Sunday, June 13, 2010

TFC's Apocalypse II!!!!!!!

TFC’s biggest PPV of all-time starts off explosive! As soon as the PPV starts, it shows the history of TFC. From the formation of TFC and its first ad to advertise for GMs. It shows the first War show and first Universal Champion, Eddie Guerrero. After, it shows the first ever and now current Smackdown GM, Skitzo. NWO forms for the first time by the help of Eric Bischoff….and then with McMahon 101 helping him. It gets disband by Skitzo…..then reunites with Skitzo and then gets taken out. Last year, it runs wild again with the help of CBM…..who takes over the company and then McMahon 101 takes it back. CBM wins titles and forms AAA…..Ace returns to OWC…..Poison finally wins gold….and Skitzo finally makes it on top. At the end…..McMahon 101 comes out and wins the OWC Title Match. The TFC logo appears.

After that fades, the camera cuts to the arena… its TFC outdoors! It shows the entire audience, the sold-out audience of over 70,000 fans with the roof open. The fireworks explode in the air for all to see.

Vince: “I’M SO EXCITED! This is TFC’s biggest PPV of all-time. It’s TFC’s 2nd anniversary tonight. It’s been going on for 2 years…..who would believe it would go on for that long? We have seen some of the biggest moments in TFC history…..we will get to the biggest TFC moment later tonight…..but first let me introduce all of the announcers who will be calling matches tonight. Representing OWC, it will be me, Vince Russo, and Jim Cornette. As for War, it will be Tazz and Jerry Lawyer. For Smackdown, it will be Jim Ross and Michael Cole. I can’t wait for this PPV as it has the biggest matches in TFC history. You are going to see it all tonight. Let’s get started.”

1. Xtreme Insanity (Skitzo and King of the Dead) (Champs) vs. Black Plague (Karnage and Dead Silence) vs. F-Ukers (Saleem and Brock Lesnar) in a TLC Match for the OWC Tag Team Titles

Vince: “This is the first-ever Triple Threat Tag Team TLC Match in TFC. I am telling you, with the people in this match, there is going to be injuries, carnage, and a whole lot of pain. Get ready for an entertaining match.”

Tazz: “Well War has a Fatal Four Tag Team TLC Match tonight…..”

J.R.: “Well Smackdown has a normal tag match, but it’s brought to you by the most gifted athletes.”

The challengers of Saleem and Brock Lesnar come to the ring first. As always, Paul Heyman is between them. All 3 of them look focused as they walk to the ring. Paul directs them to enter the ring as the hit the bottom of the ramp. Both slide in and look up at the title gold. There are ladders, chairs, and tables all along the ring.
After they are out, Black Plague comes on stage. Their entrance has a dark tone to it as they menacingly walk down the ramp. Once they hit the ring, they slowly get in and stand on the other side of Saleem and Brock.

Vince: “These two are so full of hatred and danger…..with them just standing in the ring makes this match dangerous.”

After they are out… hits and 70,000+ fans stand on their feet to cheer for Xtreme Insanity. Skitzo and King of the Dead make their way on the stage. The crowd goes wild as they pose with fireworks going off behind them. They then hop down the ramp to get the crowd even wilder. They get to the ring, look and nod at each other and slide in the ring. The bell rings and the match starts.

Xtreme Insanity enters the ring and Karnage goes right to King and Saleem goes to King. Brock and Dead go to Skitzo and beat him down with kicks. Karnage and Saleem both punch King in the head multiple times making him lean against the ropes. They move him to the center of the ring and set up and…..hit a vertical suplex! Both get up and look at each other. They look around and…..OH…..Saleem slaps Karnage right across the face. Paul jumps up at ringside from that impact. Karnage licks his lips and then…..BAM…..kicks Saleem right in the gut and then does a hard right hand that sends him down on the mat. He gets up, but Karnage picks him up and hits a body slam. Karnage goes for a elbow drop, but Saleem rolls out of the way and rolls to the outside. Skitzo is getting pounded as Brock and Dead still stomp him. Brock tells Dead to stop now and then gets him up. He tells Dead to do something. Brock lifts Skitzo up for a vertical suplex…..he drops him down, but Dead catches his legs….Brock lets go of the head and…..GOOD GOD….powerbomb! Brock turns around….runs…..WOW… long for joining forces as he just closelines Dead right down! Saleem looks under the ring to find something….but Karnage peaks his head out of the middle rope to see what’s happening. All of a sudden, Saleem pops up with a chair…..GOOD GOD…..BAM…..just whacks Karnage on top of the head with it! He falls back in pain. Brock laughs at the excitement. Saleem throws the chair in and then goes to the barricade and picks up a ladder. He slides it in the ring. He still is outside as he sets up a table. Brock grabs the chair and waits for Dead to stand to his feet. He gets up and turns to Brock…..OH NO…..BUT WAIT…..King runs to Brock and….SPEAR….right on Brock! The chair goes flying in the air, Dead reaches over and catches it. King gets up, but BAM…..Dead nails him right in the gut with it. She then lifts it up and….SMASHES it over his back. Skitzo gets to his feet and she runs to him….but he kicks her in the gut. The chair falls….Skitzo screams and….Twist of Fate RIGHT ON THE CHAIR!

Skitzo gets up and sees that Karnage is getting to his feet on the other side of the ring. He goes over to him, but OH….Karnage kicks Skitzo in the gut…..grabs him by the throat……CHOKESLAM! Skitzo gets planted! Saleem slides in the ring after everyone is taken out. Karnage goes to get him, but Saleem…..LOW BLOWS him! Karnage falls down. Saleem grabs the ladder he slid in the ring and stands it up. Saleem climbs the ladder….more and more…..and reaches for the belt….BUT…..King gets back up and climbs the same side where Saleem is and pounds him in the back. Saleem goes down a few steps and King does it again. He then sticks his head under Saleem…..walks back…..falls back…..Electric Chair! Saleem yells from the pain. King gets up and climbs the ladder himself…..but Brock reaches for the chair and…..SMASHES it on King. He falls on impact.

Jim: “Brock is the biggest guy in this match, but that’s not going to stop him from climbing the ladder.”

Brock gets up, but doesn’t climb the ladder, but goes outside and slides a table in the ring. He sets it up by the ladder. At that point….Karnage gets to his feet and kicks Brock in the gut. Karnage goes to choke Brock…..but OH…..Skitzo goes over to Karnage and…..LOW BLOWS him. Karnage falls again. Skitzo hits Brock’s head into the table and makes him lay on it. He slides the table out a bit and then hops on the top rope. Skitzo jumps…..GOOD GOD…..Swanton Bomb…..right through the table on Brock! Skitzo tries to stand, but Saleem rushes over, grabs Skitzo and tosses him over the ropes to the floor. He goes to Dead and pushes her out of the ring. He kicks Karnage enough until he slides out. He goes to King to get him out, but King grabs him…..Side Effect! King gets Saleem up and tosses him out of the ring. King climbs the ladder. He goes more and more. As he is at the top….he reaches for the belts. Just then, Brock gets up and goes to the other side of the ladder and climbs.
Jim: “Why would he climb for?”

Brock climbs more and more and gets to where King is at. He punches King in the gut and then reaches for the belts himself. King punches Brock in the head and he reaches. They then fight back and forth…..but Dead gets on the apron of the ring. He jumps on the top rope….Springboard dropkick to the ladder……OH NO……LOOK OUT…..the ladder tips over…..there they go……Brock and King…..FALL TO THE OUTSIDE……GOOD GOD…..go right THROUGH the table Saleem set up earlier.

Vince: “That has to be 10 feet in the air that they fell!”

Dead quickly sets the ladder up and climbs it himself. He is moving fast and before you know it, he is on the top. He reaches for the belts…..but Skitzo gets in and tips the ladder over……DEAD…….she falls throat first on the top rope! She bounces up and falls down. Karnage slides back in as Skitzo turns around…..he gets choked….lifted up and…..CHOKESLAM RIGHT ON THE LADDER! Skitzo screams in agony. King looks under the ring…..gets up and has…..a barbwire bat in his hand. Karnage sees this and smiles. King slides in the ring and they go face to face. King grabs it with both hands and….swings….but Karnage ducks. He swings again, but he ducks again. Karnage kicks him in the gut and the bat falls. Karnage throws him in the ropes…..King comes back and….back body drop….ON THE CHAIR! Karnage goes to the bat and picks it up. King is up and turns to him…….SMASH TO THE FACE…..the barbwire goes right to King. He falls down in an instant holding his face. Saleem is on the outside and sets up another table and then sets up a ladder facing it. He then slides a TALL ladder in the ring and then a smaller ladder. He puts a table in the ring too and begins to do a house design. He sets the table in the corner and then puts the big ladder up…..being almost 20 feet high. He goes to the small ladder, but Karnage runs to him and closelines him to the ground. He gets up but Karnage kicks him in the gut…..DDT! Brock finally moves from the outside and gets in the ring. He goes face to face to Karnage.

Vince: “Look at these two big men."

They stare at each other…..then……OH BOY…..both start punching back and forth….doing rights to each of their faces. Brock does one more than Karnage….then two more….then 3 more. Brock runs back and bounces off the ropes. He comes back…..BAM….Karnage hits him with a huge big boot! Karnage bounces off the ropes in the other direction…..leg drop…..but Brock moved. Both get up at the same time. Brock walks the other way, but turns around…..runs…….OH NO…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!.......Brock runs full force…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……Karnage goes back…..RIGHT INTO THE TABLE IN THE CORNER! Brock gets up, but Skitzo is right behind him…..SkitzoFrenik (Unprettier)! Skitzo gets up…..and sets the small ladder against the big ladder in the ring. He climbs the other side of the big ladder. He’s more than 15 feet in the air. Just then…..Saleem gets in the ring, runs up the small ladder….GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…….runs up and hits Skitzo with a closeline! Skitzo falls all the way down… does Saleem to the mat. Skitzo had so much force against him; he rolls out of the ring. Saleem gets to his feet….but Dead gets in the ring, grabs a chair and…..WHACKS him in the back! Saleem flies out of the ring. Dead runs to the ladder and she climbs….climbs, climbs, climbs…..and gets to the top. She reaches for the belts….but King has his last breath and gets in the ring and climbs the side of the ladder after moving the small ladder away. He goes to the top…..but Dead pulls something out of her pants…..and spats it in the face of King…..POWDER RIGHT IN THE FACE! King is blinded. Dead smashes his dead on the top of the ladder and he FALLS!!!!!! Dead reaches up…..UNLOCKS THE TITLES! Winners and NEW OWC Tag Champs: Dead Silence and Karnage

Karnage gets up slowly and climbs the ladder. Dead hands him his title and both raise it up on the ladder. The camera switches to the back.

(We go backstage to see Blazin Snake with the I.C title over his shoulder with Leticia Cline.)

Leticia Cline: “Snake just in minutes you face Crippler in the last match in the best of 5 Series. Both of you have fought over a month period but tonight it's a Iron Match. Your thoughts?”

Blazin Snake: “There is no doubt that Crippler is talented in the ring. He has taken me to the limits in the Best of 5 Series matches. Both of us know each other by now where we know what the other is going to do. Tonight it all ends. Tonight I will walk out with my I.C title showing that I am the best man to hold it.”

(He goes to leave but over comes Crippler. They get in each other’s faces)

Crippler: “You’re right we have had some great matches over the past couple of matches. And your right we know each other's moves. But you’re wrong when you say you’re walking out with that title. We all know that I should be champion by now after having my foot on the ropes. And with my win last week I should be champion. Tonight in our Iron Man Match the only thing you’re walking out with is broken bones. Because when I hook in the Crippler Crossface I'm breaking your arm. They don't call me the Crippler for nothing. I will be walking out with the I.C Championship one way or another.”

(Crippler walks off leaving Snake watching.)

2. Blazin Snake(c) vs The Crippler Best of 5 Series Finals in a Ironman Match for the I.C Title

(We come back to the ring to hear The Crippler's intro music. The fans are split as he comes out. He poses on the stage then walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “This is the 5th match in the Best of 5 Series in a Ironman Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first is The Crippler.”

Tazz: “We saw on WAR that he tied up the series 2-2 in what are some great matches that WAR has ever seen. These men know each other so well and I would say either one of them would make a great I.C Champion.”

(Crippler gets in the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle as we hear Blazin Snake's intro music. The fans cheer loud as we see Snake walk out with the I.C Title over his shoulder. He slowly walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next he is the Intercontinental Champion Blazin Snake.”
Jerry Lawler: “He has been a great champion but neither man have the advantage. Both are tied up and whoever gets the win here will be the I.C Champion.”

(Snake gets in the ring and holds up the I.C title in Crippler's face. Crippler stares at the belt and Snake hands the belt to the ref. The ref holds up the title then he hands it out of the ring. We see 30:00 on the titantron. The ref then calls for the bell and for the clock to start. Bell rings.)

Match: Snake and Crippler stand there and look at each other. Then they start to move around the ring. Then they lock up. But Crippler knees Snake in the mid section and punches him in the face. He backs Snake against the ropes then grabs Snake arm whipping him across the ring. Snake bounces off the ropes and hits a drop kick to Crippler. Both get up and Crippler hits a arm drag on Snake. Both men get up again and Snake drop kicks Crippler's knee sending him down to one knee. Snake bounces off the ropes but Crippler gets up and grabs Snake hitting a belly to belly suplex on Snake. But Snake lands on his feet. Crippler turns around to Snake kicking him in the mid section and hooks him for the Blazin DDT. But Crippler rolls away out of the ring. Crippler holds his knee as he gets up and sees 27:12 left on the clock. He walks around the ring as Snake gets out. He comes from behind Crippler and grabs him by the head throwing him face first into the steel post. Snake grabs Crippler and rolls him back in the ring. Snake gets in and covers Crippler. 1, 2........Crippler kicks out. Snake grabs Crippler by the leg and rolls him over looking for the STF. But Crippler crawls over grabbing the ropes. The ref yells at Snake to let go until he does. Snake grabs Crippler by the head bringing him up. He knees Crippler in the mid section and runs bouncing off the ropes for a high knee. But Crippler catches Snake's leg and hits a fisherman's suplex on him into a bridge for a pin attempt. 1,2.........Snake kicks out. Both men stay down but finally get up. Crippler pushes Snake into the corner then chops Snake across the chest. He does it over and over until we see Snake's chest red. Crippler picks Snake up and sits him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and hooks Snake for a belly to belly off the top. But Snake headbutts Crippler across the head over and over until Crippler falls down to the mat. Snake looks down on Crippler and smiles. He climbs up and jumps off hitting a flying headbutt on Crippler.

