a double clothesline to Bowring and Mattattack sending them down. He turns around to a Now kicking him in the mid section the throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Now goes after Batista but Jaz low blows Now. Now holds himself as Jaz lifts him up over her head. She walks around the throws Now over the top rope to the floor on top of Bowring and Mattattack. Jaz turns around to a spear from Batista. Batista smiles as he looks down at her. He grabs her by the hair bringing her up hooking her for a Batista Bomb. But Bowring jumps off the top turnbuckle hitting a flying drop kick to Batista sending him down. Batista gets up quickly to Bowring running at him. But Batista moves away. But Bowring runs up the corner and hits a Whisper in the Wind on Batista. Bowring runs over and climbs the top turnbuckle. He gets to the top then jumps off hitting a Swanton Bomb on Batista. Bowring holds his neck as he gets up. But Jaz runs over and clotheslines Bowring over the top rope. Jaz looks down and covers Batista. 1,2,3.

Tazz: "A pin already? And look how Jaz did it. She let Bowring do all the work then took the advantage to get the pin."

Match: The ref says Jaz is able to hook the title onto the hook. The refs rolls Batista out of the ring and gets him in the cage and locks the door. We see a timer on the screen counting down from 2:00 for Batista to stay in there. Jaz rolls out of the ring as there getting Batista in and grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring. She grabs the belt to get in the ring with it. But Mattattack picks Jaz up hitting a spinebuster on her as she turns around. Mattattack sees Now in the ring. Mattattack gets in and trades punches with Now. They go back and forth until Mattattack blocks one punching him back. He backs Now back into the ropes then he grabs Now's arm and whips him across the ring. Now bounces off the ropes and gets a running knee from Mattattack. Mattattack yells to the crowd and is waiting for Now to get up. Now takes his time using the ropes to stand up. Mattattack kicks Now in the mid section and hooks him for a Pedigree. But behind Mattattack Bowring jumps off the top rope and hits a hurricarana on Mattattack sending him flying out of the ring. Now is still standing as Bowring gets up and kicks Now in the mid section hitting a Twist of Fate on him. Bowring covers Now. 1,2............Jaz jumps in the ring hitting Bowring over the head. She brings Bowring up and elbows him in the face. She grabs his arm and whips him into the corner. She runs to him but gets a elbow to the face. Bowring jumps to the top turnbuckel but Jaz grabs him throwing him to the outside hitting the barricade. Jaz goes over and grabs the ladder. But she sees Mattattack and Now exchanging punches. She runs with the ladder and throws it onto them hitting them in the face. Mattattack and Now are down as we see the clock run out. Batista gets out of the cage and slides in the ring. Jaz turns around to Batista going for a spear on her. But she jumps over him. Batista turns around to a kick to the mid section and Jaz hooks him for a DDT. But Batista throws her over him hitting a back drop on her. Jaz holds her back as she gets up to a kick to the mid section from Batista. He hooks her and hits the Batista Bomb on her.


Match: Batista covers Jaz. 1, 2, 3. The ref says Batista is able to hook the title. The refs rolls Jaz out and gets her in the cage for 2:00. Batista rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He slides it into the ring and gets back in grabbing the belt. He climbs the ladder while the fans boo him. But we see Now get in the ring and climbs up the other side of the ladder. He gets to the top and punches Batista in the mid section before he could hang the belt. Now grabs the belt out of his hands and hits Batista over the head with it. Batista barely hangs onto the ladder. Now hit him again with the belt. Before Batista can fall Mattattack runs over and grabs the ladder pushing it over sending both men falling to the mat. Mattattack is waiting for one of the men to get up. But from behind Bowring runs and grabs him hitting a running bulldog on him. Mattattack gets up and Bowring runs at him. But Mattattack picks him and and hits a spinebuster on him on top of the ladder. Bowring holds his back in pain then Mattattack covers him. 1,2,3. The ref says Mattattack is able to hang the belt. We see Jaz gets out of the cage as her time is up as there putting in Bowring. Mattattack grabs the ladder picking it up but Jaz runs over and drop kicks the ladder sending Mattattack falling to the mat with the ladder on top of him. Jaz runs bouncing off the ropes and hits a high leg drop on the ladder sending it into the face of Mattattack. She gets up to Now with a chair hitting her over the head with it. Now throws the chair down and grabs the ladder. He picks it up and rams the top of it into Jaz's face sending her down. Now throws the ladder down on top of her. Now turns around to a kick to the mid section from Mattattack hooking him for a Pedigree. But Now reverses it sending Mattattack flying through the air on top of the ladder. Mattattack yells in pain as he gets up holding his back .But Now kicks him int the mid seciton and hits the End of Times making the back of Mattattack's head hit the ladder.

Tazz: “Oh did you see the hit Mattattack's head took? He's skull is got to be busted open.”

