Monday, January 18, 2010

TFC's Road to Glory PPV!!!!!! 1/18/10

The arena burst into light as fireworks from the entrance fly in the air. All of the colors from the rainbow shine in the place……the energy is electric. After…..the Road to Glory logos appear.

1. Mr. FU vs. TDM vs. Rated Enigma vs. Hardyfan4life in a Fatal Four Way Match for the National Title

Justin Roberts: This match is a Fatal Four way for the national title first here comes the Mr. FU

(he comes to the ring while the other competitors comes through the crowd)
Hardyfan4life runs at Mr. Fu and they exchange punches as does TDM and Rated Engima. Soon TDM blocks Rated Engima's punch and grabs him by the throat!! He choke slams Engima outside the ring onto the ground. TDM walks over to Mr. FU and helps him beat up Hardyfan4life! They kick him in the gut and hit a double suplex!! TDM slips out of the ring and slams Rated Engima face first onto the barricade. Hardyfan4life gets away from Mr. FU and jumps out of the ring onto TDM and starts punching him Mr. FU stays in the ring and relaxes then Rated Engima runs into the ring and spears Mr. FU and goes for the cover 1...2... but Hardyfan4life comes in and breaks the count and TDM gets on the apron and hardyfan4life turns around and TDM does a springboard crossbody and goes for the cover 1...2 but 4life kicks out.(Saleem comes out with a mic)

Saleem:” I am sorry to say this but the National Title has been retired and this match is done.” (Saleem leaves the ring and Mr. FU is crying) “Oh Yeah since this match was not a ladder match the World Heavyweight Title match will be a steel cage match.”

Vince Russo: “Did you hear that? What a huge announcement. The Nation title is not retired….but the GM of Smackdown adds to the World Title Match as it’s in a Steel Cage Match. I was wondering why the cage was above the ring….now I know why.”

(We go back to the backstage to see Leticia Cline with Zack Bowring.)
Leticia Cline: “Bowring tonight you will face your friend Zack Bowring in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. How are you prepared for this match?”
Zack Bowring: “I'm going to go out there and do what I do every night. Put my body on the line and give the fans a match they will not believe. Tonight Snake might be my friend but it’s all about the I.C title tonight. We have to put our friendship aside for tonight and prove which one of us is better.”

Leticia Cline: “And will Sarah Impact be at ringside?”

Zack Bowring: “I have asked her not to be there. Me and Snake are going to try to end each other’s careers tonight in this match and I don't want her to get hurt out there. Tonight it’s only going to be me and Snake.”

Leticia Cline: “After this match can you and Snake stay friends?”

Zack Bowring: “Snake and I have been through a lot, being on both sides of it, we tagged together and we fought against each other in a short time. If it means to put me and Snake's friendship away just to get that I.C title I guess that's what we will have to do. But I would like to remain friends with Snake. He's a great guy and a great wrestler but tonight I am the better man.”

(Bowring walks off leaving Cline alone.)

2. Zack Bowring vs. Blazin Snake (Champ) in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title

(We come to the ring to see Tazz and Jerry Lawler.)

Tazz: Up next is the ladder match for the Intercontinental title in a ladder match. It will be to friends going at it to prove who is best. It will be Blazin Snake vs Zack Bowring let take a look how this match came to be.

(We cut to a video package. We see both men teaming up to take on different wrestlers. Then we cut to see Time Was Now rake Blazin Snake's eyes. We see Sarah Impact checking on Bowring as Snake grabs her and hits the Blazin DDT on her while blinded. Then we see Bowring fighting week after week. Then we cut to two weeks ago to see Snake save Bowring from a chair shot from Joe. We see them both looking at each other with the I.C title in the middle of them as we cut back to the ring to hear Zack Bowring's intro music. The fans cheer then after a while we see him come out. He then greets the fans as he walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: This is a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first is the challenger Zack Bowring.

Jerry Lawler: This could be a match could be one for the highlight reel. Bowring and Snake are great wrestlers but only one can go home with the gold.

(Bowring is on the top turnbuckle taunting the crowd as we hear Blazin Snake's intro music. The fans cheer again. Then after a while we see Snake walk out with the Intercontinental title around his waist. He looks at the ring as he walks to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: Introducing next he is the Intercontinental Champion Blazin Snake.
Tazz: Snake is the second I.C Champ of WAR and takes great pride in having the belt. But in this match he doesn't have the advantage. This match is Bowring's type of match.

(Snake gets in the ring and holds up the title. He hands the belt over to the ref. The ref takes the belt and hooks it on a hook then it is raised above the ring. Then the ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: Snake and Bowring are looking at the title above the ring. There both arguing at each other, saying that there are going to win it. They get in each other’s face yelling at the other. Then Bowring slaps Snake across the face. Snake smiles and then slaps Bowring across the face. Bowring turns around to Snake kicking him in the mid section and hooks him for the Blazin DDT. But Bowring slips out of it and kicks Snake in the mid section looking for the Twist of Fate but Snake slips out of it into the corner. Snake looks at Bowring while Bowring says he was close to ending the match. He is in the corner and Bowring stomps on him. He brings Snake up and whips him into the ropes. Bowring goes for a drop kick but Snake held onto the top rope stopping himself letting Bowring fall to the mat. Bowring gets up and gets a hard clothesline from Snake making Bowring's head hit the mat hard. Snake rolls out of the ring and goes after the ladder on the ramp. He folds it up and picks it up. He puts it on the edge of the ring mat but Bowring runs drop kicking the ladder into Snake's face. Snake is on his knees as Bowring climbs to the top turnbuckle. He jumps off and Snake is holding the ladder. Bowring lands on Snake for a Whisper in the Wind on the ladder sending it into the face of Snake. Bowring is rolling around holding his back as Snake is under the ladder. After a few second Bowring gets up and hits a leg drop across the ladder on Snake. Bowring gets up holding hid leg then brings Snake up. He goes to hit Snake against the barricade but Snake hits him in the mid section with a knee then hits Bowring's head across the stairs. Snake grabs the ladder and sits one end on the stairs then one end on the barricade. Snake goes over to Bowring and brings him up. He picks on Bowring and puts him on the ladder. Snake climbs the stairs and brings Bowring up. There both standing on the ladder as Snake hooks him for a Blazin DDT on the ladder. But Bowring punches him in his mid section until he lets go. Bowring quickly grabs Snake's head and hits a Twist of Fate on the ladder breaking it in two. Both men are in the broken pieces of ladder as the fans are cheering.

Tazz: Oh man it looks like a car wreck out here. Both men are going to end each other’s career before this is over.