Tazz: “Wait that Crippler's move? Talk about taking a page out of Crippler's book.”

Match: Snake crawls over and goes to put his arm on Crippler for a pin. But Crippler grabs Snake by the arm and hooks in the Crippler's Crossface. Snake is yelling in pain as the ref asks him if he wants to tap but Snake is trying to fight back. He is crawling to the ropes but can't reach them. He then rolls backwards looking to get Crippler off but Crippler holds on still has the hold locked in. Snake yells in pain as Crippler yells at him to tap. The fans are cheering for Snake as Snake crawls to the ropes. He almost gets a finger on it then finally grabs it. The ref yells at Crippler to let go but he doesn't want to. The ref counts for a DQ. 1,2,3,4............Crippler finally gets up yelling at the ref. We see 24:33 left on the clock. Crippler brings Snake up and hooks him picking him up for a Crippler Shock. But Snake jumps away and hooks Crippler hitting the Blaizn DDT on him. Snake covers Crippler: 1,2,3. We see the score card say 1-0 for Snake Snake gets up and tries to get his breath back. Finally he walks over and brings Crippler up. He grabs Crippler's arm and whips him across the ring. Crippler bounces off the ropes and Snake picks him up hitting a spine buster on him. Crippler holds his back and rolls out of the ring. Crippler holds his back as Snake climbs out on the ring mat. Snake jumps off but Crippler grabs a chair hitting Snake with it across the face. The ref calls for a DQ. We see the score card say Snake 2-0.

Tazz: “Why did he just do that? He just got himself DQed because of that.”

Match: Crippler looks down on Snake as we see Snake is busted open. The ref yells at Crippler and takes the chair away. Crippler brings Snake up and rolls him in the ring. Crippler slides in and brings Snake up and hits the Crippler Shock on him. Crippler covers Snake: 1,2,3. We see the score is 2-1 at 20:43 left. Crippler runs over and grabs Snake's arm hooking in the Crippler's Crossface. The ref asks Snake if he wants to tap but he is knocked out. The ref calls for a fall for Crippler. We see the score go to 2-2. Crippler gets up smiling and stomps on Snake. He goes over to the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He jumps off for a flying headbutt. But Snake rolls away letting Crippler hit the mat hard face first. Both men are down now as the ref checks on both men. The fans are split for both men. Finally after a while both men get up. Snake runs at Crippler but Cripple ducks a clothesline and hooks Snake for a german suplex. But Snake rolls through and rolls Crippler up. 1,2...........Crippler kick out. Both men get up and both men exchange right hands at each other. But Snake finally kick Crippler in the mid section and hooks him hitting a piledriver on him. Both men are down again. Snake covers Crippler. 1,2.........Crippler gets his foot on the rope in time. Snake gets up and holds his head. He is yelling at Crippler to get up. Slowly Crippler gets up to Snake running hitting a hard big boot to him. Crippler spins around to Snake grabbing him hitting the Blazin DDT on him. Snake covers Crippler: 1,2,3. We see the score go to 3-2 at 16:54 left. Snake takes his time getting up and grabs Crippler's leg rolling him over hooking in the STF.


Match: The ref asks Crippler wants to tap but he says no. Snake is pulling back hard as Crippler is trying to fight out of it. Crippler uses his arm and start crawling to the ropes. He slowly gets to the ropes and grabs them. The ref yells at Snake to let go. Snake lets go and gets up as we see 13:12 left on the clock. Snake grabs Crippler by the head bringing him up. Snake chops him across the chest over and over. Snake grabs Crippler by the arm whipping him into the ropes. Crippler bounces off the ropes and Snake goes for a clothesline. But Crippler ducks it and grabs Snake by the waist hitting a german suplex on him. He keeps it locked in and hits another one. He goes for one more but Snake lands on his feet behind Crippler and grabs his head hitting an inverted DDT on him. Both men are down again looking hurt. We see 10:14 left on the clock. The fans are cheering as we slowly see both men getting up. Snake runs at him but Crippler grabs the top rope and pulls down letting Snake fall out of the ring. Crippler rolls out of the ring. Snake uses the barricade to get up. Crippler runs at Snake. But Snake ducks and back body drops Crippler over the barricade into the fans. Snake climbs over the barricade and attacks Crippler with punches. He grabs Crippler by the head and throws him hard into the barricade. So hard part of the barricade gives away letting Crippler fall to ring side. Snake walks over and stomps on Crippler. He grabs Crippler by the head and rolls him in the ring. We see 6:13 left on the clock. Snake gets in and covers Crippler: 1,2.........Crippler kicks out. Snake gets on top of Crippler and punches him over and over. The ref tells him to let up but Snake doesn't. He punches him a couple of more times but Crippler grabs him by the arm and hooks in the Crippler's Crossface out of nowhere.

Tazz: “It's the crossface baby. He's got no choice but to tap. He's in the middle of the ring.”

Match: Snake is yelling in pain as the ref asks him if he wants to tap. Snake is reaching for the ropes but can't get to them. We see the clock says 4:43 left as Snake uses his free arm pushing up and rolls himself on top of Crippler for a pin attempt. 1,2...........Crippler lets go and kicks out. Snake holds his arm as he gets up in the corner. Crippler goes over and chops Snake across the chest. Cripper grabs Snake and picks him up sitting him on the top turnbuckle. We see 1:31 left on the clock. Crippler takes his time and gets to the top turnbuckle. He punches on Snake then chops him across the chest. But Snake punches back over and over. He is able to punch Crippler in the gut. We see :54 on the clock. Snake hooks Crippler for a Blazin DDT off the top turnbuckle. But Crippler pushes him away and headbutts him over and over. He picks Snake up and hits the Crippler Shock off the top turnbuckle. We see both men laid out in the middle of the ring as we see :12 on the clock. Crippler slowly crawls to Snake and gets his arm on him: 1,2............the bell rings as the ref hits 3.

Tazz: “Wait did he get it in time. If not Snake is the winner.”

(The ref talks with Chimel. We see replays of the action and the ending. We come back to see Crippler sitting in the corner.)

Tony Chimel: “As the clock hit 0 Crippler did get a fall so this match has ended in a DRAW. And STILL Intercontinental Champion Blazin Snake.”

Jerry Lawler: “Wait that means that Snake keeps the title. He is still the champ. But man I would have loved to see this match go on.”

(The ref tells Crippler as Snake is out of it. Crippler gets up to the fans clapping for both men. Crippler looks around and rolls out of the ring. He heads up the ramp looking tired as in the ring Snake is finally up. The ref hands him his belt and Snake looks on at Crippler.)

The camera goes backstage and we see a limo pull up.The door opens and McMahon 101 steps out of it. Ultimate Warrior runs up to him.

Warrior: “101, can we speak with you?” 101 opens his suit and reveals the OWC Title around his waist with a great expression.

101: “If I do speak to you, what do I get? I get a waste of time…..time that I won’t be able to prepare for my match. If I don’t talk to you, what happens? I won’t regret it. I won’t feel sad…..I will get more time to prepare. So the positives cancels the negatives and…..good-bye!” 101 walks away.

We take a look at a video package of Aftermaths World title Championship Scramble match where a Masked Man showed up and caused both Toolman and Bryant the match. The mystery man continues the attacks week after week.

The masked man leaves Toolman messages saying

"You were in the way.... Bad things happen when you team with Bryant"

Mason Taylor returns with a different personality and he claims that he should have been Tag team champions with his brother and not Bryant. Mason would challenge and defeat Bryant in a match that earned him a Tag Team title shot with a partner of his choosing. After the match Mason made it clear that he wanted Toolman to leave Bryant behind and join him. Toolman gives no answer.

The masked man would leave Bryant a message saying


We cut away from the video package and back to ringside!!

Bryant and Toolman's music hit and they both come out side by side. They both raise both their belts in the sky as the crowd cheers them on. They charge down to the ring and wait for Mason.

Mason Taylor's music hits next and he comes out flipping the crowd off as they boo him. He comes down to the ring and he gets a mic.

Mason Taylor: “Well, Well, Well.... I guess MY OWN brother made the WRONG choice. Tim!! I wanted us to have what we always dreamed of. I wanted us to be Tag team Champions... TOGETHER!! Just like we always dreamed..........And I'm so glad we are about to do that...”

Bryant raises one eyebrow in confusion ....OH GOD NO!! Toolman is directly behind Bryant and he is looking at him with eveil eyes.

Bryant looks like he knows what’s about to happen. He turns and Toolman is looking right into his eyes with evil eyes. Bryant rolls his eyes BAM!!!!!! Mason comes up behind Bryant and smashes a forearm into the back of his head. Bryant falls forward and Toolman yells at the ref to ring the bell... DING, DING, DING, DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Toolman (One Half of Tag Team Champ) and Manson Taylor vs. Bryant (One Half of Tag Team Champ) for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Toolman grabs Bryant and pulls him in for a screwdriver!!! BAM!!!!!!!!!
Toolman nails IT!!! LOOK OUT!! MASON FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE AND SMASHES BRYANT WITH A FROG SPLASH!!!! Toolman pulls Bryant to the center of the ring and covers him. The ref looks at Toolman like he doesnt wanna count. Toolman screams" COUNT" The ref gets down and he counts. 1................2..............AH!!

NO WAY!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! Bryant kicks out!!!! He kicks out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toolman gets annoyed and he blames it on the ref. He picks Bryant up and BAM!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!! Three big shots to the head. Toolman whips Bryant into the ropes and waits for him to come back! He comes back and Toolman goes for the Pump Kick!!! NO!!! Bryant ducks!! He hits the opposite ropes and at the same time knocks Mason off the apron! Bryant charges back at Toolman and BAM!!! Huge exploding shoulder block takedown!!! Toolman goes flying down to the mat! Bryant screams out to the crowd and pumps everybody up!

Bryant waits for Toolman as he gets up and Bryant grabs him and he pulls him in!!!!! SNIPERBOMB!!!!! NOOO!!!!! Mason springboards off the top rope back into the ring and nails Bryant with a flying dropkick before he could get Toolman up!! Bryant goes down and Toolman starts to get up!!! Toolman runs to the ropes and springs off of them with fury! He charges back at Bryant on his knees.... Toolman looks at Bryant like he wants to kill him!! Look out!!!!!!!

BAM!! OH GOD!!!! Pump kick right to Bryant’s temple!!!! Bryant is out cold!!! Toolman screams in Bryants face "YOU DID THIS!!!!" BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toolman backs up and kicks Bryant square in the face! Bryants nose starts bleeding like crazy!!! Toolman goes to his corner and he tags in Mason... TAG!!! Mason comes in and Toolman holds Bryant up. Mason jumps up to the top rope and he flies back towards Bryant and Toolman lets go!! BAM!!! Flying spinning heel kick!!!! Bryant goes down and Toolman and Mason look out to the crowd who are shouting and cursing at them. They smile and slap hands. Mason picks Bryant up to his hands and knees and lets his start to get up!! He hits the ropes and comes back at him from behind and BAM!!! Float over DDT!!!

Mason gets up and he picks Bryant up. BAM!!!! Psycho ATTACK!!!!!!!!
Mason nails Bryants face back down to the mat with a Psycho attack!
Mason gets up and TAG!!! Tags in Toolman....Toolman backs up while Mason holds him up.... Toolman runs towards Bryant and BAM!!! Another Pump kick to the head of Bryant. Toolman screams in the face of Bryant “THIS IS WHAT A TEAM DOES!!" Toolman picks Bryant up and he looks deep into his eyes. Toolman grabs his face and tells him "YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR EVERYTHING" Toolman pulls Bryant in and lifts him up!!!! BAM!!!!! SCREWDRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toolman covers Bryant and screams at the ref to count. The ref counts.


Bryant kicks out!!! He kicks out and the crowd goes crazy!!! Toolman's eyes pop wide open and he picks Bryant up again.

Toolman pulls Bryant in and he sets him up one more time. BAM!!!!!!!
SCREWDIVER!!!!! Toolman nails Bryant with another Screwdriver!!!!!!!!

Toolman covers again.....1...................................2.........................

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! Bryant kicks out again!!!! Toolman gets up and he starts kicking the bottom rope in anger!!!!! Toolman picks Bryant up again and he goes to pull him in for a third screwdriver! OH!!
Bryant reaches up and grabs Toolman’s Throat!!!! He chokes the life out of him and the crowd goes crazy!!!! Bryant look Toolman in the face and he screams" AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" He lifts him up for a chokeslam!!!!!!! BAM!!!!! OHHHH!!!!! Mason high kicks Bryant in the head from the apron and Bryant drops Toolman.....Toolman lands to his feet and backs up!!! He charges and OH GOD!! BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PUMP KICK!!!! PUMP KICK!!!!! Toolman nails Bryant with a Pump kick right to the Jaw and Bryant is out cold!!! Toolman covers Bryant.




Toolman gets up and looks down at Bryant in disgust. Mason jumps into the ring and starts celebrating like crazy!! He grabs the Tag titles from the ref and he hands one to his brother... They both raise them over their heads while the crowd boo's them. They both exit the ring ....... Bryant starts to get up... Wait!! Stop!!! Here comes Toolman again!!!! Toolman waits for Bryant to get up!! Bryant gets up and Toolman pulls him in!!!!! OHHH!!!! SCREWDRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toolman screams down at Bryant again before he exits the ring....................


Toolman storms out of the ring and heads up the ramp with his new Tag team partner. The crowd boo's them as they stop at the top of the ramp and pose as New Tag team champions.

Bryant struggles to get up. He tries and tries but he just keeps falling back down. Bryant finally pulls himself up on the ropes with everything he has left.