Match: Now covers Mattattack. 1,2,3. The ref says Now is able to hang the belt. Mattattack gets rolled out of the ring and put in the cage with Bowring. Bowring and Mattattack while in the cage. Now grabs the ladder and sets it up. He grabs the title and waves at Bowring goodbye. Now climbs the ladder to hang the belt. But we see Bowring's time is up in the cage. He comes flying out and climbs onto the top of the cage. He jumps off the cage drop kicking the ladder sending Now flying to the outside. We see Batista get in the ring and picks Bowring up looking for a Spinebuster. But Bowring is able to swing himself around and hit a DDT on him on top of the ladder. Batista holds his head as he rolls around the ring. Bowring grabs the ladder and puts it on top of Batista. He runs to the corner and climbs up. He jumps off hitting a Swanton Bomb on the ladder on top of Batista. Bowring holds his back as he covers Batista. 1,2,3. The ref says Bowring can hang the belt as Batista gets rolled out of the ring into the cage. Mattattack grabs Batista's head and rams it into the side of the cage. Then his time in the cage is up. Bowring has the ladder up and is climbing it to hang the belt. But Mattattack gets in shakes the ladder. But Bowring throws the title into Mattattack's face. Bowring steps to the top of the ladder and jumps off for a bodysplash. But Mattattack catches him and hits a spinebuster on him.

Jerry Lawler: “A spinebuster out of nowhere. WOW. Bowring is out of it.”

Match: Mattattack gets up yelling but Jaz gets in the ring and grabs the belt hitting Mattattack in the back of the head with it. She hooks him and hits a Powerbomb on himm. Jaz grabs the title and climbs to the top. She is almost about to hang it as Now grabs the chair and hits Jaz across the back with it. Jaz yells in pain as she falls to the mat. Now grabs the title and starts to climb. He gets to the top and taunts the crowd holding up the belt. He goes to hang it but down the ramp we see JD come out. He jumps to the top rope then jumps to the ladder. He punches Now in the face then hooks him hitting a suplex of the top of the ladder to the mat. Now rolls out of the ring holding his back. JD rolls out and stomps on Now then heads up the ramp. In the ring Mattattack grabs the belt. He sits the ladder back up and starts to climb. He gets half way up as Bowring gets back in and starts to climb up with him. They both get up to the top and Bowring punches Mattattack in the face. Bowring grabs Mattattack's face and hits it across the top of the ladder. Mattattack drops the title as Bowring grabs his head and hits a Twist of Fate off the top of the ladder. The fans are going crazy. We see Batista get out of the cage and gets back in the ring punching on Bowring. But Jaz is on top of the cage outside. But Bowring runs over to the corner and jumps on top then steps up on the cage. Jaz punches Bowring in the face over and over. She kicks Bowring in the mid section and goes to hit a Powerbomb on him off the cage. But from behind Mattattack climbs the cage and clubs Jaz from behind. Bowring falls of the cage to the mat. Mattattack hooks Jaz for a Pedigree on the cage. But Jaz stands up sending Mattattack fall all the way to the outside going through the announce table.


Match: The fans are going crazy cheering THIS IS AWESOME over and over. Jaz sees Bowring and Batista getting back up. She jumps off going for a moonsault onto Batista and Bowring. But Bowring rolls away letting Batista get hit. Jaz gets up and gets hit with a Twist of Fate. Bowring yells to the crowd. He grabs the belt and climbs up the ladder. He gets to the top and sits up there. We see Now trying to get back in the ring but JD is holding his foot. Bowring reaches up and hooks the belt onto the hook. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.

Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner and STILL Universal Champion Zack Bowring.”


(Bowring unhooks his belt and holds it up. He is sitting on top of the ladder as everybody else is down. JD is on the ramp laughing at Now. Now looks mad as he looks up the ramp at JD. The fans cheer loud for Bowring has we see him hold his Universal title up in the air)

J.R.: “Do you know what is coming up next? Are you ready to ENTER HELL?? Three stages of HELL!!!!! It is time for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! It has been a long time coming!!
And finally!!!!! We are HERE!!!! SmackDown’s Wrestlemania MAIN EVENT!!! Casey, Bryant, Tana and Toolman!! It's TIME!!!!! As the Universal Title Match gets cleared up, we will start the Smackdown’s Main Event. But for your pleasure, here’s how all of this came together.”

9. Casey (Champ) vs. Tana vs. Toolman vs. Bryant in Three Stages of Hell Elimination Match for the World Championship; 1st StageL Xtreme Rulez match…..2nd Stage: Submission Match…..3rd Stage: Normal Match

We take a look at a video package of this historic rivalry that has built hatred between all four superstars over time.
Tana's music blasts and the fans go crazy!!!!!
Tana comes out and the pyro explodes on each side of her!

Toolmans music hits and the crowd is booing him almost so loud you cant even hear his music.Toolman comes out and he holds up a wrench in his hand!!!! This first Stage is Xtreme Rulez and he already has his weapon!!!