Match: After a while we see Bowring slowly getting up. He grabs another ladder and slides it into the ring. He brings Snake up and rolls him into the ring. Bowring gets in and brings Snake up. He grabs Snake's arm and whips him against the ladder. Bowring runs for a running side leg to Snake but Snake moves letting Bowring hit the ladder. Bowring holds his leg as we see Snake getting up holding his head. He grabs the ladder and puts it between the top and middle turnbuckle. Then he drags Bowring over to the ladder and puts him under it. He grabs his legs and sling shots Bowring's face into the ladder. Bowring holds his face as Snake grabs the ladder picks it up hitting Bowring in the mid section with the ladder making him fall. Snake unfolds the ladder and climbs up. But Bowring climbs up the same side punching him from behind. Snake turns around and gets punched in the face until he blocks one and punches back. Snake grabs Bowring's head and hits the Blazin DDT on him off the ladder. Both men are down as the fans cheer. Snake rolls out of the ring and grabs another ladder. He slides that in then another ladder then another. There 3 ladders in the ring. Snake gets in and sets up two ladders then puts on in the middle for something looking like a scaffold. Snake climbs up and is reaching for the title getting his fingers on it. But Bowring climbs up and stands with Snake on the ladder. There both hitting punches, until Bowring hits a facebuster to Snake to the ladder. Bowring goes over to the ladder and climbs to the top. He then poses for the crowd then hits a Swanton Bomb on Snake sending both through another ladder. Both men are laying there hurt. The fans are cheering loud. For a while nobody moves then Bowring grabs a ladder and sets it up in the corner. He drags Snake on top of another ladder laying him there. Bowring climbs up the ladder and looks like he's going for another Swanton. He jumps off but Snake rolls away letting Bowring land on the ladder. Bowring rolls around holding his back as Snake is laying on the mat. Finally Snake gets up and grabs the ladder and starts to climb up. He gets to the top and grabs the belt trying to get it down. But Bowring somehow is able to climb up the other side. Bowring gets up there and punches Snake in the face. But Snake grabs Bowring's face and hits it across the ladder top. Then Snake flips over Bowring for a powerbomb. But Bowring holds onto the ladder. Snake is trying to pull him off finally getting him on his shoulders and the ladder falls leaning on the ropes but Bowring flips backwards landing on his feet grabbing Snake's head a bulldog on the ladder that is leaning on the ropes. Snake is holding his jaw as Bowring grabs the ladder and climbs up. He gets to the top and looks up at the title then to Snake on the mat. Bowring climbs to the top and jumps off going for the Swanton Bomb but again Snake moves. Snake gets up and brings Bowring up then hits Bowring's own move the Twist of Fate on him. Snake takes a while to get up but starts to climb the ladder. He gets up there and has his hands on the title. But Bowring gets up and grabs the ladder. He rips the ladder out from under him leaving him hanging on the belt. Bowring climbs up the ladder and smiles at Snake. Bowring jumps off to Snake rapping his legs around Snake. Then he hooks Snake and hits Snake's move the Blazin DDT off the hook all the way to the mat on top of the ladder. Bowring holds his head as he grabs the ladder and climbs up. He reaches up and rips the title off the hook. The ref calls for the bell. Bell rings.
Tony Chimel: Here is your winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion Zack Bowring.
Tazz: Wow what a match. And we have a new Intercontinental Champion. Man both men put on a great match, but Bowring is our new Intercontinental Champion.

Bowring is on the top of the ladder holding the title up. The fans are cheering loud for him. Snake is still down as Bowring climbs down with the belt. He holds it up as we see Sarah Impact run to the ring. She celebrates with Bowring hugging and kissing him. Bowring holds up the title as we see Snake getting up. Snake holds his head and looks at Bowring. Then Snake offers his hand. Bowring finally takes it and they shake hands. Bowring raises Snake's arm up as the fans are cheering them. Then Snake gets out of the ring as Bowring goes back to celebrating as we go to the back.) The camera switches to the back where we see Journeywolf laying face down on the floor backstage. He is motionless. Just then…..the camera switches to Letica.

(We see Letica Cline standing with Mattattack and DX Warrior.)

Letica Cline: I am being joined by the Universal Champion Mattattack and DX Warrior. Mattattack tonight you will face Wrestlemaniac in a Total WAR match for your title. Are you ready for this match?

Mattattack: Oh you better know I'm ready. Tonight you will see a side of me you never thought I had. Tonight I show I can be just as evil and hardcore as Wrestlemaniac can be. Tonight I will put Wrestlemaniac in a living **** and still walk out the Universal Champion.

Letica Cline: But this match is a match nobody has ever seen before. It’s going to be barbedwired ropes, glass on the outside mat, and the onyl way to win is to knockout Wrestlemaniac.

Mattattack: Letica it doesn't matter what type of match CBM puts me in. I have been in street fights, elimination chambers, and face some of the best TFC has ever offered. I'm not worried because tonight I end the career of Wrestlemaniac.
Letica Cline: And DX Warrior tonight you are in the Road To GloryMatch. Your thoughts?

DX Warrior: Tonight 30 men enter that ring. And I'm personally going to enjoy throwing all 29 other wrestlers over the top rope to win that match. Tonight I show that it doesn't matter how many wrestlers are in the ring with me I am always the better man. Then when I win I get a World title of my choice. I can challenge for any World title. So I could go after Smackdown, OWC, TFC, or even the Universal title. And you know I'm going to shove my boot all the way up there...............

Mattattack: Woah Warrior. YOu do know I'm the Universal Champion?

DX Warrior: Oh. Well in that case let the better man win.

(Warrior and Mattattack stare at each other as Letica leaves.)

3. Bryant vs. Tana (Champ)for the World Title in a Steel Cage Match

Justin Roberts: First here comes the Challenger Bryant

Bryant comes to the ring ready

Justin Roberts: Next here comes the champion Tana

Tana comes to the ring focused

Bryant and Tana stare each other down. Tana and Bryant tie up and Tana throws Bryant Bryant is sitting in the corner in shock! Bryant gets up and ties up again. Bryant lifts Tana up over his head Tana slides behind and hits a reverse DDT!! Tana picks Bryant up and hits a reverse suplex. Bryant gets up in the corner. Tana runs at him and hits a closeline. She gets him up for a neckbreaker but Bryant throws Tana at the ropes and hits a super kick!! Bryant lifts Tana over his head again and throws her at the cage Bryant waits in the corner for Tana to get up. Tana stumbles to the middle of the ring and Bryant runs at him for a Spear But Tana throws his face into the cage and Bryant gets abck up and is dizzy and tana is behind him and she does a german suplex and gets him back up and does another one and gets him back up again and finishes the three amigos. Tana gets Bryant up and then knockout punches Bryant and she says she’s not done and she gets Bryant up and goes for the cyclone but Bryant reverses it and gets her into the sniperbomb piston and does it. Tana is knocked out and Bryant fell down. Bryant crawls to the opening cage door and opens it but matt hardy comes out the crowd and slam the door right at Bryant head and bryant is bleeding. Tana gets up and pulls Bryant to the middle of the ring and gets Bryant up and does the cyclone and Tana goes for the cover 1...2... but Bryant kicks out and the crowd goes wild and Tana can't believe it and gets up and goes to the top rope but slips and Bryant goes in the ring and gets Bryant up and does the twist of fate and then he locks the door so destruction X does not come in. He helps Tana back up on the turnbuckle and she jumps off and does the shooting star press and we see Destruction X come and try to open the door but they can't and Tana goes for the cover 1...2...3 and the match is over and Destruction X are mad and matt hardy and Tana climb out the cage and by time they are on the ground Toolman opens the door and Tana and matt hardy runs backstage and Oracle Zero and Toolman checks on Bryant
Justin Roberts: Here is your winner Tana!!!!

Vince: “I, Vince Russo, am so glad to see this match take place. What match for the World Title. Now as that steel cage goes up….let’s take a look at the history between these 4 stars and show you the career of Kevin as this will be his LAST match until he returns.” A video package airs… ends with the match on OWC last week as Kevin faced Painkiller and both Saleem and Sharona attacked each other.