OH NO!!! NO NO NO!!!! On the screen appear the words


Bryant puts his fists up as he stumbles around the ring.. THIS IS IT! We are finally gonna find out!!! WHO IS THE MASKED MAN!?!? Nobody comes out.. Bryant has his hands up to fight as he looks on at the entrance stage but still nobody comes.... LOOOOOOOOOOK OUT!!!!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!! Steel pipe to the back of Bryant's head!!! The masked man came from the crowd and nailed Bryant with a steel pipe to the skull!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!!
BAM!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!!! BAM!!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!!
BAM!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!!!

My god what a bloody mess!!!! The masked man hits Bryant 32 times with the steel pipe all over his body and he is bleeding from his head and back badly!!!

Fans are screaming and little girls and boys are crying!!! The masked man backs up and drops the steel pipe..... He looks down at Bryant and then back out to the crowd.... He raises his head and lifts his arms out to the side....

He lifts both hands to the back of his mask and he pulls it slowly...................

WHO IS IT!?!?!?!?! WHO IS IT!!!!!? ..................................................................

He pulls the mask off...... his head is down you can’t see who it is....................

He raises his head up and ..............................................ORACLE ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fans boo Oracle at the top of their lungs!!! He looks out to the crowd and then back down at Bryant and then back down to the crowd.... He lifts both of his arms to the side and just feels the winds of the boo's screaming at him... He lifts his head up and closes his eyes and just smiles.... He then exits the ring and looks into the faces of crying children. He stops when he gets up to the stage and once again starts posing like he is a holy man... He exits and the camera zooms back in on Bryant who is shaking in pain. A medical team rushes down to the ring, place Bryant on a stretcher and wheel him away....

Cole: “This is certainly a disturbing scene to watch. I hope Bryant recovers fast and without any hesitation. As this clears up, let’s get ready for our next match.” A video package airs as it starts with Poison vs. Skitzo the week after Wrestlemania 2. They two are fighting back and forth….until someone appears from under the ring. It’s the return of…..ACE! He beats down on both stars as the show ends. The week after that, he torments Poison and ever since they play mind games. Ace and Poison have their personal discussion revealing some of the most personal stories in their lives. It’s a story of jealousy, love, hatred, and desire. The video ends.
Vince: “Well we saw a couple days ago, on OWC, Poison and Ace were battling it out at the end of the show. As they went all over the building, Laci came out to try to break it up. Poison hit his finisher, not on Ace, but on Laci, which sends everyone in total shock. Ace takes advantage and throws Poison right off the stage to almost kill him. Who knows if he is ready to fight. But this match is going to be historic.”

4. Poison vs. Ace in an I Quit Match w/ Special Enforcer Laci; The Winner Chooses the Future of Laci

The first to come to the stage is Laci. She comes to the ring with a neck brace on from what happened couple days ago on OWC. She gets in the ring and waits. After that, Ace comes out. The entire arena boos him. He isn’t friendly to them nor does he even care about the fans. He gets in the ring and rests in the corner. He has to get focused on this match. After he comes out…..the lights flicker and then go out. The spotlight comes to the center of the ring from up above. From the rafters…..Poison sails down to the ring. He has his bat in hand, but throws it down. He takes off his black coat immediately. Before the match event starts, these two run to each other, but Ace runs faster and closelines Poison right outside. Laci rings the bell.

These two get to their feet outside and start punching back and forth…..but Ace knees Poison in the gut soon after and BASHES his head in the apron. He walks him over and then SMASHES it in the steel steps. He drags Poison along and they go up the ramp. Poison fights off Ace though with some elbow shows to the gut. Poison sets it up and…..suplex ON THE STEEL RAMP! Ace is in pain. Laci comes out with a mic in her hand and asks if he quits. Ace doesn’t even answer as he stands up. Poison kicks him in the gut and drags him up the ring. He gets ready and throws him into the paneling of the stage…..but Ace reverses it and…..WHAM….Poison goes back first! He falls down.

Vince: “That can’t be good. The more that happens to him now, the worse the injuries he got on OWC will affect him.”

Poison gets back to his feet, but Ace kicks him in the gut…..neckbreaker….but Poison swings it around…..GOOD GOD….DDT on the steel stage! Poison slowly gets up and recovers. He gets Ace up and they walk through the backstage together. Laci and a camera crew follow them. You see them backstage hitting each other with rights and lefts….both walking away when they get hit too hard. Ace walks away and Poison tries to follow him, but Ace grabs a small steel pipe and HITS Poison right in the gut. He then lifts it up and…..BASHES it right on the back! Poison falls down. Ace walks away. He gets a table that has some catered food on it and pulls it out from the small place it was at. Ace goes back to Poison…..but Poison does a HUGE uppercut punch to Ace. Ace backs up big time. Poison runs to him…..but Ace lifts him up…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……Poison gets back bodied drop THROUGH the table! Laci rushes over as fast as she can and asks.

Laci: “Do you quit?”

Poison: “NOOOOO!” Poison fumbles around and gets to his feet. Ace can’t believe he got up that fast. Ace drags him along more and more. They go through a set of doors and it leads to the parking lot. Poison pushes Ace away and…..OUT OF NOWHERE…..The Poison Knife (Pump Kick) right to Ace. He falls flat on the ground. Laci goes over to ask.

Laci: “Do you Quit!”

Ace: “Yeah right!”

Ace slowly gets up, but Poison gets him up faster. He goes over to a car and POUNDS his face into the hood. He lifts him up….OH NO…..OH GOD…..GOOD GOD…..SLAMS him on the windshield of the car and it cracks and puts a whole through it!
Laci asks him but Ace says No fast. Poison gets him off the car and goes to another one. Both step on it. Ace has his face up and yells in it.
Poison: “You will never be better than me!”

Poison sets it up…..DDT ON THE CAR ROOF…..but Ace trips him up and Poison goes back first on the car and it puts a huge dent in it. Ace gets off the car and starts running away.

Poison slowly gets up after pushing Laci out of the way. Poison goes running after Ace. He loses him though. Poison looks around…..OH…..Ace comes from behind and tackles Poison. He hits him with a chair in the back of the head. Ace gets Poison up and puts him in a glass box. He closes the door. He yells to Laci. Laci…WHAT….takes off her neck brace and runs. A door opens and then closes. An engine starts and starts coming closer…..IT’S A CEMENT TRUCK! It pulls up to the box and then parks. Ace gets the attachment and puts it in the box. Laci comes out and sees Poison in there and starts to laugh.

Ace: “Now do you want to quit? You quit….or you will be pavement sooner than later!” Poison kicks at the glass but nothing happens.

Vince: “I can’t believe that Laci turned on Poison. It must have been from Poison hitting her on OWC.” Ace is about to push the lever….BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT…..Laci ducks down and….LOW BLOW TO ACE! He’s hurt and falls to the ground. Laci rushes over and opens the box. Poison gets out and puts Ace in it. He closes the box and Laci hits the lever. Cement pours in the box. Ace shakes his head and realizes what is happening.

Ace: “GET ME OUT…GET ME OUT! I….I….I….QUIT, QUIT, QUIT, QUIT!!!!!” Winner: Poison

Ace is trying to fight off the cement but it’s sticking. Poison stops it once it hits Ace’s waist.

Vince: “What a deadly match….a personal match….back and forth. Well Poison prevails….like he always does!”

We see Tana backstage with Matt Striker.

Matt Striker: “Tana, tonight you are one pinfall away from recapturing your World Championship. You gained an impressive win on King of Kings just days ago,How are you feeling hea....”

OHH!!!!!! CRACK!!!!! CRACK!!!!! CRACK!!!!! King of Kings comes up behind Casey and he cracks a steel chair over her back and on top of her head. She goes down and Matt Striker tries to stop him. BAM!!!! He gives Striker a steel chair shot to the head. King of Kings places Tana's arm on the inside of the chair and fold it back flat. WHATS HE GONNA DO!? OOOOHHH!!!!! OH GOD!!!!! He steps on the chair and it nebds Tana's arm the wrong way!!! She screams in pain as he continues to stomp the chair over and over and over and over and over and over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Security rushes in and gets between King of Kings and Tana. King of Kings smiles as he looks down at Tana and her messed up arm.
J.R.: “Can she compete tonight?” The camera changes to another part of backstage.

(We see Mattattack and Zack Bowring with Leticia Cline.)

Leticia Cline: “Mattattack and Zack Bowring in just a few moments you will defend your tag team titles against Time Was Now and Scott Steiner, LAX, and Steph and Kelly Kelly Fan.”

Mattattack: “You know Leticia. We are the tag team champions because it's simple. We are the best tag team in TFC history. There is team that can take these belts from us. We both are former Universal Champions and we have shown we are the best on WAR. We are the object of a lot of envy Cline. And the fact is when the night is over Leticia we will still walk out as WAR Tag Team Champions because we are simply that D*** good. We both got a first class ticket to hell and were taking everybody with us.”

Zack Bowring: “These "teams" that are going to face us we have beat in the past. We have shown that we are the best of WAR. Mattattack and I are friends and we watch each other's back. When we heard it was going to be a TLC Match for our titles we were happy. Because who knows more about inflicting pain with weapons then us? Nobody. Tonight we are going out there to show just why we have these belts.”

(Bowring and Mattattack walk off with Cline standing there. But we can see behind her Wrestlemaniac smiling in an evil way.)

5. Stone Cold Jericho(c) vs. Death for the FTW Title in a Last Man Standing Match

(We come back to the ring to see Tony Chimel in the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “This is your FTW Championship Last Man Standing Match. The rules are simple. There are no DQs, no pinfalls, no submissions, and no countouts.. The only way to win is the knock your opponent out for the count of 10.”

(We hear Death's intro music. The fans are split as we see Death slowly walk out. He stares at the ring as he walks toward the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing first he is the challenger. He is Death.”

Tazz: “We saw the new Death on WAR last week and let me tell you it seems like during his time on Smackdown he has changed.”

Jerry Lawler: You can say that again. Now he's creepy. And he's taking on his brother in this match. There is no telling what these men will do to get the FTW Championship.

(Death gets in the ring and walks around inside as we hear Stone Cold Jericho's intro music. The fans are split again as we see him walk out with the FTW title around his waist. He looks at his brother in the ring as he walks toward the ring.)
Tony Chimel: “Introducing next he is the FTW Champion Stone Cold Jericho.”
Tazz: “We have seen him in the past getting revenge on those who took his brother out of WAR the first time.”

Jerry Lawler: “And Death looked happy he was doing it. I think he used his brother just to just get back at Chaos and the others. But he has to take his brothers career tonight and keep his title. Can you imagine what we are going to see here tonight?”

(Jericho gets in the ring and looks across at his brother. They’re both looking at each other as the ref gets the FTW Title up in the air showing it to everybody. Then he hands it out of the ring and calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: Both men walk around the ring. But then Jericho kicks Death in the mid section. He grabs Death by the head and throws him into the corner. He punches on Death over and over until Death grabs him by the head and throws him into the corner punching on him. He runs across the ring as Jericho walks over to the ropes. He then hits a running boot to the face of Jericho sending him through the ropes to the outside. Death rolls out and brings Jericho up and picks him up throwing him onto the announce table face first. Death then kicks Jericho in the mid section hooking him for the Death Clock (Last Ride). But Jericho stands up and back body drops Death to the mat. Jericho goes over and grabs a chair. Death is getting up and Jericho swings the chair. But Death ducks it and Jericho hits a fan across the head with the chair sending him to the floor. Jericho turns around to Death blocking a chair shot and kicks Jericho in the mid section. He grabs the chair and hits Jericho across the back with the chair. Jericho yells in pain as Death hits him again and again. Death throws the chair away and grabs the steel steps picking them up. He holds them up waiting for Jericho to get up. Jericho takes his time getting up but Death runs with the steps hitting him hard across the head with the steps.

Tazz: “Man he rearranged Jericho's face with those steps. If he had trouble picking up women he won't have much luck now.”

Match: Jericho is down holding his head as Death drops the steps. The ref starts to count Jericho out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7......Jericho uses the barricade to stand up. Death runs at him but Jericho ducks a big boot and grabs Death by the waist and hits a german suplex on him on top of the steel steps. Death yells in pain as he lands on the steps holding his back. Jericho stays up as the ref counts Death out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8..........Death is able to stand up. Jericho has the chair and brings it back over to Death. But Death runs and hits a drop kick to the chair sending into the face of Jericho. Jericho falls to the mat as Death is trying to keep himself up. Death walks around the ring but out if nowhere Jericho hits him over the head with the chair falling to the mat. The ref counts Death out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.......Death is starting to get up but Jericho grabs his head and punches him over and over. He brings Death over to the announce table and hits his head across the table. Death holds his head as he leans on the ring post. Jericho has the chair and tuns hitting Death across the back of the knee sending him down holding his knee. Jericho comes over to Death and hits him over and over across the knee with the chair. Jericho finally stops and yells at the ref. Death is barely able to get up. Jericho runs at Death but Death bends down and back body drops Jericho onto the announce table.

Jerry Lawler: “No give to that table. It just bounced him off.”

Match: Jericho is down on the table as Death is out on the mat. The ref counts both out. 1,2,3,4,5,6..........Death is up. 7,8,9..........Jericho uses the table to stand up. Death grabs Jericho by the head and leads him around the ring. They get to the ramp and both punch at each other over and over. But Death grabs Jericho and throws him face first into the barricade. Jericho holds his back as he crawls up the ramp. Death fallows him and finally Jericho is up. Death kicks him in the mid section and hooks him hitting the Death Clock on Jericho on the ramp.
Tazz: “And he calls that the Death Clock because the clock has ran out when he hits that move.”

Match: Jericho holds his back as Death tells the ref to count. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9..............and somehow Jericho slides off the ramp on his feet. Death jumps down and grabs Jericho by the head hitting him into the side of the ramp. He hooks Jericho for another Death Clock. But Jericho slips away and grabs Death hitting the Codebreaker on him. Both men fall to the floor. The ref then counts out both men. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...........Jericho gets up and as the ref counts 9 Death is up. Jericho grabs Death's legs tripping him and hooks in the Lion Tamer. Death is yelling in pain as he is tapping out. The ref says it doesn't count. The ref yells at Jericho until he finally let’s go. Death holds his back and knee as Jericho says he has won. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9..........barely just barely Death gets up. Jericho runs at him for a flying clothesline. But Death grabs him by the throat and hits a choke slam on the floor.