The arena goes completely dark and the crowd screams in excitement!!! Bryants music hits and the lights flash back on!
All you can see is clouds of red and black smoke Then out pops the Black Terminator!!!! The crowd goes absolutely insane!!!!

Last is World Champion Casey’s music. Fireworks rain from the ceiling down to the ramp and shower Casey as she enters!
The fans have lost it! They are screaming and booing at Casey
Casey smiles at all of them and holds her title high in the sky while another batch of fireworks shoot across the stage!!!!

All four competitors circle the ring as the fans are jumping up and down!!

The ref is calling for the bell I can’t believe it! The wait is over!
The announcer has a mic and states that this first stage is XTREME RULEZ!!!!!!!
Bell rings and here we go!!!!!
Toolman already has a wrench in his hand and charges at Bryant!!!! Toolman swings with all his might at Bryant and he moves!!! Toolman hits his hand over the top rope and drops the wrench to the outside!!!! Toolman turns around and BAM!!
Huge right hand from Bryant!!!!! Toolman falls back and lands into the ropes. Bryant backs up and closelines Toolman to the outside! OHH!!!!!! Tana dropkicks Bryant in the back and he tumbles over the top to the apron. BAM!! Casey spears Tana in the back and she bumps Bryant off the apron on top of Toolman!!!!! Tana pulls herself up on the ropes and Casey charges her! CLOSELINE! NO!! Tana ducks her shoulder and OHHHHHH!!!!! Tana flips Casey up and over the ropes and she lands on Bryant and Toolman who were just getting to their feet. Casey,Toolman and Bryant start to again get up. Tana runs towards the ropes and then charges back towards them!
Tana leaps over the top rope full speed and nails all three opponents with the fosbury flop!!!!! All four competitors are laid out on the outside!!!! Tana is the first try and get to her feet. Casey is getting up next. Tana is up and she looks to the side and see's Casey!!!! Tana charges Casey!!!! Casey moves and BAM!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!! TERMINATION TO DARKNESS!!!!!!!
Tana runs right into a Termination to Darkness right onto the hard outside floor and Tana has the breath knocked out of her! Toolman is up and sees the wrench he dropped he goes to pick it up but Bryant pulls him back by the arm and BAM!!!
Toolman bashes Bryant in the face with a huge right hand!
Bryant tumbles back and BAM!!!!!!! SPEAR!!!!SPEAR! SPEAR!!!
Casey nails Bryant with a spear on the outside and she gets up and BAM!!!!!! Toolman bashes Casey over the head with the Wrench and then picks her back up and tosses her in the ring. Toolman gets in after and holds the wrench in the air!
Casey gets to her knees and then to her feet and see's Toolman smiling at her showing her the wrench. Casey looks like a deer caught in the headlights! Toolman raises it to hit Casey and OHHHH!!!!!!! Casey kicks Toolman right between the legs and he falls to his knees and drops the wrench!!!!
Casey picks it up and laughs at Toolman. BAM!!!! BAM!!!! BAM!
Oh God Casey just cracked the wrench down all over Toolmans Body and he is screaming in agony as she continues with no mercy!!! UH-OH!!!! Look who is in the ring behind Casey!!!! Bryant is standing right behid her watching her with a sadistic smile on his face! Bryant slowly looks as if hes about to grab Casey by the neck. LOOK OUT!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Tana flies off the top of the turnbuckle holding a chair across her stomach and nails Bryant with a MOONSAULT!!! OMG!
That was absolutely INSANE!!!!!! The crowd is going nutz!!!!
Tana and Bryant are down and out and Casey just looks on at all three superstars down and she raises her arms in the air as the crowd boo's her. Casey picks Toolman up and takes him to the top rope! she places him on the top rope of the turnbuckle and then she climbs up to the second...Wait NOOW THE THIRD!!!!!!!! UH-OH!!!!! HERE COMES THE PEPSI PLUNGE!!
NOOO!!!!! Tana is up and she hits Casey in the middle of the back. Casey still has the pepsi-plunge hooked but Tana is trying to pull her down! Casey lets go of Toolman and OHH!!!!!
MOONSAULT REVERSE DDT!!!!!!!! Casey nails Tana with a reverese moonsault DDT! Casey covers Tana!!! LOOK!!!!!!!!!
Toolman stands up on the turnbuckle!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Toolman tried to hit Casey with her own Five star frog splash!!
Casey moves and Toolman connects on Tana!!!!!! Casey stands up and she OHHH!!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!!!!
Outta nowhere Bryant nails Casey with the Termination to Darkness right on top of Toolman and Casey!!!!! Bryant screams out to the crowd and they start going crazy! Bryant goes to the outside!!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!!! TABLE!!!!! TABLE!!
Bryant slides the table into the ring and Casey is knocked out.
Toolman is trying to get up and Tana is out cold next to him!!!
Bryant sets the table up and Toolman is up. He see's Bryant with the table and goes to the outside!!! Toolman puts his hands on his knees and catches his breath but oh god!!!OH GOD!!!! LOOK!!! BRYANT FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!
BAM!!!! Bryant leaps over the top rope to the outside with an incredible Sniper Bomb type splash!!!!!! They are both down on the outside! Tana is getting up.....Casey is getting up!