4. Kevin vs. Sharona vs. Painkiller vs. Saleem (Champ) for the TFC Title- Sharona can pin or submit anyone, Kevin and Painkiller need to pin or submit Saleem, Saleem has to pin or submit Sharona

The bell rings and we're off!!!!!
Right away Kevin and Painkiller run to Saleem and go for a DOUBLE CLOSELINE!!!!!!!.......OOOOOOH!!!!!!....Saleem ducks and lifts both men up and over the ropes to the outside!!!!!.....NO!!!!!...Just Kevin hits the floor and Painkiller lands on the apron....Saleem turns around and OHH!!!!!!.....Huge Uppercut to the jaw of Saleem from Killer....Sallem stumbles back......ROLL UP FROM SHARONA!!!!!!
1....2.......NOO!!!!!.....Saleem kicks out......Killer is now getting back into the ring....WAIT!!!!!!....Shaddix from the outside pulls his feet from under him and killer falls off the apron to the outside hitting his head on the edge of the mat!!!!!......Shaddix backs up........SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR!!!!!!!.....Shaddix spears painkiller on the outside!!!!
....Saleem IS getting up......Sharona bounces off the ropes and flies towards Saleem.....FLYING ELBOW!!!!!!....NO!!!!!!....OMG!!!!!!.....In Mid-Air Saleem catches sharona and flips her over his shoulder to the outside!!!!!!SHE LANDS RIGHT ON TOP OF KEVIN!!!!!!!!!......Both Kevin and Sharona are laid out.......Saleem raises his hands in the air as he is the only man in the ring......UH-OH!!!!!!!...Behind Saleem is Painkiller....Killer is in the ring right behind Saleem but he doesnt know it.......Saleem turns around and looks right into Killers chest....Looks up.....quickly bounces off the ropes but comes back to a big boot from Painkiller!!!!!!....Killer bounces off the ropes and OHH!!!!!!.....Lands a HUGE LEG DROP TO SALEEM!!!!!......Killer goes for the cover......1.......2.......OHHHH!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!......Sharona bounces off the top rope and delivers a elbow drop to stop the count.....Killer gets to his knees......Sharona bounces off the ropes.......LOW DROPP KICK TO KILLER!!!!!!!.......Killer falls back and Sharona goes towards him......WAIT FROM THE TOP OF THE TURNBUCKLE ITS KEVIN!!!!!!!....Sharona sees him as he leaps off!!!!!......DROPKICK IN MID-AIR FROM SHARONA TO KEVIN!!!!!!....
SHARONA GOES FOR THE COVER.......1......2.......NOO!!!!!!!Saleem breaks it up ......Saleem picks Sharona up by her hair and signals goodbye......Picks her up on his shoulders.....Is this the F-5?.......
Saleem starts to swing Sharona around for the F-5!!!!!.....NOOOO!!!!!OMG R U KIDDING ME!!!!!!....Sharona connects with a swinging DDT to Saleem!!!!!.....Sharona goes to cover....1........2.......LEG DROP FROM PAINKILLER TO SHARONA!!!!!....The count is broken up.......Killer is getting to his knees.......OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!KEVACUTUTUION!!!!!KEVACUTION DDT TO Painkiller!!!!!!!....Kevin goes for the cover but realises that he cant pin Killer........He quickly gets up and goes towards Saleem who is getting up.....UH-OH!!!!!NOOOO!!!!!!OMG!!!!!
Outta nowhere Saleem lifts Kevin up and F-5!!!!F-5!!!!!!.......Kevin is lifeless....Saleem goes for the cover......
1.........2..........NOOO!!!!!!.....Sharona breaks up the count at the last second.......Sharona stalks Saleem as he is getting up
Saleem is up and Sharona goes for SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!......No Saleem ducks and Sharona goes right into Painkillers hand for a CHOKESLAM!!!!!!!.......Killer lifts Sharona up!!!!!.......Sharona breaks out in the air and lands back down to her feet......SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO KILLER!!!!!!...NO!!!!!!Killer catches Sharona's foot!!!!!Killer pushes Sharona back and into an F-5 FROM SALEEEM!!!!!!.....
Saleem gets up BIG BOOT FROM KILLER!!!!!!....NO Saleem ducks and bounces off the ropes......CLOSELINE!!!!!!......Killer doesnt go down......Saleem bounces off the ropes again for another closeline!!!!!!!......AHHHH!!!!!!!!......Killer clutches Saleem by the throat!!!!!!!...........HUGE CHOKESLAM!!!!!!!!......Killer is getting up
SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR!!!!!!!SPEAR from Shaddix to Killer......Shaddix goes for the cover on Slaeem......1..........2..........NO!!!!!!
OMG Saleem kicks out!!!!Saleem kicks out!!!!!......Kevin grabs his hair and is furious........Kevin picks Saleem up and whips him into the corner......Kevin lifts Saleem up to the top!!!!!.....Kevin climbs up and looks like hes going for a Suplex from the top!!!!!!!.......Saleem Kicks Kevin off and Kevin falls off to the mat flat on his back!!!!!!......Saleem starts to get down but OHHHH!!!!!!!....
Big Boot to Slaeem and he goes off the turnbuckle to the outside apron......Killer backs up and charges Saleem again!!!!!!.......BIG BOOT!!!!!!!....No!!!!!!!...Saleem ducks and Pulls down the top rope and Killer goes over to the outside.......Saleem is getting back in the ring......Saleem picks up Kevin and lifts him up for the F-5!!!!
Goes to hit it!!!!!!!!......NOOO!!!!!!.....Kevin lands off of Saleems shoulders but stubles to the ground.......OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharona turns around......SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR!!!!!!NOOOO!!!!
SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winner and NEW TFC Champion: Sharona

Vince: “This is history in the making……this is why OWC is the #1 show in TFC. We seen Sami win the OWC Title and now another diva wins a huge title…..the biggest title in TFC….the TFC Title. Sharona, after being here for so long, wins the biggest match of her life. Great job Sharona, you deserve it.”

5. Mattattack (Champ) vs. Wrestlemaniac for the Universal Title in a Last Man Standing Match

Tazz: Well it's time for WAR's Universal title match. It will be the Universal Champion Mattattack facing Wrestlemaniac in a Total WAR Match. Let’s take a look how this match came to be.

(We see Mattattack defending his Universal title in a elimination chamber and winning. Then we see Wrestlemaniac winning the chance to face Mattattack. We see both men attacking the other knocking each other out. We see CBM announcing that it will be a type of match called a Total WAR match. Then we cut to see Mattattack and Wrestlemaniac signing the contract on the last WAR and threatning each other then we cut to the ring. We see everything set up with barbed wire ropes and glass spread everywhere. Then we hear Wrestlemaniac's intro music. The fans boo as finally we see Wrestlemaniac walk out. The crowd boos loud as he just stares at the ring.)
Tony Chimel: This is a Total WAR match for the Universal title. Introducing first is the challenger Wrestlemaniac.

Jerry Lawler: This is a sick twisted match only CBM could think of. The only way to win is to beat you opponent up so bad he can't answer the count of 10. Man what a match this should be.

(Wrestlemaniac carefully slides under the barbed wire into the ring. Then he looks around giving a evil smile then we hear DX music. The fans cheer then after a while we see Mattattack walk out with the Universal title around his waist. He slowly walks to the ring looking at Wrestlemaniac.)

Tony Chimel: Introducing next he is the Universal Champion Mattattack.
Tazz: Mattattack has proved he is a tough man in the ring but he has been in barbed wire match against Doctor D but he has never been in a match that had glass around the ring.