Jerry Lawler: “Did you see his head ounce off the floor. He has to have a concussion.”

Match: Jericho looks knocked out as the ref counts him out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8............NO Jericho is up. Death goes over and grabs Jericho by the head leading him back to the ramp. They walk beside the ramp back toward the ring. Death rolls Jericho back in the ring. Death looks under the ring and pulls out a table. He slides it in the ring and then slides in the ring. Death grabs the table and puts it in the corner. Jericho is up and Death grabs him by the throat for a choke slam through the table. But Jericho pushes him away then hits a top toe hold sending Death face fist on the table but doesn't go through. Jericho jumps to the middle rope then goes for a drop kick to Death. But Death grabs Jericho's legs and whips him into the table. Jericho holds his head as he gets up to Death grabbing him by the throat and hits a choke slam on Jericho through the table. Jericho falls to the mat as the ref counts him out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.....we see Jericho trying to get up. But off the top Death jumps off hitting Death Time (Swanton Bomb) on Jericho before he could get up. Both are down as the ref counts. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.......we see Death get up and Jericho tries to. 8,9.............Jericho almost gets to his feet but the ref counts 10. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.

Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner and NEW FTW Champion Death.”

Tazz: “Oh man Jericho was almost up but we have a new FTW Champion. Congrats to Death but............”

(Death grabs the belt from the ref holding it up. Finally we see Jericho getting up. Death and Jericho look at each other. Jericho offers his hand to shake. Death looks at his hand and shakes it. They both hug and Jericho goes to walk away. But Death hits him across the back of the head with the belt. He stomps on his brother over and over. He brings Jericho back up and hits the Death Clock on him. The fans are booing loud at Death. Death bends down and yells at Jericho. Death looks happy holding up his title with Death knocked out.)

We take a look at a video package of this long rivalry.

Once the perfect team... One undefeated... One World Champion....
Two of SmackDowns most dominating forces that ruled the show together would end up costing eachother EVERYTHING. After feeling like the servant... A-Rob would cost Casey her World title against Tana... Casey would cost A-Rob his undefeated streak. They both cost eachother in the World title match at Aftermath. After one of the greatest matches ever on SmackDown between these two was stopped via timelimit,FINALLY!!! Tonight!!! It all ends...... Who is Simply Perfection? Who was truly the better of the two? Who will become Number One contender for the World title? THE TIME.......IS.......NOW!!!! ARE YOU READY!?!?! You gotta know Casey and A-Rob......ARE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The time for talking is over... Ladies and gentleman.......HERE.....WE.....GO!!!!!!!

A-Rob's music hits and the fans explode out of their seats to boo at him.. He comes out and his pyro explodes on the sides of him. He raises his arms and he walks down to the ring with pure focus on his face.

Casey's music hits next and the crowd boo's her but is in aww of her entrance.
Pyro rains down onto her like golden confetti. She stares down at the ground and pumps herself up. She raises her hands to the sky and another batch of pyro... BOOM!!!BOOM!!!BOOM!!!BOOOM!!!!!BOOOOM!!!! BOOM!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!

Explodes behind her. She looks at A-Rob in the ring and slowly walks down the ramp towards him. They are locking eyes like I have never seen before!! THIS IS GONNA BE CRAZY!!!!! Casey slides into the ring and her and A-Rob never take their eyes off of eachother.The fans in the arena are standing!DING DING!

6. Casey vs. A-Rob in a #1 Contender’s Match
The bell rings and we're off!!!
The fans hate both of these two but they are rocking the house!! Everybody has been waiting for this one. Casey and A-Rob pace around the ring just looking at eachother.... HERE WE GO!! Casey and A-Rob tie up!! A-Rob pushes Casey off of him and SLAP!! OHH!!! He slaps her right across the face. Casey looks to the side and wipes off her lip. She looks back at A-Rob and OHHH!!!! Casey throws an elbow!! Casey nails A-Rob across the Jaw with a raining elbow!!! He stumbles back and Casey comes at him for another one!! NO!! He catches it and counters her with a rear naked choke!! NO!! Casey throws him over her shoulder and now SHE has HIM in a rear naked choke!!! A-Rob tries to stand up but Casey just squeezes and squeezes!! A-Rob finally gets to his feet and he starts throwing elbows back at Casey's ribs!! BAM!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!

She lets him go and he charges into the ropes.. He hits them and charges back at Casey!! She catches him!!!!! BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!! WOW!!! Casey catches him and nails him with a quick belly to belly suplex!! She gets up and she again goes to the reaqr naked choke!!!! A-Roc struggles for air as he again tries to get to his feet. He starts to get up and Casey just lets go. She jumps up to the second rope and springs off back towards A-Rob!! He is up and he turns around to a flying high kick to the head!!!! He goes down and Casey goes for a cover!!! 1...............................2........................NO!!! A-Rob kicks out. Casey stands and she starts to pick him up... BAM!!! A-Rob throws a right hand into the gut of Casey and she lets go of him.. She bends down and clintches her stomach.... A-Rob charges in at her and OHH!!! BAM!!!!! Huge running knee to the side of her head and she goes down to the mat. A-Rob grabs her leg.. He tries to turn her for a half boston crab!! Casey squirms around and she won’t let him turn it!!!!! He screams out loud and tries to overpower her. He tries and tries but she won’t let him!!! He bends down and screams in her face but LOOK!! She grabs his head and rolls him up!!!! 1.........................2.............

A-Rob kicks out and quickly gets back up. Casey starts to get up and A-Rob grabs her!!! He hooks her and BAM!!!!! Snap suplex!!!! He picks her back up and BAM!!! Another snap suplex!!!! He holds onto her and stands up again!!!!!
BAM!!!!! Snap suplex but this time he holds the leg into a cover!!! Ref counts!!
1......................................2...........................NO!!!! Casey kicks out and A-Rob gets up. He waits on her to get up and as soon as she gets to her hands and knees he charges in and he swings his foot right at her face!!!! WHOA!!! Casey moves out of the way and A-Rob's leg ends up getting tangled in between the middle ropes!!!! Casey gets up and see's Rob struggling to get his leg loose. She runs to him and grabs him by the head and BAM!!! Reverse DDT!!! Reverse DDT and he almost broke his neck!!! Casey covers!!!! The ref slides in for the count!! 1........................................2.........................NO!!!! Rob gets his foot to the bottom rope!! Casey pulls him away from the ropes and she covers him again!!! 1......................................2...........................NO!!!! Rob kicks out this time and Casey gets a little frustrated. She stands up and she is setting up in the corner!!!!! Here we go!!!! SHE IS SETTING UP FOR A SPEAR!!! A-Rob starts to get up and Casey charges at him!!! HERE COMES THE SPEAR!!!! BAM!! OH!!!

Casey misses as A-Rob moves!!! She crashes into the turnbuckle shoulder first and it might be hurt!!! She comes out of the turnbuckle holding her shoulder as A-Rob charges at her!!!! BAM!!!!! HUGE CLOSELINE!!!! HUGE CLOSELINE!!!!!!!!
A-Rob takes Casey down hard with a massive closeline!!!! He covers!!!!!!!!!!!!
1...................................2.............................NO!!!!! NO!!! Casey kicks out!!!!!!!!
Casey kicks out and A-Rob starts to get up... He see's she is having trouble getting up.. He climbs the turnbuckle!!! HERE WE GO!!!! HE STANDS AT THE TOP! He rolls his hands and HE LEAPS!!!!!! FALLING FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!
(Shooting star press) NO!!!!! OHHHH!!!! Casey lifts her knees and A-Rob crashes down across them right on his ribs!!! He lets out a huge breath and his eyes bug wide open!!!! Casey rolls over and she covers him!!!! The ref counts!
1.....................................2....................................NO!!!!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!

A-Rob kicks out!!! He kicks out!!! Casey rolls her eyes and now its her turn to go to the top rope!!!! She is at the top!!!!! She signals!!!! SHE LEAPS OFF!!!!!
Casey comes down across A-Rob with the five star frog splash!!!! She covers!!
1.....................................2.....................................NO!!! NO WAY HE KICKS OUT!
A-Rob kicks out and Casey is stunned. She gets up and now she is back in the corner waiting for him to get up. HE IS UP!!! SHE IS CHARGING!!!! HE LIFTS!!!! BAM!!!!! A-Rob lifts his foot up and stops Casey with a big boot!! Casey goes down!!! A-Rob lifts her up and HERE WE GO!!! He lifts her to his shoulders and tosses her off NO WAIT SHE GRABS HIS HEAD AND TURNS IT INTO A NECK BREAKER!!!! WOW!!!! A-Rob is down!!!!! Casey gets up!!! ONE MORE TIME she sets up in the corner!!!! A-Rob pulls him self up on the ropes!!!! Here she comes!!!! SPEAR!!!! NO!!!!!! A-Rob ducks and lifts her onto his shoulders!!! HE TOSSES HER OFF AND BAM!!!!! HUGE C-5 CONNECTS!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!! A-Rob covers!!! This is it!!!!! 1...................................2.............................NO!!!!!

CASEY KICKS OUT!!! SHE KICKS OUT!! A-Rob can’t believe it!! He doesn’t waste any time!!! He jumps to the top turnbuckle and he is going to Fall from the future! HERE HE GOES!!!! NO!!!!! Casey jumps up and she knocks the top rope causing A-Rob to fall and rack himself on the top!!! She jumps to the second turnbuckle and she hooks him!!! She stand to the top and OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BAM!!!!!!! PEPSI PLUNGE!!!!! PEPSI PLUNGE!!!!!!! PEPSI PLUNGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Casey nails A-Rob with the Pepsi plunge and a sigh of relief hits as she falls on top of him for the cover!!! 1.........................................2...............................NO!!

NO!! NO!!!! NO WAY!!!! A-Rob kicks out and Casey just lays there breathing heavily... Casey starts to pull herself up on the top rope... A-Rob does the same.. They are both up!!! Casey swings a right hand but A-Rob ducks!! A-Rob hooks his arms around her waist and goes for a Belly to Belly suplex!!!!!!!!!!
BAM!!! NO!!! Headbutt from Casey right into Robs Face... He lets go!! She hooks him!!!! Now she tries for a Belly to Belly on him!!! OHH!!! Same thing to Casey!! Headbutt to her face!! She lets go and he swings behind her and hooks her from behind for a Belly to back suplex!!! BAM!! Elbow right to the side of his head from Casey!! He lets go!!!! She swings behind him and she tries for the belly to back suplex!!!! BAM BAM!!! Two elbows to the side of Caseys head and she lets go!! She stumbles and he grabs her again!! BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!! NO!!! She stops him mid motion and she hooks him!!! BAM!!! CASEY NAILS ROB WITH THE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey lays her arm over rob for the cover!!! The ref slides in for the count!!!!!
1....................................2................................NO!!!! HE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!!
MY GOD WHAT AN INCREDIBLE MATCH!!!! A-ROB kicks out again and Casey doesn’t know what to do next. She slowly gets up. She starts to pull A-Rob up!
A-Rob covers Casey hooking both of her legs!!! The ref slides in for the count!!!
1..........................................2..............................NO!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!! NO WAY!!!
THIS IS CRAZY!!! A-Rob looks at the ref like he doesn’t get it. He tells him she kicked out and he shakes his head no.. He screams "HOW?!?!?" A-rob slams his fist down to the mat and throws a fit. He gets up and he starts to get her up. WAIT!!!! LOOK!!!! OH GOD!!! She hooks him in the Anaconda Vice!!!!! How did she do that!?!?! A-Rob screams in pain as Casey cranks back on the Vice grip!

He TAPS!!!! No he doesn’t!!!! A-Rob wants to tap out!!! He screams as she pulls and pulls and pulls!!!! LOOK!!!! He raises his hand to tap!!!! He won’t do it! He just won’t tap out!!!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!

A-Rob lifts his knees into the back of Casey's head over and over and she finally releases!! They are both very slow to their feet!!!! Casey is up first!!! A-Rob up next!!!! Casey swings at Rob and he ducks and lifts her to his shoulders!!!! HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!! HE TOSSES HER OFF!!! C-5!!!!!!!!!!!
NO WAY!!!! She lands to her feet and hits the ropes with her momentum!!! She charges back at Rob and BAM!!!!! SPEAR!!!! SPEAR!!!!! SPEAR!!!! SPEAR!!!!!!!
Casey nails Rob with a spear and she covers!!!! The ref quickly slides to count.
1...............................................2......................................NO!!! NO!!! HE KICKS OUT!!! A-Rob kicks out and the crowd loves this match!!! They are chanting!


Casey starts to get up and she picks A-Rob up!!! She lifts him to the top rope and lets him sitt there!!! She climbs up!!!! She hooks him for a Pepsi Plunge!!
NO!!!! A-Rob gets loose and he pushes Casey!!!! She falls backwards down to the mat and hits flat on her back!!! A-Rob stands up!!! FALLING FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!!! NOO!!!!! Casey springs up and jumps to the second turnbuckle rope!!! She hits A-Rob in the gut and he falls a little bit!!! She hooks his arms quickly and leaps back with him OH GOD!!! BAM!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!


Casey nails A-Rob with the Pepsi Plunge and he is out cold!!! She slowly turns him over and hooks one leg as tight as she can for the cover!! Ref counts!!!!



HERE IS YOUR WINNER!!!!!!!!!!! CAAAAAAASSSEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey looks down at A-Rob almost impressed. She raises her hands in the air and even the crowd is giving her a standing ovation and it is well deserved!!!

Casey exits the ring and heads up the ramp the new Number one contender.

She stops at the top and raises her arms in the sky while A-Rob is motionless.

(The camera switches to the backstage area and see Sharona with Leticia Cline.)
Leticia Cline: “Sharona tonight you get the chance to become the Universal Champion in the Xtreme Hell in a Cell. Why would you pick this match to compete in seeing what it can do to someone?”