They are both up and stumble into eachother back to back!!!
They quickly turn around and BAM! Tana nails Casey with a right! BAM! Casey nails Tana with a right! Tana throws another right hand but Casey ducks and swings herself behind Tana! Casey has Tana from behind and GOOD GOD!!!!
Casey stays connected and tries to pin Tana!!! The ref counts!
1...................2...............OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!! SHE KICKS OUT!!!! Tana kicks out I can’t believe it!!!!! They both lay on the mat in the broken mess breathing hard! On the outside Bryant and Toolman are both getting up! Bryant is up first and sets Toolman up for a SniperBomb!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!OHHH!!!!!
Toolman lifts up and sends Bryant over his back flipping him through the announcers table!!!!!! MY GOD WHAT A MESS!!!!!!
On the inside of the ring Casey is getting up and Tana is still down!!! Casey starts to climb the turnbuckle!!!!! She is up!!!!!
Tana goes from her back to her feet springing up and jumps up to the second rope!!!! Tana hits Casey in the head several times with hard right hands!!!! Casey blocks one and BAM!!!
Headbutt to Tanas face!!!!! Casey grabs Tana and positions her head and OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEPSI PLUNGE!!!!!!!! PEPSI PLUNGE!!!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
Casey slowly crawls to cover Tana!!!!! OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toolman Punts Casey in the skull!!!!!!! right in the side of the head!!! Casey is out cold!!!!!!!! Toolman picks Casey up and positions her for the Screwdriver!! BAM!!!! CONNECTS!!!!!!!!
Toolman gets back up and OH GOD!!!!!!!MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tana nails Toolman with sweet chin music and everybody is back down on the mat!!!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryant flies down on top of Tana with the SNIPERBOMB!!!!!!
Bryant covers!!!!! 1.........................2.......................3!!!!!!!!!


Bryant has just Eliminated Tana!!!! My god where did he come from!?! Tana was about to pin Toolman !!!! She is out!!!!!!!

Tana wakes up and the camera zooms in on her face as she has the most upsetting look on her face I have ever seen.
The ref helps her up and out of the ring and several of the TFC crew members help her to the back as the crowd gives her a heavy ovation. Back on the inside of the ring all three superstars are laying down on the mat out of breath. The ref signals it’s time to start the second stage of hell. The announcer speaks!

Ladies and gentleman! Your second stage in hell!!

This is Toolmans specialty as he has called himself on several occasions to be the best technical wrestler submission specialist! But he is about to be put in a Chokehold by Bryant as Bryant grabs him from behind! Bryant squeezes the life out of Toolman’s neck but he’s not giving. Bryant lets go and BAM!!!
Huge forearm to the back of Toolmans head and he falls to his knees. Bryant goes to hit him with a sniperbomb!!!! OHH!!!!
Casey nails Bryant from behind in the side of the head with a high kick!!! Bryant falls to one knee and Casey latches on to him and oh god here we go!!!!!! ANACONDA VICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryant is yelling at her to "LET GO!!!!" Casey screams back at him to "TAP OUT!!!!" OHHH!!!!!!! MY GOD LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!

Toolman has Casey locked in a Ankle lock while she has the Anaconda Vice locked on Bryant! This is Nuts!!!!! Toolman screams for Casey to "GIVE UP!!!!" Casey starts to loosen her grip on Bryant and OHHH GOD!!!!!! HELLS GATE!!!!!HELLS GATE!!!!!! HELLS GATE ON CASEY!!!!! Bryant reverses Casey’s Anaconda Vice into Hells Gates and now she is in two submission moves!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! SHE IS GONNA TAP OUT!!!! CASEY IS RAISING HER HAND TO TAP OUT!!!!!!!!!! BUT WHO WILL WIN? WHO IS GONNA WIN!?!?!!? Toolman lets go and BAM!!!!!! PUNT TO BRYANTS HEAD!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!
Bryant lets go of Hells Gate and him and Casey are both down on the mat!!! Toolman picks Casey up and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Casey screams in pain but she has barely any energy left to do so. Casey tries crawling to the ropes but Toolman just keeps pulling her away from them!!! Casey has no choice!!!!
Casey turns it around on Toolman and she kicks him off!!!!!
NO!!! Toolman hangs on to Caseys Ankle!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
He turns her back over and locks the ankle lock back on!!!
Casey screams and she just can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is going to tap! OHH!!!!!! Kick to Toolmans gut and SNIPERBOMB!!!! NO!!!! Toolman counters! Kick to the gut and SCREWDRIVER!!!!!SCREWDRIVER!!!!!SCREWDRIVER!!!!!!!!
Toolman smiles down at Bryant and stands over his body!!!
Toolman reaches down and places one hand across Bryants throat and he is choking the life out of him murderer style!
OH GOD!!!!!!! REVERSE!!!!!COUNTER!!!!!!HELLS GATE!!!!!!!
Toolmans eyes bug out of his head and he squirms all over the ring!!!!!! Toolman is shocked and in a bad spot!!!!!!!!!!!
Toolman starts bleeding from the mouth OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE TAPS!!!!! HE TAPS OUT!!!!! TOOLMAN TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bryant lets go of Toolman and the fans are going insane in this arena!!!!! This is crazy!!!!! Toolman actually tapped out!!!
Bryant has just paid Toolman back for everything making him Tap out in his own specialty match!!!!!!! Toolman is bleeding from the mouth and TFC crew come into the ring to help him backstage. Nearly every fan in the arena screams at him.
The ref signals it’s time for the third stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The announcer speaks

