Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Press Conference with Dixie and 101

A camera faces a podium with TFC logos behind it on the wall. McMahon 101 comes on the stage and to the podium.

McMahon 101: “You all heard the word by now as it was shown on TFC’s Road to Glory PPV…..the newest, the BIGGEST, person to come to TFC….to help make TFC bigger than ever…..Dixie Carter.” 101 moves to the side and Dixie comes to the podium. 101 stands beside the podium.

Dixie: “Thank you McMahon 101….thank you. People of TFC, fans and stars alike, I am here to help TFC. It goes back a couple weeks ago. McMahon 101 gave me a call talking about TFC. I really didn’t hear much about it until then. I realized that the stars are incredible. The shows are amazing; the running of it is perfect. 101 told me he is going to make TFC huge in 2010 and asked me to join him. As you can see, I joined him. In order for TFC to grow, McMahon 101 needs the money to do it. You have to spend money to get money. He knows what kind of power I have toward money….and that will help TFC to the new level. 101 has the energy, the experience, the power, and time…..while I have the money and resources. Now no one would think it would be me coming in this company, they are still shocked, but it was so easy to know. With what I can do, this company, by the end of the year, will be gigantic. McMahon 101 and I have the special element….we have the chemistry to make this work.” Dixie looks around the place as people are taking pictures and shooting video of it.

Dixie: “Now on my first day in this company, I checked the forums of TFC and realized HOW MUCH people contributed to them. People from Poison, CBM, King of the Dead, Sharona, Chaptain Pwnage, JD, and many others made threads just in the past 24 hours. All of them were talking about the PPV, talking about what they are going to do in the future…..it makes me excited and happy to see that. TFC needs people to step up, they needed people to take action on the forums and make their promos, give themselves their own character instead of following other people and agreeing with them all the time. I am not on anyone’s side….I am with everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re CBM to Skitzo….I have everyone’s back. Now that I am here, I am going to give TFC the momentum…give TFC the full fledge status as the top fantasy group on the web. We will take it one step at a time….but we will get there faster than you know it. So with my first step in improving TFC….well….it’s getting a makeover. Meaning….I am fully announcing that TFC will be having a NEW LOGO! New Year, new talent, new logo. I am not looking for some picture that is square or rectangle….I am looking for something special…looking for something that is really unique. There are people like Poison, CBM, Skitzo, King of the Dead, Bryant, and others who exceed in making worth wild logos….so this is your time to really give you the credit. If your logo is picked, it will be all around TFC from the website to the shows. It will be what everyone will remember.” Dixie steps to the side and McMahon 101 comes back behind the podium.

McMahon 101: “Thank you everyone. Thanks Dixie Carter. Everyone, start making those logos….and I can guarantee you that more news will be coming from TFC, Dixie, and I tomorrow and in the coming weeks, months, and beyond. Everyone, refer to her as TFC Management....Dixie Carter!” Dixie and 101 stand side by side of each other.

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