Sharona: “Look my brother is KOTD. I know him and he knows me. I picked up some of the love for Xtreme on my way through TFC. People think that I'm just a little girl that can't fight. But tonight I show that I'm better then Jaz and show I'm just as Xtreme as my brother. She started the Xtreme moments when she attacked me with the handcuffs and chair attacks. Last week I showed I can pin her and beat her. She is all talk and I'm all action. Tonight I shut Jaz up for good and then take her belt.”

Leticia Cline: “But this kind of match could shorten or end your career.”

Sharona: “I'm willing to risk that to get that belt. Jaz thinks she is the toughest diva in TFC. Well I'm going to take her out and show that I'm the best wrestler in TFC. I've beat people like CBM, Kevin Shaddix, and a lot more. Jaz is nothing. Tonight a new reign as Universal Champion is going to start with me as your new Universal Champion.”

(Sharona walks away looking happy but we hear something. We hear people fighting. The camera turns around and we see The Misfits attacking JD and the Motor Machine Guns. They got them on the ground punching on them. We see AMW hook handcuffs on them hooking them to a pipe on the side. They yell at them saying there not going to cost him the tag team belts as they walk away. We see JD and the guns knocked out)

7. Mattattack(Champ) and Zack Bowring(Champ) vs Time Was Now and Scott Steiner vs LAX vs Steph and Kelly Kelly Fan for the WAR Tag Team titles in a TLC Match

(We come back to the ring to see tables, ladders, and chairs all around the ring. We see the WAR Tag Team Titles hanging above the ring. Then we hear Time Was Now's intro music. The fans boo loud as we see Time Was Now and Scott Steiner walk out. Now yells to the crowd that he's winning this. Steiner poses on the stage then him and Now walk to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: “This is a TLC Match for the WAR Tag Team Titles. Introducing first is Scott Steiner and the X Division Champion Time Was Now.”

Tazz: Here we go a TLC match for the WAR Tag Team Titles. I can't wait. We had a TLC match earlier, but I think War’s is going to beat it. We have some of the best in TFC in this match. But Now and Steiner have shown they are a force to be dealt with on WAR in the triple threat tag match last week.”

Jerry Lawler: “You can say that again. Now and Steiner are a tough team. Now picked a great partner. Steiner is a freak and he is proud of it.”

(Now and Steiner get in the ring and looks up at the titles. They taunt the crowd as they boo them then we hear LAX's intro music. The fans boo louder than ever as we see Homicide and Hernandez walks out. They argue at the fans as they boo them. They walk to the ring yelling and cursing at the crowd.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next is Homicide and Hernandez. LAX.”

Konnan: “And here is your next tag team champs. They are the best in this match and the AAA will bring the title where they belong.”

Tazz: “If LAX gets the belts then we might as well throw them in the trash where AAA belongs.”

(LAX gets in the ring and taunts the crowd yelling at them as they boo them. They stare down Now and Steiner as we hear The Beautiful People's intro music. The fans boo again as we see Ani, Kelly Kelly Fan, Steph, and Rose come out. They all pose on the stage then walks to the ring with the fans still booing them.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next is the team of Steph and Kelly Kelly Fan.”

Tazz: “They don't even deserve to be in this match.”

Jerry Lawler: “You won't hear me complaining. At least we get to see some of WAR's divas in action. So enjoy it.”

(The Beautiful People all pose in the ring as the other teams yell at them. Then we hear Mattattack's intro music. The fans explode in cheers. Then we see Mattattack and Zack Bowring walk out. Mattattack slowly walks to the ring as Bowring greets the fans.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next they are the WAR Tag Team Champions Mattattack and Zack Bowring.”

Tazz: “I hope these guys get it. They deserve it after the **** CBM has put them through. But we also got to watch out for Wrestlemaniac. I don't think he is here but you never know with him. This team formed after Bowring saved Mattattack from a beat down from Time Was Now and Scott Steiner a while back.”

Jerry Lawler: “And what a team it is. Look at them. They both are former Universal Champions. They are the best of WAR.”

(Bowring and Mattattack get in the ring looking at the other teams. We see all four teams looking ready to fight. The ref then calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: We see all four teams looking at each other. Then we see all at once everybody runs at each other. We see LAX fighting with Steph and Kelly as Now and Steiner go after Mattattack and Zack Bowring. They all trade punches. We see Mattattack back Steiner against the corner and climbs up punching on him. But from behind Steph gets under Mattattack and powerbombs him to the mat. She turns around to Steiner running out of the corner and flips her through the air with a clothesline. Steiner and Now bring Mattattack up and hooks him for a double suplex. They pick him up but Bowring grabs Mattattack's legs and brings him back down. Bowring and Mattattack grabs Now and Steiner's heads going for a double suplex. But over comes LAX punching on Mattattack and Bowring. And on the other side, Steph and Kelly club on Now and Steiner. Then we see everybody hook an 8 person suplex. We see Mattattack, Bowring, Steph, and Kelly hit the suplex on Now, Steiner, and LAX.

Tazz: “I have never seen anything like that before my man. What a move.”

Match: The fans are going crazy cheering. Steph and Kelly get up to a double clothesline from Mattattack and Bowring sending them over the top rope. Bowring rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He picks it up but from behind Steiner grabs him by the waist and hits a german suplex on him sending the ladder flying into the crowd hitting a few of them. Steiner gets up and smiles as we see some of the crowd is hurt. Steiner goes over and grabs a table. He unfolds it on the outside as in the ring we see Mattattack whips Hernandez into the ropes. He bounces off the ropes and Mattattack picks him up for a spinebuster. But from behind Homicide chop blocks Mattattack's knee. Mattattack goes down to one knee. Hernandez brings Mattattack up and hooks him for a side slam. But he holds Mattattack out as we see Homicide jumps off the top rope hitting a leg drop across Mattattack's throat as Hernandez hits the side slam on him. LAX gets up yelling at the crowd. But they don't see Steph and Kelly get back in the ring with chairs. LAX turns around to chair shots across the head from Steph and Kelly. Steph and Kelly yell at them as we see Bowring Now grab both by the hair from behind throwing them to the mat. Steph gets up to a kick to the mid section and Now hooks her for an End of Times. He picks her up but he holds her up. We see Steiner climbing on the top turnbuckle. He jumps off and hits a flying clothesline on Steph as Now hits the End of Times on her.

Jerry Lawler: “Oh he took her pretty face off. They almost took her entire head off.”

Match: Now rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He picks it up and sits it on the ring mat. In the ring we see Steiner pick up a chair. We see Bowring sliding in the ring. Bowring runs at Steiner and Steiner swings the chair. But Bowring ducks it and drop kicks the ladder into Now's face. Bowring gets up quickly to a chair shot over the head from Steiner. Steiner holds up the dented chair. He throws it to the mat as on the outside we see Kelly and Homicide going at it. But Homicide knees her in the mid section and hooks her for the Gringo Killer. But Kelly goes to her knees and low blows him. She grabs Homicide by the head and throws him face first into the steel post. She gets back up to Hernandez hitting in the ribs with a chair. He drops the chair and hooks her for the Border Toss. He picks her up and runs with her and throws her through the table on the outside.

Tazz: “Oh man Kelly was put through the table. Man the table just explodes.”

Match: Kelly looks knocked out as Hernandez goes over high fiving Konnan. Hernandez grabs a ladder and slides it in the ring. He slides in and grabs the ladder setting it up. But we see on the other side of the ring Mattattack sliding in a ladder. Hernandez starts to climb the ladder but Mattattack uses his ladder to hit Hernadez in the mid section with it. Hernandez falls to the mat holding his ribs. Behind Mattattack we see Now hitting him over the back with the chair. Mattattack falls to the mat and his ladder leans up next to the other ladder. Bowring runs at Now and ducks a chair shot. Bowring runs up the ladder and gets to the top grabbing a hold of the Tag belts.

Jerry Lawler: “WOW. He's going to win it. He's going to keep the tag belts.”

Match: Now grabs his chair with both hands and throws his chair hitting Bowring across the head with it. Bowring falls down but lands on Now's shoulders. Now runs and hits the End of Times on the proped up ladder on the other ladder. Bowring falls to the mat holding his back. But quickly Steph grabs Now by the head and jumps to the top rope then hits the Stratus Faction across the ladder. Now holds his face as he rolls out of the ring. Steph grabs throws the other ladder down and starts to climb the other. She gets to the top and gets a finger on it. But we see Homicide jumps from the top turnbuckle onto the other side of the ladder. He exchanges punches with Steph over and over. But we see Mattattack slide in. He grabs one side of the ladder and pushes it over. We see Homicide land on the top rope then rolls off the mat. But Steph lands on her feet and runs at Mattattack. But Mattattack picks her up and hits a spinebuster on her. Mattattack gets up to Steiner running at him. But Mattattack ducks a clothesline and then runs bouncing off the ropes hitting a running knee to him. Hernadez slides a table in the ring then gets in. Mattattack goes to grab the table but Hernandez clubs on Mattattack's back. Hernandez picks up the table and puts it in the corner. He goes back over to Mattattack and hooks him for a Border Toss throught the table. But Mattattack jumps off Hernandez then kicks Hernandez in the mid section and hits a Pedigree on him. Mattattack gets up and starts to climb the ladder. We see everybody else is knocked out inside and outside the ring. Mattattack climbs up the ladder and gets his fingers on the titles. But then we see Wrestlemaniac run down the ramp then slides in the ring.

Tazz: “What is he doing here? He’s not even supposed to be here tonight.”

Match: Mattattack jumps off the ladder but Wrestlemaniac catches him and hits a swinging side slam on him through the table in the corner. Mattattack looks out of it as Wrestlemaniac yells at him. But we see Bowring slide in the ring with a chair. Wrestlemaniac turns around to Bowring hitting him over the head hard with the chair. Wrestlemaniac holds his head as Bowring kicks him in the mid section going for a Twist of Fate. But Wrestlemaniac pushes him away. Bowring runs up the corner and hits a Whisper in the Wind on Wrestlemaniac. Wrestlemaniac falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Bowring looks up at the titles and climbs the ladder. But we see Now get back in with another ladder. He sets it up next to Mattattack's and climbs up. Both Mattattack and Now throw punches at the other trying to get the titles. But we see Steph and Homicide get in and climb up the other sides of the ladder. We see Steph, Homicide, Mattattack, and Now exchanging punches trying to get the titles. We see Kelly Kelly Fan bring another ladder in the ring setting it up next to the other ladders. But we see Steiner climb up with her. There all fighting on the top of ladders but we see Steph grab Homicide by the head and hits a twisting neck breaker off the top on him. Then we see Steiner grab Kelly throwing her off the ladder making her land on the top rope then bounces out of the ring. Now is able to hook Mattattack and hits a superplex off the top of the ladder. We see Bowring on the top turnbuckle. He grabs one of the ladders and climbs up on top of it. He then quickly walks across the 3 ladders and grabs the titles.

Jerry Lawler: “And again Bowring has pulled off something I have never seen. He's going to win it.”

Match: He is trying to get the belts loose but over comes Hernadez climing up clubing on him. He grabs Bowring by the pants and tosses him to the mat below. Hernandez climbs up and goes for the titles. But we see Mattattack slide back in the ring with a sledgehammer. He climbs up the ladder and hits Hernandez in the mid section with the hammer. We see behind them Steph has a table unfolding it setting it up. She climbs up one of the ladders and punches Mattattack then Hernandez. She then grabs Mattattack going to superplex him off the top of the ladder. But Mattattack blocks it. He pushes her back and Hernandez grabs her for a back body drop off the top. But Mattattack hits Hernandez across the face with the hammer. Hernandez and Steph fall off the ladder and go through the table. Mattattack goes to grab the titles but Now gets under Mattattack and hits the End of Times on him on top of Steph and Hernadez. Now turns around to Bowring hitting him in the mid section with a chair. Bowring then grabs him hitting a Twist of Fate on him. Bowring climbs up the ladder going for the title belts. But he looks down at Now. He looks up at the titles then climbs to the top of the ladder jumping off for a Swanton Bomb on Now, but Now rolls away letting Bowring hit the mat hard. Now quickly gets up and signals to somebody. The camera cuts to the back to see Chris Harris and James Storm with the remote to the hook holding the belts. Harris pushes the button and we see the belts starting to come down. Now laughs as the fans boo loud.


Match: The belts come down in front of Now. He laughs and walks toward the belts. But then the lights go out. Everything goes quite then the titantron comes on and we see lightning flashing in a dark sky. We hear thunder rolling. And we see to dark figures standing there with their backs to the camera when a signals strand of light shines down. We hear laughing then the lights come on and we see the belts have gone back up the ceiling. Now is looking up at the titles yelling at AMW to bring them back down. But we cut to the back and we see AMW are knocked out.

Jerry Lawler: “What just happened Tazz? Who did that?”

Match: Now looks shocked and turns around to Bowring hooking him hitting a Twist of Fate on him. Bowring holds his back as we see Wrestlemaniac back in the ring. He grabs Bowring and picks him up over his head. He then runs and tosses Bowring over the top rope through a table. Bowring looks out of it. But Mattattack turns Wrestlemaniac around and hits a Pedigree on him. Mattattack goes over and climbs the ladder. He gets to the top but we see Homicide climbing up. He gets up there and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights. He goes to hit Mattattack but he blocks it. Mattattack grabs Homicide's head and rams it on top of the ladder. He grabs the brass knuckles and hits Homicide across the face with them. Homicide falls of the ladder landing on Steiner who was trying to get up. Mattattack reaches up and grabs the belts ripping them off. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.
Tony Chimel: “Here are your winners and STILL WAR Tag Team Champion Mattattack and Zack Bowring.”

Tazz: “Man what a TLC match and the best team won to me. They have deserved those titles. But who cost Now the titles. What happened?”

(Bowring gets in the ring and gets one of the titles from Mattattack. They get on top of the turnbuckles holding up there titles as the others are still knocked out.)

The camera goes back to DJ the Icon who is with Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior: “DJ, you have faced McMahon 101 in his first match as an active wrestler. Can you tell me what that was like?”

DJ: “Well it was great. I mean he was good….better than I expected.”
Warrior: “He beat you that night and then later that night, he did, what so many people call a cowardly act, and beat down and took Skitzo’s title after he had a long fought battle.”