Ladies and gentleman!!!! Your third stage in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regular match!!!!!!!

Casey and Bryant are both lifeless in the ring as the third stage in this classic match has begun!!!!! Bryant can’t move!!!
Casey can’t move!!! The referee starts to count them both out!
1.......2......3......4........5.......6.......7........Bryant and Casey are both ton their knees!!!! 8.........9........They both pull themselves up on the ropes!!!! THEY ARE UP!!!! BOTH UP!!!
Casey and Bryant can barely stand up on their own. Casey kicks Bryant in the gut and tries for a DDT!!!! NOO!!!! OHH!!!
Bryant nails Casey in the head with a hard right hand! Casey stumbles back and has to catch herself on the top rope to stay up! Bryant charges Casey for a HUGE CLOSELINE HERE HE COMES OH GOD!!!!!!! BELLY-TO-BELLY!!!BELLY-TO-BELLY!!
My God That was INSANE!!!!!! How Did Casey pull that off??
Bryant is down and Casey covers him!!!!! The ref counts!!!!!
1................2.............NO!!!! MY god Bryant kicks out!!!!!!!!!!!
Casey starts to get up!!!! She tries picking Bryant up and whips him into the ropes!!!!! NO!!!! Bryant counters and whips Casey into the ropes!!!!!!! Casey bounces off the ropes and BAM!!!!! MY GOD!!!! SPEAR!!!SPEAR!!!!!SPEAR!!!!SPEAR!!!
What a spear from Casey to Bryant!!!!! Bryant is down and Casey slowly starts to climb up to the top of the turnbuckle!!!
Casey is at the TOP!!!!! HERE IT COMES!!!!! HERE IT COMES!!!
Casey leaps and OH GOD!!! FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!
Casey lands across Bryant’s Body with an amazing Five star Frog Splash!!! Casey holds her ribs and layes her body across Bryant for the cover!!!! 1......................2.................NO!!!!!
Bryant starts to get to his knees while Casey just looks on at him like what does she have to do to beat him? Casey looks at Bryant with evil eyes Bryant gets to his feet and HERE COMES CASEY FOR THE SPEAR!!!! BAM!!!!!OH GOOD GOD!!!!!!
Bryant nails Casey with a Termination To Darkness and covers Casey!!!! The ref counts!!! 1.....................2...............3! no 2!
Casey kicked out at the last split second! Bryant looks at the ref with disbelief as the ref signals to him only a two count!
Bryant picks Casey up!!!!! Bryant sets Casey up for the Sniperbomb!!!! Bryant points to the Wrestlemania Logo in the arena and lifts Casey up and the fans are on the edge of their seats!!!!!!! He has her up!!!!!! Casey swings down right hands to his head!!!!! He almost drops her but he slams her down!!!! MY GOD SNIPERBOMB CONNECTS!!!!MY GOD!!!!!!!!
1......This is where dreams come true!!!! 2.....HE'S GONNA DO IT!!!..............OMG!!!!!!!!! CASEY KICKS OUT!!!!!! CASEY KICKS OUT!!!!!!! CASEY KICKS OUT OF THE SNIPERBOMB!! HOW!!!?
Bryant screams into the sky!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
He has the look of a desperate man on his face!!!!OH NO!!!
Casey can’t get up!!!! Bryant climbs to the top of the turnbuckle!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! SNIPERBOMB(Swanton) Bryant is going to hit Casey with the Flying Sniperbomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryant slowly starts to stand!!!!!!! OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOD!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!!!
Casey jumps to the top rope and hooks Bryant and Nails him with a Pepsi Plunge!!!!!! Casey turns Bryant over and she covers!!!!!! 1..............................2....................................3!!!!!