(Mattattack walks across the glass looking around. Then he slides in the ring. He gets in and gets on the top turnbuckle holding his title up. Then he gets off handing his belt to the ref. The ref holds up the Universal title showing it to both men then hands it out of the ring then calls for the bell. Bell rings.)

Match: Mattattack and Wrestlemaniac stare at each other as they walk around in the ring. They both check the barbedwire as they walk around. The fans are cheering for Mattattack sas they lock up. Wrestlemaniac tries to back Mattattack into the barbed wire but Mattattack knees him in the mid section. Then he grabs Wrestlemaniac's arm and try to whip him into the barbedwire but Wrestlemaniac stops himself before touching it. Wrestlemaniac gets up and looks at Mattattack. Mattattack tells him to come on. Wrestlemaniac runs at Mattattack both trading punches. But Wrestlemaniac blocks one then trys to whip Mattattack into the barbed wire but Mattattack puts on the brakes and stops himself. Wrestlemaniac tells him he was close to going into the wire. Mattattack gets up but Wrestlemaniac knees him in the mid section again. Wrestlemaniac hooks Mattattack and hits a powerbomb on him. Wreslemaniac then stomps on Mattattack. He grabs Mattattack's head and drags him to the barbed wire. But before getting there Mattattack kicks Wrestlemaniac's face. Wrestlemaniac holds his face as Mattattack gets up and hits a clothesline on him. Wrestlemaniac gets up quick to another clothesline. Wrestlemaniac gets back up and Mattattack kicks him in the mid section going for a Pedigree. But Wrestlemaniac is able to roll out of it under the barbed wire to the outside. Wrestlemaniac yells at Mattattack as he grabs a chair. Mattattack is trying to get out but the ref keeps him back. Wrestlemaniac throws the chair in at Mattattack but Mattattack swats it away. Wrestlemaniac grabs another chair and slides in with it. Mattattack grabs the other chair as Wrestlemaniac gets in. They both run at each other ans swings the chairs hitting the others. They go back and forth until both men drops them holding there hands. Mattattack runs at Wrestlemaniac but Wrestlemaniac picks Mattattack up and drops him onto the barbed wire making him straddle it. The fans are in shock as Mattattack is stuck on the barbed wire for a while but then falls back into the ring. Wrestlemaniac grabs a chair and hits it across the back of Mattattack hard. He does it over and over leaving red marks all over Mattattack's back. Finally Wrestlemaniac stops and opens the chair. He puts it around Mattattack's throat. Wrestlemaniac turns around and grabs the other chair. But he doesn't see Mattattack getting up with the chair in his hands. Wrestlemaniac turns around to Mattattack throwing the chair into his face. Wrestlemaniac doesn't go down but Mattattack picks him up for a suplex. But Mattattack runs over and throws Wrestlemaniac onto the barbed wire gut first. Wrestlemaniac yells in pain but Mattattack grabs the chair and hits Wrestlemaniac in the back of the head. Wrestlemaniac almost falls of the mat onto the glass but stays on the mat then he gets off on his feet. Mattattack rolls out of the ring and punches Wrestlemaniac. He keeps doing it then kicks Wrestlemaniac in the mid section hooks him for a suplex on the glass. But Wrestlemaniac blocks it and picks Mattattack up for a suplex. But Mattattack is able to land on his feet behind Wrestlemaniac then pushes Wrestlemaniac into the steel post. Wrestlemaniac holds his arm as Mattattack kicks him in the mid section going for a Pedigree. But Wrestlemaniac stands up sending Mattattack landing on the announce table. Mattattack holds his back as Wrestlemaniac climbs up on the announce table. He brings Mattattack up and hooks him hitting a spinning side slam off the announce table to the glass to Mattattack.


Match: Mattattack rolls around on the glass as the fans are in shock. We see Mattattack is cut open on his back bad. The ref gets out and counts Mattattack out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...............9 1/2 Mattattack somehow stands up. While Mattattack is getting up Wrestlemaniac looks under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets it up then grabs Mattattack rolling him on the table. Wrestlemaniac gets up there bringing Mattattack up. But Mattattack kicks Wrestlemanaic in the mid section then hits a Pedigree on Wrestlemaniac through the table on the glass. The fans cheer as we see both men laying in the glass. The ref counts both men out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7............Mattattack is up and we see him bleeding from the back and chest. 8,9...........Wrestlemaniac is up and we see his chest and head bleeding bad. Mattattack kicks Wrestlemaniac in the mid section then hits another Pedigree on the glass. Wrestlemaniac looks knocked out as he lays in the glass. The ref counts Wrestlemaniac out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.........Wrestlemaniac gets up holding onto the barricade. Mattattack grabs Wrestlemaniac and rolls him back into the ring. Mattattack gets in and brings Wrestlemaniac up. He brings Wrestlemaniac to the barbedwire and rakes his face across the barbedwire. The fans cheer as we see Wrestlemaniac yelling in pain. Mattattack then brings Wrestlemanic up and whips him into the corner. Mattattack climbs up on Wrestlemaniac then does a DX chop. Then he punches Wrestlemaniac over and over again. He gets up to 8 punches but Wrestlemaniac picks him up and drops him onto the barbedwire gut first. Mattattack is yelling in pain as Wrestlemaniac brings him up then hits a Swinging Side Slam on him onto the barbed wire making it break sending Mattattack to the glass. Mattattack yells in pain as Wrestlemaniac smiles in his blood filled face. The ref counts Mattattack out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8............Mattattack slowly gets up. Wrestlemaniac can't believe it. He gets out of the one side busted through and grabs Mattattack. He goes for another Swinging Side Slam on Mattattack but Mattattack lands on his feet then pushes Wrestlemaniac spine first into the barbedwire laying next to the stairs. Mattattack grabs Wrestlemaniac and rolls him into the ring. Both men are bleeding bad as Mattattack gets in the ring. Mattattack picks up the chairs and unfolds them next to each other. Mattattack brings a bloody Wrestlemaniac up and hits a Pedigree on the chairs making them break. Wrestlemaniac looks out of it as Mattattack is in the corner: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9............Wrestlemaniac still gets up. Mattattack can't believe it. Mattattack picks up a chair and goes to hit Wrestlemaniac with it. But Wrestlemaniac ducks it and low blows Mattattack. Wrestlemaniac gets up and hits a Spinning Side Slam on Mattattack on the chair but as they come down Mattattack grabs Wrestlemaniac's head and hits a spinning DDT on him on the chair. Both men are out of it. The fans are cheering as the ref counts both men out: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9..............both men get up.

Jerry Lawler: How much more can these two take?

Match: Both trade punches with each other. They go back and forth until they both land a punch at the same time on the other. They both fall back into the barbed wire. Both are yelling in pain now. After a while both men get out and runs at each other. Mattattack goes for a clothesline but Wrestlemaniac ducks it and hits a side slam on him. Wrestlemaniac goes to the hole in the barbed wire and grabs pieces of it breaking it off. He lays it in the ring and gets out of the ring. He pulls a bag out from under the ring. He gets back in and opens it scattering pieces of broken glass on the barbed wire. He stands there waiting for Mattattack to turn around. He does and Wresetlemaniac goes for a spinning side slam on him on the barbed wire and glass. But Mattattack lands on his feet and kicks Wrestlemaniac in the mid section hooking him for a DDT. But Wrestlemaniac picks Mattattack up while he holds his head. At the same time we see Wrestlemaniac hits a front slam on Mattattack as Mattattack hits a DDT on the Wrestlemaniac on the barbed wire and glass. Both men are out of it bleeding bad. The ref counts both men out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...............Wrestlemaniac gets up and Mattattack tries to as the ref counts for 10. He calls for the bell. Bell rings.