DJ: “I have lost all respect for 101. I don’t even want to call him my boss. He is supposed to support and give these fans what they want. He is supposed to take care of his talent. He is only caring about himself. He wins the title for himself and then he goes on vacation….leaving OWC for someone else. He disrespects everyone and tells them that they are bad because they aren’t him. Listen 101, I am ready for a match tonight…..for a first-ever match....the 3 Degrees of Hell Match. I know it’s going to be bad….but as long as you don’t walk away champion, I will be happy. If I take it from you, I would be even happier. This match is going to steal the show tonight….just like you stole that title.” DJ walks off.

8. McMahon (Champ) vs. DJ the Icon vs. Kevin vs. Ssj5vin vs. Steel Survivor for the OWC Title in 3 Degrees of Hell

DJ the Icon comes to the ring first. He has the Tough Enough Title around his waist. The crowd cheers him on. After he is in, Kevin comes out and the whole crowd roars. Ssj5vin slowly walks down the ring with his black robe and hat on him that covers his face. The arena is black with red lights all over the place. After he is in, Steel Survivor comes running down the ramp and all the way to the ring. McMahon 101 comes out and the whole arena boos. They have serious hatred. He walks into the ring slowly like he thinks a bomb is going to explode. All of the stars are looking at him.

Vince: “This match is the first of its kind. I am so excited to see this. The officials are putting it all together. You have to climb OVER the Cage first and then go through the Hell in a Cell door. Climb that and go to the ladder on top of that and climb that….and finally reach for the gold. You see, they have to connect each side of the cage by hand. WAIT….do you see on top of the cage? There is barbwire around the top! We never learned about that!” The cage is put together and then the Hell in a Cell is lowered. On top of the cell is a ladder and the OWC Title is hung a little above that.

As soon as it’s together, the bell rings. They don’t fight though, but look up to see the structure, but not only that, but to see the barbwire on top. They are shocked to see it. They know they can’t get out. Ss smiles though and starts to climb. Kevin, DJ, and Steel look to see if he can create a path to get out. 101 walks slowly back and to the door of the cage. It’s locked though…..but he pulls out a key from his pants. He UNLOCKS IT! He sneaks out of the door and SLAMS it! Everyone looks and they see him lock it up. They rush to it but are too late!
Vince: “NO, NO, NO…..HE HAD A KEY! What the hell did he have that for?” 101 turns and goes to the Cell door. That’s not locked up. He walks right through that and starts to climb the cell. The others in the ring all climb the cage at their own pace but don’t want to go over the barbwire. Ss doesn’t care and just….CHARAGES through! His pants get ripped up and torn off…..but his arms, legs, chest…..all get scratches….and start to gush out blood! He IS OUT! 101 is halfway to the top. He climbs more. Ss slowly goes down the cage as he needs to be careful. He gets to the floor and runs to the door. 101 is on top of the cell and sets up the ladder. Ss goes out of the cell and starts to climb. 101 puts the ladder up, but it doesn’t stand and falls. He gets nervous. 101 sets it up again as Ss is halfway up. 101 has it stand this time and climbs the ladder….Ss is on top…..101 reaches……UNHOOKS IT! DING, DING, DING! Winner and STILL OWC Champion: McMahon 101

Vince: “What a load of 101! This is the dumbest thing 101 has ever done. Are you seriously doing this 101? What is your problem????!!!!!”

101 raises the title above his head as Ss kneels down after blood is all over his body. The other 3 look up from the ring in disappointment. The camera changes to the back.

(We go backstage to see Leticia Cline running toward somebody.)
Leticia Cline: “Jaz. Jaz. Can I get a word? In just a few minutes you will defend your Universal Championship against Sharona in an Xtreme Hell in a Cell. Your thoughts?”

Jaz: “My thoughts? My thoughts are I'm going out there to rip that little pretty face off of her. She has done the wrong thing picking this kind of match. Her brother might have been Xtreme or whatever other **** but she is no KOTD. I don't know if thats a good thing or bad thing. I have competed in a Triple Cage match to get this title. What was she thinking asking for this match type? Tonight I'm walking out with my title and her career. Tonight everybody will see a bloody match. But they will also see the end of Sharona. Now move b****.”

(Jaz pushes past Cline leaving her)

9. Jaz (Champ) vs. Sharona in Xtreme Hell in a Cell for the Universal Title

(We come back to the ring to see the Cell around the ring as the officials take the ladder away and the Cage around the ring down after lifting the Cell first. There is every type of weapon you can think of is hooked on the side of the cage walls and even on top of the cell. The fans are cheering loud as we hear Sharona's intro music. The fans are going crazy as we see Sharona walk out. She yells to the crowd and greets them as she walks toward the cell.)

Tony Chimel: “This is the Xtreme Hell in a Cell Match for the Universal Championship. Introducing first is the challenger. She is Sharona.”

Tazz: “Here we go the main event for WAR baby. And it's an Xtreme Hell in a Cell match. Here comes a gal that wanted this match. This is the first time the Universal Title has been contested in an Xtreme Hell in a Cell. Her brother made this match famous but there are different rules here. Last year you could use a mic to change the stipulation to this match but CBM threw that out. But anything else can happen. And man what a match this could be.”

(Sharona stays on the outside of the cell and looks around at it. Then she gets in and looks at the weapons around the ring. She looks like she's at home. She taunts the crowd but then we hear Jaz's intro music. The fans boo louder than they ever have all night as we see Jaz walk out. She has the Universal title over her waist as she looks focused on the cell.)

Tony Chimel: “Introducing next she is the Universal Champion Jaz.”

Jerry Lawler: “I think Jaz is going to win this. Yes Sharona might be used to hearing about Xtreme but Jaz has been in A Triple Cage match. She is used to cells. But I have to say Sharona has the edge getting into the head of Jaz on WAR this past week pinning Jaz.”

(Jaz looks at the cell looking around. She slowly gets in the ring and the ref is keeping Sharona back. Jaz walks up the steps and looks around before stepping into the ring. Jaz argues at Sharona as she hands her belt to the ref. The ref holds the Universal title up then hands it to a ref outside the ring who gets out. The ref outside the cell locks the cell. The ref inside asks the women if they’re ready then calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: Sharona and Jaz move around the ring as the argue at each other. Then at the same time they run at each throwing punches back and forth. They keep going at it until Jaz knees Sharona in the mid section. Jaz grabs Sharona by the hair and throws her across the ring.Jaz quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair off the cage wall. She gets back in with the chair then swings it at Sharona but Sharona ducks it. Jaz turns around to Sharona hitting a high kick to the chair to Jaz's face. Jaz holds her face as Sharona picks up the chair and hits Jaz across the back with it. Jaz screams in pain as Sharona hits her again across the back. Sharona opens the chair up and puts Jaz's head into the chair making it hang around her neck. Sharona grabs Jaz's head and runs with her hitting a bulldog on her sending the chair into Jaz's face. Jaz falls to the mat and Sharona runs to the ropes and bounces off going for an elbow drop on Jaz. But Jaz holds the chair up letting Sharona hit it. Sharona gets up holding her arm as Jaz gets up and hits Sharona across the face with it. Sharona slowly falls to the mat and Jaz covers her. 1,2...........Sharona kicks out. Jaz rolls out of the ring and grabs something from under the ring. It's a GLASS TUBE TABLE.

Jerry Lawler: “Oh no. No. Don't use that. That could kill somebody.”

Match: She slides it in and then gets back in picking it up. She unfolds the table and sets it in the middle of the ring. She brings Sharona up and hooks her for a powerbomb through the glass table. But Sharona jumps off the back of Jaz. Jaz turns around to Sharona going for a Sweet Chin Music on her. But she ducks it, picks Sharona up, and hits a spinebuster through the glass table. Both women roll in the glass holding themselves as we see their bleeding from the chest and back. We see a jagged shard of glass sticking out the back of Sharona.


Match: Jaz gets up and grabs the shard of glass out her back and blood squirts out. She takes the shard and grabs Sharona's head stabbing it over and over. We see blood pouring from the face of Sharona. After a few jabs Jaz throws the shard down. She rolls Sharona over in the glass and covers her. 1,2...............Sharona barely kicks out. Jaz yells at the ref to count faster. Jaz rolls out of the ring and grabs a baseball bat. She slides back in the ring and hits Sharona across the back with it. Jaz yells at Sharona to get up. Sharona gets up on her knees. Jaz swings the bat but Sharona jumps up and hits the Sweet Chin Music on her. Jaz falls to the mat and Sharona covers her. 1,2............somehow Jaz is able to kick out. Both women stay down but after a while Sharona rolls out of the ring and grabs a sack off the wall. She throws it in the ring and then slides in. She grabs the bag and opens it. She then pores out thousands of thumbtacks. She spreads it all over. Jaz is up. Sharona kicks Jaz in the mid section and hooks her for a DDT into the tacks. But Jaz picks Sharona up and throws her chest first into the tumbtacks.


Match: Sharona yells in pain as she looks like a pin cushion with blood pouring out everywhere. Jaz smiles and goes to the corner climbing up top. She jumps off for a bodysplash on Sharona, but Sharona rolls out of the tacks letting Jaz land in the tacks. Jaz screams in pain rolling around in the tacks but Sharona jumps off the top turnbuckle hitting a elbow drop on Jaz. She covers her. 1,2..........Jaz kicks out. Jaz slowly rolls out of the ring trying to get the tacks out of her back. Sharona runs bouncing off the ropes then jumps over the top rope for a suicide dive. But Jaz moves letting Sharona go face first into the steel wall. Sharona falls to the mat holding her head. Jaz is on one knee then gets up. She goes over to the cage wall and grabs a barbedwire chair off. She looks at it and smiles. We see Sharona crawling to the steps trying to get up. She turns around to Jaz swinging the chair hitting Sharona across the face with it. Sharona falls to the mat and Jaz throws the chair down on Sharona's back. Sharona yells in pain as Jaz steps up on the chair making the barbedwire go into Sharona's back more. Finally Jaz jumps off. Jaz smiles and stomps on Sharona. She brings Sharona up and brings her to the cage wall and rakes her face across the wall.


Match: We see blood all over the wall of the cell as Sharona's face goes across it. Jaz finally stops and picks Sharona up on her shoulder. She goes to ram Sharona into the wall but Sharona gets her arms up blocking it. Sharona elbows Jaz in the face a couple of times then slides off the back of Jaz then drop kicks her sending her into the steel wall. Jaz holds her back as she turns around to Sharona hitting her over the head with the barbed wire chair. Jaz holds her head as Sharona grabs her rolling her back in the ring. Sharona looks under the ring and pulls out a ladder. The fans cheer as Sharona slides the ladder into the ring then rolls in. Sharona picks the ladder up and puts it in the corner. Sharona brings Jaz up and whips her toward the ladder. But Jaz reverses it sending Sharona toward the ladder. But Sharona jumps on top of the ladder and mokey flips the ladder into Jaz's face. Both women are down as the fans are behind Sharona. Slowly both women get up but Sharona runs at Jaz. But Jaz picks her up and hits a swinging side slam on her. Jaz gets up and grabs the ladder. But she opens it upside down. But from behind Sharona drop kicks Jaz making her fall in between the ladder. Sharona holds the ladder up and stands on Jaz's back. Jaz is yelling in pain as Sharona is on her back in the ladder. Finally Sharona jumps off. Jaz gets up holding herself as Sharona runs and clotheslines Jaz over the top rope. We see Sharona climb out onto the mat. After a while Jaz gets up and Sharona jumps to the top rope and goes for a moonsault on Jaz. But Jaz pulls the camera man into the way letting Sharona land on him.

Tazz: “Well there goes the camera guy. Nobody is safe in there.”

Match: : Jaz gets up and Sharona goes for a Sweet Chin Music but Jaz ducks letting Sharona hit the ring post. Sharona holds her knee as Jaz reaches on the cage wall and gets a full body mirror. She brings it up and breaks it over the head and shoulder of Sharona. Glass breaks and is everywhere as Sharona falls to the mats. We see refs come to the cell door and unlocks it. They come in and check on the camera man who was taken out. But Jaz goes over and hits them all with punches and kicks knocking them out. Jaz brings Sharona up and throws her through the door of the cell. Jaz climbs out as Sharona is getting up. She grabs Sharona by the head and throws her back first into the barricade. Jaz grabs Sharona by the hair bringing her up walking around the cell. They get to the announce table and Jaz picks Sharona up dropping her chest first on the announce table. Sharona holds her chest as she falls to the mat. Jaz goes over and grabs a chair. Sharons slowly gets up and Jaz swings the chair but Sharona ducks it. Jaz turns around to Sharona picking her up and dropping her on the announce table. Jaz is lying on the table as Sharona climbs up on the barricade. Sharona jumps up and hits a elbow drop on Jaz sending her through the table.

Jerry Lawler: “IN COMING TAZZ.”

Match: Both women are down as there both covered in blood. The ref checks on them as the fans are cheering loud. Slowly we see Sharona getting up. She goes over to the ring bell and looks under the table. She pulls out a tazer gun. She holds it up as the fans cheer. She is wating for Jaz to get up. Jaz slowly gets up and Sharona shoots the tazer at her. But she ducks in time and she tazes the ref. The ref falls to the mat convulsing. Sharona throws the gun down and we see Jaz crawling away. She gets up and grabs the cage. She is climbing up. Sharona sees her and we see Sharona starting to climb up to.

Jerry Lawler: “No. Don't go up there. You'll get killed up there.”

Match: The fans are cheering loud. After a while we see Sharona and Jaz getting to the top. Jaz looks over the side looking for Sharona. But we see behind her Sharona grabs a chair off the top of the cell and hits her across the back with the chair. Jaz screams in pain as she falls to the cage top. Sharona goes over and grabs a table off the top. She picks it up and unfolds it setting it up. She goes over and picks up a ladder now. She unfolds it and barely gets it to stay up. She goes over and brings Jaz up and rolls her on the table. Sharona looks up and starts to climb the ladder. The fans are cheering loud as she gets to the top of the ladder. She taunts the crowd then jumps off hitting a Shooting Star Press on Jaz sending her through the table. But with all the weight hitting we see the cage top split open and both Sharona, Jaz, and pieces of table falls to the mat with thumb tacks all over it.