AND STILL!!!!!!! WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!! CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey doesn’t move she just lays across Bryant’s body as the crowd and the world stands shocked!!!!
Casey slowly gets to her knees and the referee hands her the World Title and raises her arm high in the sky.
Casey squeezes her World Title and raises it in the sky while still on her knees!!!!! Fireworks start to rain down over Casey as she celebrates the biggest win of her career here on the biggest stage of them all....WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!!!!

The fans boo her but surprisingly a lot of people are giving her a round of applause as she showed she truly is World Champion!!!!

J.R.: “My God what a match!!!!! Three Stages of Hell!!!!!!!!!
Casey is still World Champion!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!!
I will NEVER forget this match!!!! All four competitors put on a Wrestlemania classic!!!!! Casey remains at the top of the world!!!! What a match!!!!!!!!! What a Wrestlemania match!!”

Vince: “Well let’s take you back on how THIS WHOLE thing got started…..EVERYTHING from Poison, Skitzo, King of the Dead, and the new TFC Champ, CBM.” A video package plays.

10. Poison (Champ) vs. Skitzo vs. King of the Dead vs. CBM (TFC Champ) for the OWC Title

Vince: “This match is one I have been waiting for, for so long. It’s actually here. A once in a lifetime match……4 of the best stars in TFC….probably in history. Who is going to win?”

First comes Skitzo to the ring and the whole place is crazy. They LOVE him! Next comes King of the Dead and the whole 70,000+ fans boo him.

Vince: “I got word that there are 75,284 people here watching Wrestlemania 2. That is simply amazing….and each one of them are booing King.”

As he gets in…..CBM comes down the ramp with the TFC Title around his waist. As he gets in the ring….the lights soon go off. NO SPOTLIGHT…..NOTHING…..the lights appear and…..POISON IS IN THE RING. The bat is in his hand…..the OWC Title around his waist. He takes off the title, throws it outside…..and the match begins.
As soon as the match begins…..Poison goes to King and….BAM….hits him with the bat in the stomach. He goes to CBM and….BOOM….hits him in the gut with the bat. He goes to Skitzo….but Skitzo kicks Poison in the gut….takes the bat of him and…..GOOD GOD…..SMASHES the bat on Poison’s back! Poison falls down. Skitzo raises the bat above his head and the WHOLE arena cheers. Skitzo goes outside and…..gets a chair. He throws it in the ring. He looks under and….gets A LADDER! He puts it on the apron…..but King gets to his feet…..RUNS….GOOD GOD… slide right into the ladder and it knocks Skitzo down! CBM and Poison slowly get up at the same time. King sees this…..and jumps up on the second rope….then the top rope….both face King…..King jumps…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!......Moonsault right on Poison and CBM…..and both fall to the ground. Skitzo gets up and…..sets up a table that he found under the ring. He sets it up on the outside. King gets to his feet…..unfolds the chair that Skitzo put in the ring. He puts it by the ropes. He runs the other way…..goes back to it….JUMPS on the chair…..FLIES IN THE AIR… Skitzo on the outside…..grabs Skitzo’s head…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!......GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN…….KING….KING DID A DDT TO SKITZO…..THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of them are out…..BOTH ARE MOTIONLESS!

In the ring now….CBM and Poison slowly get up. They go to each other and…..punch slowly back and forth. Back and forth….back and forth….Poison goes back and bounces off the ropes…..he comes back and….OH….CBM does a big boot right to CBM. CBM bounces off the other ropes and…..plants a leg drop right on Poison. He covers: 1-2-NO! CBM gets Poison up…..but Poison knees CBM in the gut….sets up and…..suplex! Both get up at the same time though…..but CBM goes in a corner. Poison goes and puts his right hand right to the face of CBM with right hands. Poison then goes to the other side of the ring…..turns around….RUNS……GOOD GOD…..A huge splash right to CBM in the corner. CBM comes out of the corner…..Poison picks him up on his side….side walk slam cover: 1-2-NO! On the outside…..King of the Dead is getting up. He crawls to the ring…..looks under….pulls out…..A BARBWIRE BAT! King gets in the ring. Poison is getting up and doesn’t even see King. Poison turns around…..GOOD GOD….barbwire to his head….BUT, BUT, BUT…..Poison runs and….The Poison Knife! CBM rolls out of the ring and Skitzo finally gets up from the horrendous move.

