Sunday, January 31, 2010

TFC's Logo Voting Round 2!

It's time, the deadline has occured and we are off to set a new beginning in TFC. We had the same TFC logo for over a year and with it being a new year, with it being a new era in TFC, partnership with Dixie Carter, it just makes sense to have a new TFC logo. With that being said, this is not The Fan's Company for nothing as YOU, the fans, will vote for what logo you like the best. Now this is going to represent all of TFC, so pick wisely. The poll is at the bottom of the pictures. It's numbered from 1-on. The first one is the option 1 and from there, the logos are 2,3, count how many down the logo is and vote for that number on the poll. Let's start the voting:








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