Match: Both look hit the mat hard. Both are laying there knocked out as we see on the top the ladder is teetering and finally fall down through the ceiling and lands on Jaz and Sharona's faces. They both look knocked out as a new ref checks on them. The fans are chanting HOLLY S*** over and over. Slowly Sharona crawls over and covers Jaz. 1,2................NO JAZ KICKS OUT. Both women are still down as the ref says 2.


Match: Both women are bleeding bad from the heads and backs. We see Sharona's lip is busted open after the ladder fell on her. There is blood everywhere on the mat, on the walls of the cell, and on the top of the cell. We see both women struggling to get up. There using each other to get to there feet. They get to their feet and Sharona puches Jaz across the face. Then Jaz punches back. They slowly go back and forth until Jaz blocks a punch and punches Sharona back. She kicks Sharona in the mid section and hooks her for a powerbomb. But Sharona rolls away and goes for a Sweet Chin Music, but Jaz ducks it. She turns Sharona around and hooks her hitting a powerbomb on her. Jaz covers Sharona. 1............2..................NO SHARONA KICKS OUT.

Jerry Lawler: “What is it going to take to finish this?”

Match: The fans are going crazy cheering. Jaz can't believe it. We see Sharona pulling herself up on the ropes as Jaz shakes her head. Sharona goes for a Sweet Chin Music, but doesn't have the power and just barley kicks Jaz in the mid section and falls to the mat. Jaz looks down and laughs at her. Jaz goes over to the ladder and slides it over. She grabs Sharona by the head and hooks her hitting a powerbomb on top of the ladder. Jaz says thats it. She covers Sharona. 1,2...............STILL NO. Sharona still gets her arm up. Jaz gets up looking mad. She yells at the ref but he can't help it. Jaz brings Sharona up and picks her up over her head. But Sharona punches Jaz over and over in the face until she lets her go. Sharona grabs Jaz by the head and throws her over the top rope to the floor. Sharona climbs up to the top turnbuckle as Jaz gets up. Sharona jumps off but Jaz ducks it. But Sharona grabs onto the side of the cell and jumps backwards hitting a crossbody on her. Both are down for a while but finally Sharona gets up. She grabs something off the cage wall and holds it up. It's a stapple gun. She takes it over to Jaz holding her head up and stapples her head. Jaz yells in pain as she crawls around the ring. But Sharona stapples her across the back. Jaz gets up holding her back as she slides back in the ring. Sharona grabs a barbedwire bat off the cage wall and slides in the ring with it. She holds the bat up and is waiting for Jaz to get up.

Tazz: “Swing batter swing batter batter. Batter up.”

Match: Jaz finally gets up and Sharona swings the bat hitting Jaz across the head with it. Jaz looks knocked out as Sharona covers her. 1,2.........NO JAZ kicks out. The fans boo loud as the ref says 2. Sharona puts bat down and brings Jaz to her feet. She picks Jaz up and hooks her for a Piledriver on top of the bat. But Jaz kicks Sharona in the face a couple of times until Sharona puts her down. Both women look tired but both run at each other and both hit a clothesline on the other. Both women are down again. The crowd is cheering for Sharona. In different corners we see Jaz and Sharona get up. They run at each other again but Sharona goes for the Sweet Chin Music. But Jaz ducks it, grabs Sharona for a Powerbomb. But Sharona rolls away. Sharona runs bouncing off the ropes and jumps up. But Jaz catches her on her shoulders and runs to the ladder hitting the powerbomb on top of the ladder. Jaz just falls on top of Sharona. 1,2...........the ref hand comes down and counts 3 just before Sharona could get her arm up. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.
Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner and STILL Universal Champion Jaz.”

Jerry Lawler: “Thank goodness it's over. But Sharona tried to come back but didn't have the power. Both women's careers could be over. Get some medics down here.”

(We see Jaz and Sharona still down bleeding bad. We see replays of the carnage that has happened. We cut back to the ring to see Jaz and Sharona still lying knocked out. We see medics checking on them. Both aren't moving.)

Tazz:” I think Jaz was right. This could be the end of not just Sharona's career but her own. I have never seen a match like this before.”

(We see the cell going up. We see medics getting both Sharona and Jaz on stretchers. The medics roll them to the back with both not moving at all as the fans are silent and clap for them.)

We take a look at what each contestant in The World Title Hell in a Cell match had to say about the match earlier in the day

World Champion Cody Christopher

"I have had it up to here with the disrespect. You know what I am the World Heavy weight Champion!! I DESERVE RESPECT!! But I'm not getting it. I dont even have my belt!! Some pyscho killer decides to come back to my show and steal MY BELT? And then beat me? NO!!! Joker!! It doesnt work like that! On this show.. I'm the man!! Not you... So I hope you had your fun with my belt.. Cause tonight I am gonna be leaving with it... You know what.. I hope ALL of these LOSERS are having fun in the spotlight.. MY SPOTLIGHT!!! Cause at the end of the night.. The spotlight will STILL be MINE..... And I will STILL be WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!"

National Champion JYP

"Its always been my dream man... I have tasted it before but getting the World title in my hands in this era would mean more to me then ever before.. Its every little kids dream to win the big one... I have fought my way up!!! I have worked and worked!!! I am READY!!! The Hell in A Cell is a dangerous place! Especially with five other maniacs running around the ring trying to realize the same dream. Its been a hell of a ride back to this position and Im not gonna let myself or any of my fans down... Its Time.... JYP!!! WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Law

" Here we are!!! Apocalypse HELL IN A CELL!!!! IM JACKED MAN!!!! YEAH!!!!!
Tonight I shut the mouth of ALL the haters!!! Everybody who said I couldnt do it.. WELL TONIGHT THEY ALL GET PROVED WRONG!!! I am on the roll of my life!! I feel great!!! I feel like a champion!!!! I SAID I FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!


" Look... I never really should have lost my title in the first place. Cody could never beat me one on one and he knows it.. The rest of the world knows it..
I have noticed people stepping up here on SmackDown and thats a good thing dont ge me wrong... But at the same time... You can step up all you want but I will always be a step ahead. I'm ready to take back what is mine...."

King of Kings

"Tonight I will get my revenge... I will finally take Tana out.. One way or another. And I will become World Champion because lets face it... We all know thats exactly what I am supposed to be! Apocalypse is so fitting because only one man can be standing at the end of the world. Thats the KING!! THE KING OF KINGS!!!!"



We cut away from the videos and back to ringside.

J.R.: “Folks... I dont know what the condition of Tana is after the attack from King of Kings earlier. Her arm certainly looked like it was in bad shape. Literally. We are just gonna have to wait and see!! ITS TIME FOR THE APOCALYPSE HELL IN A CELL!!!! Who will leave tonight World Champion!?!? HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!”

First out is World Champion Cody Christopher and the crowd boo's him like crazy!! He comes out without his World Title because its still in possesion of Joker. He comes down and he enters the demonic cell and he looks a little nervous.

Second is Alex Law!! The fans give him a huge pop as he looks pumped up!! He is running around all over the place shaking the fans hands and he sprints to the cell door and runs in. He gets in the ring and checks out the inside of the cell!.Cody Christopher eyeballs him and makes sure he doesnt try anything funny.

Third is King of Kings and the crowd boo's him with all of their might!! He smiles at them and he walks down the ramp towards the Cell . He waits on the outside as Alex Law challenges him to come on the inside. King of Kings stays by the announcers table and just waits....

Fourth is JYP!!! The fans shake the arena!!! They love this kid!! He comes out and shakes all the fans hands on the way down the ramp and he runs in the cell door... He gets in and shakes hands with Alex Law and then fakes a punch at Cody..Cody tells the ref to make him back up.

Fifth ...The lights go out and crazy strobe lights hit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Joker comes out he gets a half and half response from the crowd. He still has the World championship over his shoulder and he holds it up while his gren red and white pyro go off in different directions... BOOM!!! POP!!!! POW!!!!! BOOM!! BOOOOM!!!! BOOOOM!!! POP!!! POP!!!POP!!! BANG!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joker enters the cell and smiles at everybody in the ring. He holds the World title up in Codys face.... Cody snarls at Joker and goes to get him but the ref gets inbetween. Joker Laughs and gives the ref the title belt.

J.R.: Folks... I am.. Yes I am getting word from Skitzo right now that Tana will not be able to compete in tonights match.... He says there is a replacement!!
Who is it?? Who is Tana's replacement?


Casey's music hits and the crowd is shocked!! Everybody is shocked!! She limps out to the stage and she looks down at the Cell.... She continues walking and when she gets to the bottom of the ramp she locks eyes with Joker on the inside of the cell.... He presses his face up to the cage and rubs his stomach.
Casey snarls at Joker and she comes into the cell!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!

10. Cody Christopher (Champ) vs. King of Kings vs. JYP vs. Alex Law vs. Joker vs. Casey in Apocalypse Hell in a Cell for the World Title

Bell rings and Holy **** here we go!!!

Right off of the bell Casey goes after Joker but ohh she is cut off by King of Kings who picks her up and slams her back down with a spinebuster!! He stay on top of her and bashes his fist into her head. Joker see's Alex Law coming at him and he ducks his shoulder and send Law up and over the ropes and BAM!!! OH God Law goes upside down into the steel side of the Cell!! Joker laughs but BAM!!! From behind Jyp nails him with a dropkick that send Joker through the middle rpes and to the outside!!! Joker starts to stand and JYP charges... JYP Steps up onto King of Kings back and he FLIES!!!!! JYP Sails over the top rope to the outside and Smashes into Joker and Alex Law up against the steel side of the cell!!! They are all down for the moment!! Cody see's King of Kings and he charges him and BAM!!! Biig boot to the side of his head and he goes down!

Cody picks him back up and he whips him into the turnbuckle!! Cody charges in and BAM!!! Huge closeline in the corner!! He backs up and charges back in and BAM!!! Another Huge closeline to King of KIngs in the corner!! He goes down and Cody turns around and OHHH!!!! Belly to belly suplex!!! Casey catches Cody and nails him with a belly to belly!! Casey gets up and JYP is up on the top turnbuckle!!! He leaps at her for a cross body but she moves and JYP lands flat on his stomach.He gets up and she hits the ropes and is charging him for a Spear!!! BAM!!!! Joker nails her from the side with a shoulder block takedown! Joker picks Casey up and throws her out of the ring. He takes her by the cell door and opens it. He throws her outside of it and he whips her into the barricade!! She hits and stays there clintching at her back. Joker charges her and OH GOD!!! She ducks her shouler and sends him into the crowd!!! She gets on top of the barricade.. He is standing in the crowd and Casey leaps at him and OH GOD!!! Flying dropkick to Joker in the crowd!!! They are both down!

JYP starts to pick up King of Kings but OHH!!! King of Kings nails JYP with a shot to the gut, Backs up and comes at him with a massive closeline!! NO!! JYP moves and King nails Cody instead!!! King turns around and JYP sprinboards back off the second rope back towards him!!! OHHH!!!!! TORNADO DDT!!!!!!!
JYP gets up and Alex Law is leaping off the top rope towards him!!! BAM!!!!!!!
Law covers JYP!!! 1......................................2........................BAM!! Cody makes the save!! Cody picks Law up and he throws him over the top rope!!! Cody picks Law up and lifts him up and over his head!! He throws him over the top rope and he lands across Law and they both go crashing through the cell door!
Cody turns around and King of Kings starts exchanging rights with him!!! On the outside Casey is hopping over the barricade and back into the ring. She's almost over but Joker comes from behind her and grabs her by the hair!!! He stops her while on top of the barricade and BAM!! Big right hand and she falls off the barricade down to the hard floor on her back. Joker stands up and he hops over the barricade and steps right on Caseys stomach and laughs at her.

He screams in her face"Familiar??" BAM!!!!! OHHH!!!!! JYP nails Joker from behind and he goes face first into the barricade!!!! WHATS JYP DOING?? YES!!! HE'S CLIMBING UP!!!! HE'S CLIMBING UP!!!!! WHERE'S HE GOING!!!!!!!!!????!?
JYP stops halfway up the outside of the cell and pushes his legs out and he flies back down towards JOKER!!!!! OHHHH GOD!!!!! FLYING CROSS BODY ON THE OUTSIDE!!!! THAT WAS CRAZY!!!!! Law is getting up and look!!!! He covers Casey!!!!! 1.................. Cody see's this on the outside and quickly slides under the ropes and charges through the cell door!! 2.........................OHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cody barely makes the save!!! King of Kings follows Cody to the outside and now they are all on the outside of the cell!!! King of Kings takes Cody by the head and BAM!!! Smashes his head into the cell wall!! Cody backs up and King of Kings kicks him in the gut!!!! He pulls him in for a Kings Crown Pedigree!!!!
This will break his skull!!!! NOO!!!! Cody slams his head into King of Kings gut and slaps his hand across his throat!!!! CHOKESLAM!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody Chokeslams King of Kings on the hard outside floor!!!! Cody turns and Law BAM!!! Law nails him with a hard right that drops Cody to one knee!!! Law backs up and BAM!!!!! Big boot to the face of Cody!!! Law looks like he might cover!!! OHH!! Law looks up and JYP is running across the barricades towards him and JYP leaps off!!!! OHHH!!!!! BAM!!!!!! WOW!!!! JYP jumps off the barricade and hooks his legs around the head of Law and nails him with a hurricanrana!!! Ouch Law's body went right into the bottom corner of the outside walls!!! JYP gets up and HE IS CLIMBING UP AGAIN!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS KID DOING???? He climbs all the way to the top of the demonic structure!!! He points down at Law!!! OH MY GOD HE'S GONNA JUMP ON LAW!
WAIT!!!! OH GOD!!!!! LOOK!!!! LOOK!!!! FROM BEHIND!!!!! WHERE DID HE COME FROM!!!! Joker must have climbed up the other side!!!! Jyp turns and Joker grabs him by the throat and pushes him closer and closer to the edge... JYP tries poking the eyes of Joker but the Joker enjoys it. Joker says good bye to jyp and pushes him off!!! OH GOD NO!!!! OH LOOK NO!!! JYP hangs on to the top!! His feet are dangling and he is hanging on for dear life!! Joker smiles....