Skitzo goes slowly over to the side where CBM is. He grabs CBM and….SMASHES his head off the announcer’s table. He tries for it again….but CBM hits his elbow right in the gut of Skitzo. CBM rips everything off the announcer’s table….and throws Skitzo on it. CBM gets on it now. Both stand on it….but LOOK….Skitzo kicks CBM right in the gut…..OH NO, NO, NO……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……Twist of Fate……BAM, BOOM, KABOOM…….the table collapses! Both are DOWN! King and Poison slowly get up in the ring. Poison throws King in the ropes……King comes back and…..BACK BODY DROP! King gets up quickly though and Poison throws him in the corner. Poison runs to him…..but OH….King lifts his feet up and hits Poison right in the face. They move to the center of the ring where…..King kicks him in the gut…..Twist of Fate! King then climbs the top rope. He jumps…..GOOD GOD….Swanton Bomb! King covers: 1-2-LOOK…..SKITZO BROKE IT UP! King can’t believe it. He gets up….picks Skitzo up to his feet……but Skitzo pushes King back. King isn’t going to take that and….RUNS to Skitzo….but Skitzo ducks and….OH NO….King hit the referee! He’s down! King turns back and…..OH NO….Skitzo has the barbwire bat in hand! He goes and……RIGHT IN THE FACE…..RIGHT TO KING….BARBWIRE TO HIS FACE! King falls and rolls outside holding his face.

Skitzo gets Poison up……but Poison knees Skitzo in the gut…..then…..DOES A KNEE FOR A LOW BLOW! He backs up and…..The Poison Knife (Pump Kick) right to Skitzo. Poison stares at him as he’s down. CBM comes to on the outside….and grabs his TFC Title. He slowly walks around the ring until he gets behind Poison. He gets in the ring….RUNS…..GOOD GOD…..he hits Poison right in the back with the TFC Title.

Vince: “Look….he won that match and got the title… he’s going to win this match because of that match! NO, NO!”

CBM covers and the ref slowly gets to a cautious state. He crawls over for the cover: 1----2----3!!!!!

WAIT, WAIT….NO…..POISON KICKED OUT! CBM can’t believe it! He’s furious! He gets up…..but King comes out of nowhere……TACKLES CBM! CBM rolls out of the ring. King slowly gets up…..but Poison gets up. He goes to the top rope…..OH NO….WHAT IS HE DOING?......FLIES TO THE OUTSIDE…..RIGHT ON CBM! But….BUT…..Skitzo gets up…..and King is on his feet. King grabs a chair….runs to Skitzo…..but Skitzo ducked…..King dropped the chair…..Skitzo grabs King’s arm from behind and….. SkitzoFrenik (Unprettier)……RIGHT ON THE CHAIR! Skitzo turns him over…..the ref counts…..1----2----3!!!!!! OH…..POISON JUST SLIDE IN THE RING BUT WAS TOO LATE! Winner and NEW OWC Champion: Skitzo!!!!!

Vince: “That is crazy. CONGRATS SKITZO…..CONGRATS! I can’t believe he won! This is amazing. He won the Road to Glory Match…..and is NOW OWC Champion…..and is UNDEFEATED at Wrestlemania 2!”

The camera goes to the people in the audience and…..we see former OWC stars at ringside. It’s…..Sami, Ace, Hitman619, Becky, and Ecie.

Jim: “Wow, look who it is! It’s nice to see stars from the past. Maybe one day they can come back and take their reign again. Well it’s our last match……everything is on the line in this one. I can’t wait to see. Who’s going to be OWC GM after tonight? And what is going to happen to Eric Bischoff? Let’s see how this came about!” A video package airs.

11. McMahon 101 vs. TY Helmsley (Champ) w/ Eric Bischoff; TY wins and he will be OWC GM…..101 wins and Eric leaves as TY’s manager and becomes property of 101.

Vince: “This is such a rare occasion. We don’t see our chairman fighting that often, but when he does, it’s always a historic matter.”

Jim: “You don’t know what you are talking about. McMahon 101 has fought in multiple matches. He fought in so many, it’s hard to keep track. Last year at Wrestlemania 1, he fought against Vickie Guerrero…..AND LOST!”

Vince: “Yeah, but he faced off against CBM one time and WON! 101 is 1-0 at Wrestlemania, so it doesn’t look good for him….but TY Helmsley never been at a Wrestlemania so he doesn’t know what to expect.”

Jim: “Vickie wasn’t a wrestler and he still lost. TY is a wrestler, so 101 is going to lose faster than that match.”

Vince: “You know what. I talked to 101 and he said that he has been really training for this match. He has been training in the ring and working out every day since he made this match. We saw him punch the lights out of TY’s manager, Eric Bischoff……and just 2 days ago we seen 101 fight in a 6 person tag match and let me tell you, he was really impressive. This is now a 1 on 1 match….let’s see how this turns out.”

Jim: “I say 101 fails!”

Vince: “Well here are the stipulations. If 101 loses, TY will become the NEW OWC GM. But if 101 wins, Eric Bischoff can’t be the manager of TY anymore….and he will become 101’s B-I-T-C-H!”

First to the ring is TY Helmsley with Eric Bischoff. The whole crowd is in blames as they make their way to the ring. Everyone is yelling at them. TY talks back to them, while Eric keeps on walking ignoring all of them. As they get in the ring, TY hands his title to Eric.