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner and NEW Universal Champion Wrestlemaniac.


(Mattattack falls back to the mat looking tired as Wrestlemaniac stays on one knee. The ref gets the belt and hands it to Wrestlemaniac. Wrestlemaniac gets up holding up the belt. The fans are booing loud as he celebrates. The ref checks on Mattattack. Mattattack is able to stand up but Wrestlemaniac blasts him in the face with the belt. The fans boo loud as a bloody Wrestlemaniac puts his boot on top of Mattattack holding up the title.)

The camera goes to outside of the arena as a limo pulls up to the back. Seconds past……and then the back door opens up…one foot steps out…..and then someone stands up…..MCMAHON 101. He then looks in the car through the open door.
McMahon 101: “Stay there, we aren’t ready for the announcement yet.” He closes the door and walks inside the arena. The camera goes to Ultimate Warrior, who is with CBM, the OWC Champion.

Warrior: “CBM, we seen a new TFC Champ, a new Universal Champion, and a NEW IC Champ. Are we going to see a NEW OWC Champ?”

CBM: “You should know by now….I don’t answer a SINGLE question from anybody….INCLUDING YOU! Now those people who lost their titles….they are all weak. I mean Saleem, idiot. Mattattack….poor wrestler. And then Blazin Snake…..TERRIBLE! But me…..ME….I am not an idiot, I am not a poor wrestler and I am not terrible. I will go out and beat up….smash, make Poison a slimy residue on the mat as I will keep my title unlike the dumb people who showed up here tonight. My match is next….so get out of my face!” CBM pushes Warrior as he walks past him to go through the curtain.

6. Poison vs. CBM: King of Defiance for the OWC Title

CBM’s music plays and he comes on stage as he walks through smoke that is filling the stage. He has the OWC Title belt around his waist. The crowd is on their feet but they are giving him the thumbs down and booing him. This is their loudest they have been all night. He gets in the ring and waits. Just then…..the lights go out….the spotlight comes down from the roof to the middle of the ring…..and then…..from the rafters, Poison comes down through the spotlight as he has his black bat in hand. He sets it down….BUT OH….CBM jumped him from behind and the ref rings the bell.

CBM attacks Poison to the back with elbow shots and punches. Poison falls in the corner, so CBM kicks him in the gut. The ref pulls CBM away so Poison can get to his feet….Poison does using the ring ropes. CBM runs to him….GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…..The Poison Knife (Pump Kick) RIGHT TO CBM! Poison covers: 1-2-NO!
Vince: “Poison always gets that move in early……how fast he does it.”
Poison gets CBM up and throws him in the ropes….he comes back and Poison lifts him up….GOOD GOD….Spinebuster! Poison lifts his arm up and the crowd goes wild. CBM gets up and Poison runs to him….closeline! CBM gets up again…closeline! He gets up again and Poison tries for a closeline….but CBM ducked….grabs Poison’s head from the back and…reverse DDT! CBM gets to his feet and goes to the top rope!

Vince: “What is he doing?”

Poison gets to his feet….turns around to see CBM on the top corner….CBM jumps…..BAM….missile dropkick! CBM crawls over and…..1-2-NO! CBM gets Poison up and throws him in the corner. CBM runs to him for a splash….but Poison lifts his feet up and HITS CBM right in the face. CBM turns around as he is holding his face. Poison runs to him….grabs his head….bulldog! Poison turns CBM around and cover: 1-2-NO! Poison gets to his feet….JUMPS IN THE AIR…..legdrop! Poison covers: 1-2-NO! Poison gets to his feet and CBM rolls out of the ring and goes up the ramp. The ref starts to count: 1-2-3-4…..just then Poison sees CBM going up the ramp and he runs out to catch up to him. Just as he got to him…CBM turned for an ELBOW TO THE HEAD…right on Poison as he falls back rolling down the ramp. The ref is up to 7 now. CBM gets Poison up and throws him in the ring….CBM walks away…..9-10! Ding, Ding, Ding!

Vince: “What? Aw come on….this is a ripoff!” Just then McMahon 101 comes on the titan tron. He is in the parking lot….sitting on a folding chair right by the limo he came in earlier today.

McMahon 101: “Sorry CBM….I am really sorry….but this is not what these people want to see. This match is going to be…..A NO COUNTOUT MATCH!” The crowd goes wild and the bell rings again. Poison goes to the outside and grabs CBM…..and THROWS HIM RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS! He went shoulder first. Poison gets CBM up….but CBM pushed him back…..runs to Poison…..GOOD GOD….SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!! CBM gets up and leans on the ring apron as Poison slowly gets to his feet. He does….turns to CBM……BUT WAIT….CBM quickly bends down for something under the ring….A CHAIR….SWINGS…..RIGHT TO POISON’S HEAD! He’s DOWN…..DING, DING, DING! Just then McMahon 101 comes back on the titan tron.

McMahon 101: “I am sorry….this is the last change…’s a no countout match…..and NO DQ!”

CBM is furious. He gets Poison up….but Poison pushes CBM back RIGHT INTO THE RING POST! As that happens….the bell rang AGAIN. Poison picks up CBM and throws him in the ring. Poison goes in and goes to the top rope. CBM gets up…turns to Poison….MISSILE DROPKICK! Poison crawls over and cover: 1-2-NO!

Vince: “A missile dropkick from CBM and now one from Poison. This match has everything!”

Poison gets CBM up and throws him in the ropes….he comes back and CBM DOES A BIG BOOT….but Poison ducks. CBM continues to run…..he comes back to Poison…..he picks CBM by one arm….BUT LOOK….CBM flips around like a summersault and lands right on his feet behind Poison. He pushes Poison in the ropes…..he comes back and CBM…..OH….kicks him right in the gut. He sets Poison up…..lifts him up…..RUNS TO THE CORNER…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!.....A powerbomb right into the tunbuckle! Poison falls forward and down to the mat. CBM covers him: 1-2-NO! CBM is getting furious. He gets Poison up….but Poison grabs him by his pants and……PLANTS HIM….face first into the second corner. CBM bounces off it and he gets schooled boy: 1-2-FOOT TOUCHES ROPE-3! Winner and NEW OWC Champion: Poison!!!!

Vince: “WAIT….WAIT…I DON’T GET THIS! CBM’s foot just touched the rope for about .748 seconds as his leg was right in the air but was bent which caused it to fall on the rope for a very short amount of time. But in the wrestling handbook….that should break the count.” Poison gets outside of the ring and grabs the OWC Title and hovers it over his head. CBM is kneeling in the ring as he is couldn’t be madder. He stares at the ref and then has a very confused look on his face…..THEN SHOCK! The ref was wearing a mask that looks just like another ref in TFC. The person pulls it off and…..EARL HEBNER!

CBM’s mouth gets wide open and his eyes bulge out as he knows what happened before when Earl refereed his match. Earl throws the mask at the standstill CBM….and walks out of the ring. CBM is still kneeling.

