Saturday, January 23, 2010

Breaking: SD GM FIRED!

McMahon 101 and Dixie Carter both came to a compromise and they have decided to FIRE Smackdown General Manager.....Saleem! McMahon 101 gets asked what he thought of Saleem and why he hired him.

McMahon 101: "Well the work he gave me was well done and it showed me that he can write a whole show. But when he came to TFC, the big league, the top company, he didn't get over with the fans and everyone wanted him out. I listen to what people have to say and I try to please them. He was late all the time, not just a few hours, but more than a day. It's a new era in TFC...and you will see why."

There are rumors going around on what may happen to Smackdown. Will it go under....or who is the new GM? Well that news will be announced tomorrow as the first newsletter will be sent out from Dixie Carter herself.

-The Fan's Company (TFC)....As Real as it Gets!

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