Just then…..McMahon 101’s theme song comes on and the whole crowd, all 75,000+ stand on their feet. 101 marches to the ring with a purpose. As he gets to the ring….he stops. He looks around at all the fans….they are all cheering him on. TY looks around and sees no one is on his side. 101 is wearing all black…..he slides in the ring…..THE MATCH IS ON!

TY runs to 101 and stomps away as he slid in. Stomping and stomping…..101 can’t stand up. The ref pushes TY back as he counted to 4. 101 stands up after using the ropes. TY comes back to 101, but 101 knees TY in the gut and then…..OH….hits him with a right hand….then another, then another….another, another! Each punch makes TY back up more and more. 101 grabs TY’s arm and….whips him in the ropes. TY comes back and….LOOK AT THIS….back body drop! TY holds his back in pain as he gets to his feet. 101 runs to him for a closeline….but TY ducks. 101 and TY turn around to face each other…..GOOD GOOD…..TY does a big boot right to the face of 101! It makes him fall instantly. TY covers him: 1-2-NO! TY thought it was over right then and there. TY goes to the head of 101 and….punches away. The ref counts: 1-2-3-4…..TY stops. He gets 101 up and plops him in the corner. TY goes to the other side and waves his arm around like it’s a rodeo. The fans boo. TY runs toward 101….BIG SPLASH……BUT OH….101 moved and TY went sternum first into the corner. TY comes out of the corner…..and 101…..BAM….does a HARD right hand. 101 does another right hand…..BAM! TY’s face stings from the huge impact. 101 throws TY in the ropes again…..he comes back…..101 bends down for a back body drop again….BUT OH….TY kicks the chest of the bending 101. 101 jumps in the air, holds his chest….TY runs for a closeline……BUT OH……
101 ducks. 101 turns around….grabs TY’s head from behind…..reverse DDT! 101 covers: 1-2-NOOOO! 101 quickly gets to his feet. TY gets up too….faces 101…..OH…..101 kicks TY in the gut. He sets up….piledriver…..BUT NO…..TY does a back body drop! AH…..101 holds his back in pain. He uses the ropes to get to his feet…..TY runs to him……GOOD GOD…..he closelines the chairman over the top rope down to the floor! As 101 is getting up…..TY talks to the ref to distract him. 101 gets to his feet…..Eric runs toward him with the Tough Enough Title in his hand. He goes to his 101 right in the face……NO WAY…..101 SMACKS Eric right in a face with a first fist. Eric falls right to the ground. 101 slides in the ring…..BAM…..passes the ref and….closelines TY down. TY gets back up….but 101 closelines him again. TY gets up one more time…..but 101 picks him up and…..BOOM…..spinebuster! The whole crowd is electrifying. TY holds his lower back as he slowly gets to his feet. 101 knees TY in the gut…..sets up his finisher…..but TY backs up….pushes 101 away…..OH WAIT….101 goes right into the referee and the ref is OUT! As soon as that happens, Eric gets to his feet….takes off his top shirt and REVEALS….a ref shirt underneath. Eric slides in. 101 gets to his feet and sees this. He is astonished. Just then…..TY grabs the shoulder of 101 and turns him around…..kicks him in the gut…..sets up and….TWIST OF FATE! TY covers and Eric counts: 1-2-GOOD GOD NO!!!!!!!!

Eric’s mouth is wide open as he can’t believe it. TY looks at Eric as he doesn’t know what to do next. Just then…..the original ref gets to his feet. Eric rushes out of the ring so he doesn’t get caught. TY gets 101 up…..but 101 knees TY in the gut….sets his finisher up and…….FAMASSER! TY’s face RAMMED right into the mat. 101 turns him over and covers: 1-2-3! Winner: McMahon 101

Vince: “What a classic match! What a historic match! What a great match! 101 has done it again….he defeated another wrestler here in TFC.” 101 gets to his feet and the whole crowd cheers. He waves to them and thanks them all as he leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. Eric gets in the ring and checks on TY. 101 turns around to the ring and Eric looks up at him. 101 does a “slice throat” and Eric’s mouth drops wide open! The whole crowd is loving it… Wrestlemania 2 comes to an end!


  1. The greatest Event of all time starts NOW!

  2. JD says:

    Thanks Kev,BTW,get your a$$ on the chat!

  3. Good Job JD! Imma likin dis so far!

  4. lets have some fun on wrestlemaina 2

  5. Jacob Says:

    Goodluck Batista. Congrats JD and Kat. WM STARTS NOW!!!!!!!

  6. From CBM:

    Batista will be the new Universal Champion and I will get my title back.

  7. From CBM:

    HAHAHAHA first the TFC title and next is the OWC title.

  8. CBM You're a coward! I should've won You took advantage that Everyone else was tired! Actually I was tired... But I mean really was that necessary? God I swear you will lose the OWC Title match and I'll make sure You'll lose!

  9. From CBM:

    Come on Kevin. If you were tough enough you should have had the will to win. First you next is Poison's belt.


  11. jd im going to beat you monday night