Vince: “Earl….the greatest referee in wrestling history…..and not to forget…the most controversial. Hey, we both have something in common. LOVE IT! Well as that passes, it’s time for the main event. It’s the….Road to Glory Match…..30 stars from War, OWC, and Smackdown wage war as every 2 minutes someone comes in the ring. The only way you are eliminated is by getting thrown over the top rope and having both your feet touch the floor. The last person in the ring wins a major title match from War, Smackdown, or OWC at Wrestlemania 2. As you say earlier, Journeywolf got attacked backstage. I received word that he will NOT compete in this match. So taking his place…..Ani! Here we go as we are on our….ROAD TO GLORY!”

7. Road to Glory Match

Everyone is quiet as they want to see who the first person to enter the match. First……King of the Dead! He makes his way to the ring as he has the tag title over his shoulder. Second…..JD. The bell rings!

Both stars walk around the ring as they prepare to lock up.
Vince: “This is very interesting in my mind. Doing my research of this company earlier today….I found out that King of the Dead was the ONLY online person to enter in the Road to Glory Match last year. Of course he did not win as Bobby Lashley won, who is also in the match tonight, but King has more experience than any other online star.”

They go toward each other to lock up…but JD kicks King in the gut and then grabs him…..pushes and…..THROWS him over the top rope…..OH….King lands on the ring apron. JD does a punch to King…but he blocks it and….BAM…HEADBUTT! JD stumbles backwards…..King jumps on the top rope…..FLYING forearm!

Vince: “That move can be very dangerous in this match. That is why you have to limit yourself on what you should do in this match.”

King gets JD up….but JD kicks King in the gut….DDT! 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…….Time Was Now! Time comes rushing in the ring as now each star from each show is in the ring. Time grabs JD and….body slam. King gets to his feet….but Time throws him in the ropes and…..back body drop. JD gets back to his feet….AND OH….dropkick right to Time and it sends him into the ropes…leaning on them. JD gets up and runs to Time trying to push him over….but Time pushes JD away….runs to him…closeline. OH MY….King got up….ran to Time and did a nasty round house kick right to Time’s back sending him down to the mat. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…….Matt Hardy.

Matt comes in the ring and he goes right in the face of King as both of them are talking about being Xtreme. Right then and there…..Matt throws the first punch right to King’s face. King retaliates and hits Matt….now both of them are going back and forth…faster and faster….back and forth…..BUT OH….Time gets to his feet and pushes King from behind which makes him hit into Matt sending both of them down to the floor. JD runs to Time….but Time lifts him up……FLAPJACK…..GOOD GOD….JD lands neck first onto the ropes causing him to bounces back rapidly and down to the mat in pain. Both Matt and King get up right by each other…..LOOK…..Matt grabs the head of King and…Twist of Fate!

Vince: “OH, King uses that move a lot….but he got taught by the master.”

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1……5th entrant….Shelton Benjamin. He rushes to the ring as he is full of energy. As soon as he gets in….Matt kicks him in the gut….but Shelton pushes Matt away…..steps sideways…..SUPER KICK……Matt Hardy goes over the ropes….Elimination: Matt Hardy. The whole crowd cheers as that is the first elimination of the night. Benjamin turns around…..only to get kicked by King…..Twist of Fate! OH MY…..what a move. King gets up and both JD and Time Was Now attack him with kicks and punches. They back him in the corner and continue their attack. King is getting worn out quickly. Shelton gets on his feet…..runs to that corner….GOOD GOD…..Big Splash on ALL 3 STARS! All of them fall and Shelton goes crazy with excitement. He gets JD up and….T-Bone Suplex! Time gets up….OUCH….rake to the eyes on Shelton….Time then sets him up….PILEDRIVER! 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..6th entrant….Shaun from OWC!

He gets in the ring….but Time quickly closelines him down. Shaun gets back up….but Time pushes him in the ropes tying to get an elimination. Just then….King gets to his feet and SPEARS Time right to the floor….and then throws punches right to his head. Shaun gets off the ropes and goes to JD. He grabs JD……GOOD GOD….Double Arm DDT! It lays out JD. Shaun gets to his feet……OH…..a kick to the gut by Benjamin….but Shaun grabbed his foot before he kicked him…..he spins Shelton around…..BAM….Shelton performs a spinning heel kick and it sends Shaun leaning on the ropes again. Benjamin gets up…runs…..closeline….BUT NO….Shaun lifts Benjamin in the air…..OVER THE TOP ROPE! Elimination: Shelton Benjamin.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….7th entrant….The Champ. He gets to the ring……and picks up King as he was still beating up Time Was Now. He throws punches of his own right to King’s face….and King backs up from each punch. Both Champ and Time throw King in the ropes….he comes back…..DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Time and Champ get up….LOOK…..both JD and Shaun run and knock down Time and Champ and stomp on them. King gets up and goes over to Time….gets him up and puts him by the ropes for elimination…..JD gets Champ up and puts him on the other side of the ring for elimination. Shaun is in the middle of the ring trying to figure out what to do. JUST THEN….the countdown clock starts: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..8th entrant…..The Undertaker!

OH MAN….things are heating up. Taker gets in the ring and grabs Shaun by the head….AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Elimination: Shaun. JD is still working on getting Champ over the ropes……but Taker comes over to them…..picks both of them up by their feet….ELIMINATION: The Champ and JD. Taker quickly turns his head over to the other side of the ring where King is trying to push Time over the ropes. Taker walks over…..but King turns around…..LOW DROPKICK…right to Taker’s knee and he falls flat on the mat. King turns to Time….runs to him….but Time lifts him up…SPINEBUSTER….GOOD GOD….RIGHT ON TAKER! Time threw King right on Taker’s body. The clock ticks: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1……9th entrant….Chris Jericho!

Jericho comes down the ramp as the fans boo. He has a wild smirk on his face. He gets in the ring and Time goes right to his face. He talks trash to Jericho….but Jericho does a pity laugh…..jumps up….CODEBREAKER! Jericho stands again and smirks more. King is getting up slowly and Jericho runs to him….bulldog to the middle of the ring. Jericho gets up….runs….JUMPS….Lionsault….BUT WAIT….Taker got up to his feet and CAUGHT Y2J in mid-air…..walks…..TOMBSTONE! Jericho shakes from the impact right on his head. Taker kneels down on the mat…..King gets up…..BIG BOOT to Taker! He falls back. King sees it…..IT’S TIME! He runs to a corner…climbs…..JUMPS….Xtreme Swanton! The crowd loves it. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..10th entrant….L!

L gets in the ring. King tries to get up as he is on his hands and knees. L runs….GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY….a knee right to his head knocking HIM OUT! L laughs…..BUT WAIT…..Time Was Now runs over to L…..and TOSSES him over the ropes. Elimination: L! Time turns around…and Shaun runs to him…..Time lifts him up….Elimination: Shaun. The match is going crazy. Time takes a break as he sits in the corner. Jericho gets to his feet the same time Taker does. Jericho throws the first punch….but Taker hits him back harder and faster….BAM…Jericho falls…but gets back up. Taker throws him in the ropes….he comes back…BIG BOOT! 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..11th entrant….Ani!

Vince: “Look….Journey was suppose to come in at 11…..but he got attacked… Ani took his place.”

