Sunday, February 28, 2010

TFC Dixie Carter's Press Conference 2/28/10

A camera is set on a stage with the TFC logos printed behind it. She walks on the stage and stands behind a podium. She begins to talk.

Dixie: “Everyone, welcome to the second Press Conference brought to you by me. As you remember, the last Press Conference was about my arrival in TFC. Well this one is certainly now my departure in TFC. Not by a long shot! You see, TFC’s biggest PPV is coming up, voted by the fans. It’s Wrestlemania 2. And while my last Press Conference was huge, this one will break records. I will be announcing historic things that would shatter TFC’s roof. First off, I would like to talk about Wrestlemania 2. Now as the PPV is coming up in less than a month, I am here to announce something that a PPV in TFC has never done before. Before it was all posted at once, in one whole chunk, but not for Wrestlemania 2. For Wrestlemania 2, it will be posted in REAL time! Let me explain. Just like a PPV, TFC’s Wrestlemania 2 will start out with an opening. That will be posted. Then after a couple minutes, the first match will be posted. Then after some time, the next part, then the next, and so on and so on. It will be…..just like TFC’s slogan…. “As Real As It Gets!” Now not only is that going to happen for Wrestlemania 2, but there will also be….a live discussion during the PPV. A discussion that will be LIVE on the TFC main website. Now I am hoping everyone can join that!” Dixie smiles and cameras flash as they are taking pictures.

Dixie: “Now onto my next announcement. I came here for a couple of reasons, but the most important one was making TFC bigger. Now since I have been here, TFC is becoming better known. People all around are asking what exactly is TFC? Well TFC is going to expand like never before. It has its own website now, but now…’s going to have….it’s very OWN Twitter! It’s going to take time to get everything set up, but TFC will tweet about all sorts of stuff. Not only that, it will get TFC’s name out there even more. Its one step at a time, gearing up for what will be…..glorious ride to even higher grounds."

Dixie: "My last announcement could be possibly one of the biggest. From now to Wrestlemania 2....we are going to have a permanent GM of Smackdown. That person is named…..King of the Dead!

Thanks for your time as TFC grows right in front of your eyes!"

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