Sunday, February 21, 2010

Next Week's SD GM

Coming straight from TFC offices, the next person who will be Guest GM of Smackdown in the.... "Your Smackdown Empire" program is.....someone who has been GM before. Someone who was been very successful as GM. This person was the GM of Smackdown for months. This person was also a 1X OWC Champ, a multi-time World Champ....this person is non-other than.....Devon! He makes his return as GM of Smackdown for one week only as Smackdown gears up for it's PPV, Final Countdown. What better way to get excited than....Devon style!

Dixie and McMahon 101 would like to thank everyone for their support of TFC. If you came here form the very beginning, a year and a half ago, or just came to be an online star, you are thanked as you are helping TFC grow time after time. TFC went over 500 members on the WWE Universe site, the site where it all started....and now 101 is working to make it bigger. It's a slow process right now, but get ready in a few months, as the ride is going to take off fast and furious. Thank you!

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