Ani runs into the ring….BUT WAIT….Taker grabs her by her throat…..lifts up…..CHOKESLAM! Taker walks backwards casually……then…stops. He turns his head…RAPIDLY to face the corner….TIME WAS NOW! Taker grabs Time by the throat……picks him up as he was sitting…..LIFTS UP….CHOKESLAM! Both down…..both Misfits. Jericho runs to Taker……but Taker does a side step and OH NO…..Jericho goes right in the ropes…..OVER THEM….Elimination: Chris Jericho.

Vince: “Is anyone going to stop The Undertaker?”

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1……12th entrant……GOLDBERG!

Vince: “NOOO…..this man can!”

Goldberg runs into the ring…..Taker is right in the middle…..GOLD GOES….SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!! The biggest spear in the world! Takers DOWN….DOWN, DOWN! Goldberg explodes in the ring. Gold turns to Champ who is watching on…..Gold runs…..CLOSELINE over the rope….Elimination: The Champ. Undertaker is getting to his feet. Gold goes ahead and kicks him in the gut….sets it up….LIFTS…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……Jackhammer Slam! Gold pops in the ring again as the crowd is standing. He waits…..and waits. The other stars: JD, King of the Dead, Ani, and Time Was Now are just watching from the edge of the ring. Taker SITS UP……he stands on his feet….but Gold grabs his head……runs with him…..DID YOU SEE THAT……HE THROWS TAKER RIGHT INTO ANI……OVER THE ROPE! Elimination: Undertaker and Ani!

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..13th entrant….Bambi! She slowly walks to the ring as she has the TFC 24/7 Title around her waist. She takes it off….gets in the ring….WAIT…WHAT’S THIS….she jumps over the top rope and down to the floor. Elimination: Bambi

Vince: “Why in the world would she do that? I really do not know what’s wrong with her brain.”

Goldberg grabs King of the Dead and throws him in the corner and throws body shots to him….to the head down to the chest with left and rights. He grabs King’s head and….TOSSES him on his back to the center of the ring. King holds his back in pain as he gets up from that. Gold runs to him…….GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY….SPEAR….but King moved to the side……AND BEHIND HIM WAS TIME WAS NOW! He got the wind taken out of him. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..14th entrant….Chris the Curse

He gets in the ring and….grabs King…..and swings him for a swinging neckbreaker. Chris then gets up and….BAM….hits him right in the head with a knee. Chris gets to his feet….but Time comes and kicks him in the gut….and WHIPS his head back to the mat HARD! Gold side steps…..SMASH…a Super Kick right to the head of Time and he falls in the corner. Chris stands up….BUT….Gold hits him with a headbutt and it sends him in the same corner as Time is. Gold goes to the opposite side of the ring….RUNS…..GOOD GOD….SPEAR IN THE CORNER ON BOTH STARS! Both are in serious pain. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..15th entrant….Wrestling Lover

She comes to the ring and gets JD up and…. Enziguiri RIGHT TO HIS HEAD! OH man…what a move. King gets up on his knees…..Lover runs to him…..GOOD GOD….Enziguiri! King falls on his face. Lover gets up and the crowd chants. Then the side she is facing tells her to turn around….she slowly does and….OH MY….Goldberg is right in her face. He screams and then throws her in the ropes….she comes back and…SPEAR….but WOW…she jumps over him and continues to run. She comes back….BUT WAIT….Chris the Curse came to her side and….SPEAR ON HER! What a move by Chris. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-----16th entrant….Painkiller

OH MY…..the almost 7 feet tall Painkiller is making his way to the ring. He gets in and does a HUGE uppercut punch right to Chris knocking him down. King runs to Killer….but OH…..Killer does a big boot to him. JD gets to his feet and runs to Killer….but Killer grabs him on the top of his head like a little child. Killer pushes him toward the ropes….AND WITH EASE….Elimination: JD. Killer looks on at the floor where JD is at….but Chris comes from behind and tries to push Killer over….but Killer turns around….grabs Chris by the throat…..AND OH….tosses him over the ropes….Elimination: Chris the Curse. 10-98-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….17th entrant…..TY Helmsley
He comes down from the ramp to the ring….BUT WHAT’S THIS….he walks around the ring. HE DOESN’T GET IN IT. Inside the ring….Painkiller….LOOK….is in the face of Goldburg. Both of them are talking….back and forth…..Killer backs up…..UPPERCUT PUNCH to Gold and he stumbles backwards. Killer runs to him for a closeline….but Gold ducks and Killer goes in the ropes….he comes back and Gold….OH….lifts him up and….backbreaker! Gold gets to his feet…..King kicks him in the gut…TWIST OF FATE! King gets the crowd wild…..but turns around….OH…..Enziguiri to his head again and he falls down. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1……18th entrant….JYP

JYP goes directly into the ring…..runs to Wrestling Lover…..SPEAR! Oh…what a move. TY continues to walk around the ring….BUT LOOK….something touched his foot as he walked. He looks at his feet but sees nothing. He shrugs it off…putting a smirk back on his face. Time is up and JYP runs to him….but runs pas him up the corner….Time turns around to see….OH….Whisper in the Wind! JYP gets up…..BUT LOOK….Painkiller is right in his face. Killer grabs him……CHOKELSAM! Gold stares right at Killer….and then to JYP. JYP moves and slowly gets to his feet. Gold runs to him….CLOSELINE OVER THE ROPE…..Elimination: JYP

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1……19th entrant….Casey. As Casey makes her way to the ring….Wrestling Lover is standing looking on as Casey comes. BUT GOOD GOD…..Goldberg ran to her and…SPEAR! He explodes in the ring again…..but Killer grabs Lover and….TOSSES her over the ropes…..Elimination: Wrestling Lover. Gold and Killer go face to face again. Both see how they are evenly matched. Killer….WHAM…..grabs the throat of Goldberg and….NO…NO…NOOOO….CHOKESLAM ON THE BIG MAN! Killer made the ring shake….MADE IT MOVE! Casey is kicking and stomping away on Time who is on the mat. TY continues his walk and he feels something on his foot again….but doesn’t think anything of it. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..20th entrant…..Bobby Lashley!

His music is playing and Bobby rushes to the ring….but runs on the outside….RIGHT TO TY! He grabs TY and throws him in the ring….and Bobby goes in behind him. RIGHT IN FRONT OF TY…..IT’S PAINKILLER! Killer runs to TY and….CLOSELINE….but TY ducks and….HITS BOBBY…..Elimination by closeline: Bobby Lashley. TY runs behind Killer….grabs his feet……PUSHES HIM OVER. Elimination: Painkiller

Vince: “Wow….after all those eliminations by Painkiller….he gets eliminated by Eric Bischoff’s man….TY Helmsley. He sneaks out through the bottom rope and back out to the floor. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….21th entrant….Suicide!

His music plays but nothing is happening….WAIT….OUT FROM UNDER THE RING….Suicide comes and is right by TY. He throws TY in the ring. Suicide also gets in. He kicks TY in the gut and…..DOA! WHAT A MOVE!

Vince: “Suicide was the person grabbing TY’s leg all along……great ring entrance.”