Joker smiles at JYP and he steps on his fingers!!! JYP is about to drop!!! Joker laughs HAHAHAHAHA and raises his foot to stomp down!!!! BAM!! MISS!!!!!!!
Joker misses JYP's fingers as JYP moves his hand!!! Joker twists his ankle!!!!
JYP grabs the foot oj Joker and trips him down!! He falls back on top of the cell!

JYP starts to climb back up!!! OH GOD!!!! LOOK!!!! LOOK!!!! From behind!!!!!!
Cody is right underneath JYP and he is pulling his foot!!! He is gonna pull JYP off the top!!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!! Two kicks down at Cody's face and CODY LETS GO AND HE FALLS!!!!!! CRASH!!!! SMASH!!!!! BANG!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!! OHHH!!!!!!!

Cody falls back and crashes through the announcers table!!! JYP gets his legs up and he is back on top of the cell!!!! Joker grabs him and pulls him in for a Tigerbomb on the top of the cell!!!!! Wait!!!! Casey from outta nowhere is on top of the cell and she is charging Joker!!!! Joker moves and puts JYP in his place!!! BAM!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
SMASH!!!!! CRACK!!!!!! BANG!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!! OH GOD NO!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!

Casey knocks JYP off the top of the cell and he goes crashing through the other announcers table!!!! How many times can that happen in one night!?!?!?!?!!?
Joker grabs Casey by the hair on the top of the cell!!! He lifts her up and BAM!!!! OH GOD!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!! Joker chokeslammed Casey through the top of the cell!!!!! Casey busts through the cell and she lands flat on her back!!!!

SHE IS DEAD!!!!! SHE HAS GOT TO BE DEAD!!!!!!! Joker smiles like he has already won!!!! He starts to lower himself into the ring where Casey is through the hole but oh GOD!!!!!! LOOK!!!! LOOK!!!!! Law!!! ALEX LAW Grabs Joker by the hair and he wont let him through the hole!!!!! Law pulls Joker back up!!! Joker nails Law a couple times in the gut and Joker tries to pull Law through the hole!!! Law wont go!!!! Joker almost makes him fall in!!!! NO!! BAM!!!! OH!!
Kick to Jokers Gut!!! Law lifts him up for a F-U!!!! BAM!! BAM!!! Joker nails Law in the head and Law drops him!!! Bam!!! Joker kicks Law in the gut and he pulls him in and lifts him up for a TIGERBOMB!!!! TIGERBOMB!!!!!! TIGERBOMB!!
NO!!!!! NO!!!!! Law hits Joker several times and Joker drops Law.... BAM!!!!!
Huge uppercut to Jokers chin and he buckles!!! Law lifts him up!!!! MY GOD!!!
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! OHHH!!!! BAM!!!! LAW F-U'S JOKER THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE TOP OF THE CELL!!!! Law is the only man standing!!!! He is standing tall on the top of the cell!!!! Go cover him Law!!! Go cover him!!!!!!
Law looks down!!!! He see's King of Kings slowly crawling towards JYP for the cover!!!! Law climbs down the side of the cage!!!!! King of Kings covers!!!!!!

Law breaks it up at the last possible moment!!!! Law picks King of Kings up!!
Oh god on the inside of the ring!!!! LOOK!!! LOOK!!!!! Casey is slowly climbing the turnbuckle!!!!! Law has King of Kings up for a F-U!!! Casey is at the top of the turnbuckle in the ring!!! Joker is down!!!! CASEY LEAPS!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!
They are the onlt two in the ring!!!! Casey covers!!!!! CASEY COVERS!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Law slams King of Kings down to the hard floor!!!

1.................................................Law goes to cover King of Kings then see's Casey on the inside already covering!!!! Law runs to the Cell door!!!!!!!!!!

2..................................Law opens it and slides under the ropes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH MY GOD HE WAS TOO LATE!!!!!!! LAW WAS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My God she has done it!!!!!! CASEY IS WORLD CHAMPION AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey has wrestled two matches tonight!!!! AND SHE IS NOW A 3 TIME WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!! MY GOD WHAT A NIGHT FOR CASEY!!! WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT!

The ref hands Casey her World title and she falls down to the mat almost in tears. The crowd appreciates her work and they give her a standing ovation for the second time tonight!!!! She raises the title in the sky and then gets help walking to the back. She stops at the top of the ramp and she raises her World title above her head one more time and then limps away.....

Jim: “Well we have to get all this cleaned up. While that is happening, I am here to announce the biggest moment in TFC history. We had so many moments in TFC….with it being 2 years old. Now the biggest moment in history has to be……and it is……NWO takes over TFC with CBM as the leader. He took out the chairman, along with the whole faction. He became owner and it led the latter part of the year in 2009. Great time and certainly the biggest moment in history. Now let’s relax and here…..Apocalypse II’s theme song….I Think I’m Paranoid.”

Vince: “Well everyone, it’s time for our main event tonight. I can’t wait for this. This is the most talked about match in TFC….it’s Streak vs. Title….22-0 vs. CBM Title….4ever vs. CBM. There won’t be anyone coming in this match….it’s only the two of them. Let’s get ready for a classic!”

11. 4evercmpunk vs. CBM: King of Defiance (Champ) in a Streak vs. Title Match for the CBM Title

First is 4evercmpunk. She is walking alone this time as she comes down with the OWC King of the Ring Trophy. The whole crowd boos her. All 70,000+ boo. She puts the trophy to the side of the ring and gets in.

After she is in, CBM’s music comes on. Smoke flies on the entrance stage as he comes on out. The CBM Title is over his shoulder. He walks slowly to the ring as the entire arena boos him too.

Vince: “No one likes either of these stars…..I mean they have to have at least one person they want to win.”

He gets in the ring and hands over the title. The ref holds it in the air and both look at it.

4ever and CBM look at each other across the ring. They get in the middle of the ring and argue at each other. But then Kat punches CBM then he returns it. They go back and forth punching the other. But then CBM knees 4ever in the mid section. He grabs her by the hair and throws her over the top rope. He thinks she is out of the ring but she is waiting for him to turn around on the ring mat. CBM turns around to 4ever jumping to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline to him. He gets up but she picks him up for the GTS.


But CBM slips off behind her and pushes her into the ropes. She turns around to CBM running at her for a spear. But she moves out of the way and grabs CBM by the head throwing him through the ropes hitting spine first against the side of the announce table rocking it.

Jim: “Good gosh man CBM has just been crippled it looks like.”

CBM yells in pain holding his back. 4ever goes to get out of the ring but the ref stops her. We see CBM trying to get up holding his back. He gets up on the ring mat but 4ever pushes the ref away and runs to the corner, jumps to the middle ropes, then hits an enzigiri smacking CBM across the head. CBM goes back down to the mat outside. The ref argues at 4ever but she pushes him away and gets out. She brings CBM up and grabs him by the arm whipping him into the steel steps. The ref is up to the count of 5 as 4ever grabs CBM by the head bringing him up rolling him back in the ring. 4ever rolls in and covers CBM with her feet on the ropes. 1,2...........CBM kicks out. 4ever gets on top of CBM and punches him over and over across the head. But then he rakes her across the eyes. 4ever gets up holding her eyes as CBM is getting up next to the ropes. He kicks her in the mid section and hits a snap DDT on her. CBM covers her. 1,2..........4ever kicks out. CBM takes his time but he gets up and stomps on 4ever. He grabs her by the hair bringing her up taking her to the corner. He picks her up sitting her on top. He climbs up and hooks her for a Suicide Driver.


But 4ever stands up hitting a back body drop on CBM sending him crashing to the mat. CBM holds his back as 4ever climbs up on the top turnbuckle. CBM gets up and 4ever jumps off going for another flying clothesline. But CBM jumps up and drop kicks 4ever in the ribs as she comes down. 4ever holds her ribs as CBM gets up and stomps on her ribs. He then grabs her legs and hooks in a sharpshooter on her. 4ever is yelling in pain as she is trying to fight out. The ref asks her if she wants to tap but she yells no. Then slowly she starts to crawl to the ropes. She gets a finger on the bottom rope then CBM drags her to the middle of the ring. 4ever is in a lot of pain as CBM laughs. But then 4ever pushes herself up and makes CBM fall face first to the mat and she now has the Sharpshooter locked in. CBM is yelling in pain as now 4ever is laughing. The ref asks CBM if he wants to tap but he yells no. CBM pushes himself up and inches toward the ropes. He luckily gets to the bottom rope and grabs it. The ref yells at 4ever to let go but she won’t. He counts for a DQ. 1,2,3,4....................she drops his legs. We see CBM holding his back as he gets on his knees. 4ever runs and hits an enzigiri to the back of CBM's head. She covers CBM. 1,2..........CBM gets his leg on the bottom rope. The fans boo loud at who knows who. She yells at the ref as CBM is trying to pull himself up in the corner. She runs at him hitting a running knee to CBM's face. She grabs his head for a bulldog but CBM pushes her away. She turns around to a SPEAR from CBM.


CBM covers her. 1,2............NO 4ever kicks out. CBM can't believe it. He gets on top of her and punches her over and over across the face. The ref grabs CBM by the arm and pulls him off. CBM pushes the ref not to touch him. But the ref pushes back. CBM looks mad and goes to attack the ref but from the side 4ever comes running at CBM. But CBM pulls the ref in the way and lets her hit a high knee to him. The ref goes crashing to the mat as 4ever turns around to another SPEAR. CBM covers her. But the ref is out. CBM looks over at the ref and smiles. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He slides back in the ring with it and is waiting for 4ever to get up. But we see the ref trying to get up. CBM runs and hits the ref across the back with the chair knocking him down to the mat. CBM turns around to a running high kick to the chair sending it into the face of CBM. CBM holds his head as 4ever picks him up and hits the GTS on him. 4ever covers CBM but the ref is out again. Now she smiles. 4ever goes over and picks the chair up. She waits for CBM to get up and she bashes him over the head with the chair. She throws the chair away and we see CBM is busted open. 4ever tries to wake the ref up but he is knocked out. But then we see another ref run down the ramp. 4ever covers CBM. 1,2..........NO CBM Kicks out. 4ever can't believe it. She brings CBM up and picks him up hitting another GTS on him. She covers him again. 1,2...........CBM still kicks out.


Match: She is frustrated. She looks mad. She grabs CBM by the arm and head and hooks in the Anaconda Vice. The ref asks CBM if he wants to tap but he says no. The fans are booing loud at both. Then we slowly see CBM trying to get to the ropes but she pulls him back. But he starts to stand up with her on his arm. He then side slams her to the mat hard. Both are down now. The ref starts to count for a double countout. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.........we see both CBM and 4ever get up. 4ever chops CBM across the face then kicks him. She chops him again and goes for another kick. But he catches her leg and whips her across the ring making her hit the corner. The ref goes over to 4ever checking on her. But we see CBM over in another corner ripping at the corner pad. The fans boo loud at him. He finally gets it off and goes back over to 4ever grabbing her by the hair. He runs to hit her across the exposed turnbuckle but she blocks it and picks him up dropping him straddling the exposed turnbuckle. CBM looks shocked and in pain. 4ever climbs up and punches on CBM. But all of a sudden CBM grabs her and hits the Suicide Driver on 4ever. Both are down but slowly CBM crawls over and covers her. 1,2..............NO 4ever kicks out. CBM is throwing a tantrum. He gets up and yells at the ref. He rolls out of the ring and grabs his title and a chair. He slides the chair into the ring first and the ref grabs it. He yells at him and goes to put it out. But CBM slides in with his belt. He runs to hit CBM with it but she ducks it, picks him up for another GTS. But CBM slides off behind her and rams her face first into the exposed turnbuckle.
Jim: No way. He just crushed her pretty face.

Match: Both fall to the mat as the ref looks back at them. He kicks the title to the side and counts for a double countout as we see 4ever is busted open. 1,2,3,4,5,6...........CBM covers 4ever. 1,2...........NO she kicks out again. CBM looks shocked. He grabs his title off the mat and yells at 4ever to get up. She slowly gets up barely able to stand and CBM runs at her with the belt. But the ref grabs the title out of his hands and yells at him. He puts the belt out and CBM turns around to powder to the eyes. CBM holds his eyes as she picks him up hitting another GTS. She covers CBM. 1,2...........CBM gets his foot on the bottom rope. The ref tells her and she is mad. She rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. She slides in and the ref yells at her not to use it. CBM slowly gets up holding his eyes and 4ever runs at him with the chair. But he ducks it and 4ever hits the top rope and makes the chair bounce off hitting her in the face. 4ever holds her face as the ref takes the chair away. CBM runs and hits another spear on her. CBM quickly covers her. 1,2.........4ever now gets her foot on the bottom rope. The ref tells CBM and he is pissed off. He gets up and yells at the ref. He goes to the corner and pulls on his hair telling 4ever to get up. 4ever takes her time and again CBM hits a huge spear on her. CBM says that’s it as he covers her. 1,2........NO again 4ever kicks out.

CBM grabs his hair and starts pulling at it….strains of hair come out of his head in pure anger. CBM gets up again with a crazed look on his face and goes back to the corner. He waits for her to get up. She gets to her feet. CBM runs to her….SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……BUT, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH…..4ever lifts him up as he ran for the spear……GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS!!!!!!!! CBM is out…..CBM IS OUT! 4ever runs to the top rope…..Swanton Bomb…..GOOD GOD, she hit it! She gets up and runs again.
Vince: “Not another….NOOOOOO!

She jumps….GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…….SWANTON BOMB!!!!!! She turns around and covers: 1-2-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winner and NEW CBM Champion: 4evercmpunk!!!!!!
Streamers fly in the air after the huge victory. 4ever grabs the title and raises it up and down, up and down.

Vince: “DO YOU BELIEVE IT? SHE BEAT CBM’S STREAK…..SHE’S 23-0…..THE LONGEST STREAK IN HISTORY! She is undefeated and has the gold.” CBM doesn’t even know what is happening as he is motionless.

Jim: “Everyone….this is truly TFC’s biggest PPV of all-time. Thanks for watching…..CBM is 0-2 at this PPV….4ever is 23-0 in TFC….she’s the champion. Goodnight!”

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  1. AWESOME PPV!!!!!congrats to kat and all the winnes