Thursday, January 14, 2010

OWC Line-up 11/15/09

With so much happening on OWC this week, you can surely say it’s the #1 show in TFC. From the rivalries to the stories….to the matches to the characters….it has it all. Now with Eric Bischoff saying he has found a new managing position….who can that be with? With Vince Russo in…what controversy might that cause from the announcer’s table to the entire show. Also…who was McMahon 101 talking to at the end of the show saying that “they” can really help TFC rise up. We will see all that and more as TFC gets closer to Road to Glory…..with OWC being a special episode with some matches being entrants to the rumble match.

Bambi and Wrestling Lover vs. Sweetpeep and Matt Hardy’s Wife and the winners go onto the Rumble Match

The Xtreme Insanity (Skitzo and King of the Dead) vs. The Wrestling Machines (Captain Pwnage and Shaun) for the OWC Tag Titles

CBM vs. Sharona, Poison, Kevin, or King of the Dead….voted by you!

Of course those aren’t the only matches happening on OWC. With the votes being calculated….the losers will certainly have matches….while the winner faces CBM!

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