Suicide gets up and…..kicks King in the gut….DOA TO ANOTHER STAR! Suicide is on fire! Casey turns around and kicks Suicide in the gut and throws him in the ropes….he comes back but jumps up in the air onto Casey’s shoulders and….hurricanrona! Suicide, back up…..sees Time running toward him. He goes and….WOW…tilt-a-whirl backbreaker right to Time! Suicide is unstoppable. Suicide looks to the crowd…..JUST THEN…TY Helmsley comes from behind and lifts him up OVER the ropes….Elimination: Suicide. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1……22nd entrant….DJ Dev

DJ comes to the ring….enters…..but TY kicks him in the gut….TWIST OF FATE! Oh…how quick. King of the Dead gets up on his feet and stares at TY. He then gets DJ up….kicks him in the gut himself and….TWIST OF FATE! TY stares at King now….gets DJ to be bent down and…knee to face….DJ’s head bounces up….TY grabs it and neckbreaker. King stares at TY now and gets DJ up and….Piledriver. As King gets up….faces TY…TY runs and…CLOSELINE….King 180 degrees. GOOD GOD…WHAT A MOVE. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..23rd entrant….Shawn Michaels

Shawn comes in and the crowd goes nuts. He gets in the ring…..but TY grabs him and throws him in the ropes….Shawn stops before he gets to TY….and grabs TY….lifts him up…atomic drop…and then a closeline. Shawn gets pumped up….but Casey comes and does a dropkick to Shawn and that makes him lean on the ropes. She runs to Shawn and…..CLOSELINE over the ropes….Elimination: Shawn Michaels. DJ runs to her now….but she lifts him up….FLAPJACK on the ropes….OH NO….he bounces off them but bounces to the outside….lands on the apron. He holds onto the ropes. Casey runs the opposite way….runs back and….BASEBALL SLIDE…..DJ falls! Elimination: DJ Dev
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..24th entrant….DX Warrior. He comes into the ring and goes right to attack on TY. With right after right….and then a knife edge chop to his chest knocking him down. TY comes back up and DX throws him in the ropes….he comes back and DX grabs his head….and BASHES it down on his knee. TY pops up and DX kicks him in the gut….pedigree! DX gets to his feet and then runs to Casey as she eliminated Michaels. He lifts her up….spinebuster! Goldberg is in a corner as he is trying to fight off King and Time who are trying to lift him up. DX goes over to help….10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….25th entrant….Kane!

Kane enters the ring and…WOW….grabs King and throws him across the ring. He pushes DX away and then he does it to Time. He turns to Gold who is leaning on the ropes….BIG BOOT….GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY….Elimination: Goldberg!
Vince: “Kane did it….he eliminated Goldberg….FINALLY!” DX goes to Casey and tries to get her by the ropes….but Time runs to DX and WOW….jumps up and hits his knee right to the back of his head and….OUT GOES DX WARRIOR: Elimination. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….26th entrant…Captain Pwnage

Captain comes in……goes to King….kicks him in the gut…..Gutwrench Powerbomb! OH….WHAT A MOVE! Captain gets to his feet….but Casey runs to him….sets it up…side effect! She gets to her feet…but Time runs to her…big boot! She leans on the ropes. Kane goes running to her….but LOOK…she pulls the ropes down and Kane goes over…..Elimination: Kane. King of the Dead is getting on his feet and Captain can’t believe it. He goes to King….but King takes his feet out from underneath Captain…..CATAPULT…..OVER THE ROPES….Elimination: Captain Pwnage.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….27th entrant….Doctor D. He makes his way to the ring in a dark, demonic tone. As he gets in…….Time gives him a BOOT right to the side of the head. Doctor sways….and then TY goes under the legs of Doctor…..Time pushes Doctor….he trips….goes over the ropes….Elimination: Doctor D! Casey gets Time and throws him in the ropes….he comes back and she does a hiptoss. King runs after Casey and….does a cross body. TY gets King up….ANOTHER TWIST OF FATE! TY is the only one standing. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….28th entrant….Oracle Zero.

Oracle runs into the ring toward TY….but he ducks and Oracle continues his way into the ropes. He comes back and jumps on TY and punches him in the face. Oracle gets up….BUT WOW….Casey was up and did a roundhouse kick right to the back of the head of Oracle. He stumbles forward…..just then Time gets up and pushes Oracle….he gets by the ropes…leans forward….Time lifts him up…..Elmination: Oracle Zero. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….29th entrant….SKITZO!

Skitzo comes in and the crowd goes crazy. He surpasses Time and runs up the corner…..he turns to Skitzo…Whisper in the Wind. Casey gets up when Skitzo does…..dropkick to Casey. TY is on his feet….Skitzo gets behind him and… SkitzoFrenik (Unprettier)! TY is out. Just then…..Skitzo and King of the Dead are face to face in the ring. They don’t know what to do. The clock ticks down….10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..30th entrant….CM Punk. He gets in the ring and both Skitzo and King look at Punk…then look back at each other and shrug their shoulders…..both run and….ELIMINATION: CM Punk.

Vince: “Well that was it….all of the stars came out. CM Punk was 101’s surprise entry….now who’s going to win?”

Casey goes after Skitzo and Time goes after King…..but King pushes Time back and one more time…..Twist of Fate. King gets up using the ropes…..OH NO….TY comes and BIG BOOT TO THE HEAD OF KING….Elimination: King of the Dead! The crowd can’t believe it. Just then…..Skitzo faces off Casey…runs to TY…..CLOSELINE over the ropes….Elimination: TY Helmsley. What a fast and hard closeline! Down to 3…..from War Time Was Now….Smackdown is Casey….and OWC is Skitzo. Both stare at each other and then they all attack each other in the middle of the ring…back and forth….but then they team up against Time and send him in the ropes….he comes back and…double dropkick. Both Casey and Skitzo get up….they get Time up now….but Time low blows Skitzo….and then body slams Casey. Casey gets up….but Time throws her in the ropes…..he runs with her….JUMPS in the air for a high knee to the face….but Casey caught him…..puts him by the ropes….BUT WAIT….he does a hurricanrona and……Casey touches the floor! Elimination: Casey.

Time laughs as he is on the apron. He gets to his feet….BUT NOOOOOO…..Skitzo runs to Time and pushes him….Elimination: Time Was Now…..WINNER: SKITZO!

Vince: “This is unbelievable….I CAN’T BELIEVE IT…..SO SHOCKING…..AN AMAZING MATCH TO CALL AND SEE. WHAT A NIGHT!” Skitzo is in the middle of the ring crying as he never would have thought this opportunity would happen. He then looks to the Wrestlemania 2 sign. The camera switches to the outside where 101 and the limo is. He gets up from his chair and opens the door….the camera goes to look….NO ONE IS THERE! He closes the door….and behind the camera walks……DIXIE CARTER! She goes by the side of McMahon 101.

McMahon 101: “Everyone…..the NEWEST MEMBER OF TFC THAT WILL HELP US RISE…..Dixie Carter!”


  1. Awesome Pay Per View! OMG! Yay! I'm TFC Champion! Yay! Poison is OWC Champion! Yay! Skitzo won the Royal Rumble! Awww poor Casey lost =(. Yay! Tana won! Congratulations to everyone who won! Best Pay Per View I reckon at the moment!


  3. KOTD Says:

    GOOD PPV MAN SKLITZ ALMOST MADE ME CRY I HAD TEARS IN MY EYES GOOD ON YA MAN!!!!! Well hello dixie me and you go down to the hotel have a few drinks and do some funny stuff. GOOD ON CBM XTREME RULEZ MY MAN I LOVE IT I LOVE THISD PPV!!!!!


  5. Congratulations to everyone who one!

  6. Loved it! My favorite Paperview so far! Congrats SHARONNNAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Congrats Poison and Skitzo!!


  7. Glad everyonoe loved.....this is a new beginning for TFC.